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..Ul I 




the Moment 

the Moment 

imhvace it 

keep it 

hdd it 

captuve it " \^th 'Acovn 2006 

The Memenf 


The Md^men^P. Vmr Me^men^P. M^ Me^me^P Ou^r Me^men^P 
Md^me^P^ are i^^haPli^^ iA made ^ Wi^ tfie ^iPlte Pfiln^^ m rememkr li^fiether 
m Ye imkFi§^ ijock aP tk entire ichmi ^ar, mr^i^riPmek, d^r tfw d^ne m^meuP 
i^keii. tP^MiC^ ckked and em^Pfting^ MrPedPd^ make ienie. We ikmid nem 
fPm cai^^Pi^p mih the k§^ thi^n^^if tfiaPm miM Pfw iiP^ O'M. IP'^ Phe (iPPle 

Pfan^g^, Phe kis^ em-^leeM^ Md^m^nP^ 
thaPdraw- M Pd^fPher andpn/d M 
aparP The^ m^ke M or^ and iau/^ 
and mnderi^h^ d^r i^h^ nd'P IPiA 
eaenMi^r M Pd^ ^m dmn andiPd^p 


. '^ firen M, Secame m Phe endPh^^'re aii 
•^^ mhai/e 

Camille Clarke 

m . r- *•*««»« , «< 

WhaP'^ ife^i^r Me^m^nP? 

Efl The MmnenP 



Cover Subjects: Jasmin Canson and Trey Morel 

Cover Photograph: Brittany Taylor 

Title Photographs: Micah Weech & Steven Mc Williams 

Opening Photogaph: Micah Weech 

Table of Contents 

Spiritual Life 







Student Life 






Faculty & Staff 


ormer Moments 
Your Moment... 

The MGinenf s 

Chaplain James Humphreys: 
HisLegacyylife.andLoveof God 

affecticmately knew him as "Chap" Chaplain James Humphreys that is. To so many people he repre- 
. sented so many things .. .hut to me he. was tlie splendid epitome of God's chosen who, indeed, faithfully live 
; timr life calling. He was a man of excellence, of solid life principle who will akvays he missed. 

faintly rememher ivhen he wK^^^KK^m used to play haskethall 

for tlie Christian Fellowship ,^ * ^"vHHIIHHI^H League hack Iwme in 

Qiicago. I remember, hack ' |« B ' - '''';f > ; ' W\ .. '"''^'^' "^^By " ::*^i in Octoher 2004, wher 

as a Chaplains Assistant, j^^^^^^^^ w^„*^»'%,*i*!*^ "^BBr" ^^^^^ m ^^^ ^^^ Austin told 

me that although Chap ^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^fe j had more than one 

gray hair and had picked W^^^^^^^l -^-^j^^^y ^\ ^ up few a few pounds 

throughout the years (wink), ^^^*^^ ^^^^ ^^^^B* '^'M Mii^ - he would still drihhle 

and drop three-pointers like ^^^^"^3^^^H '"-^9^^^ his name was engravec 

on the court, mmmmn^m^: ^^HP I ^^^B 

iHHHI We rememher ^^IP'*! W^^K Chaplain Hmphreys 

for his bright, huhhly ^K^ ^ m^^K exuherance, his raspy, 

sporadic "Hallelujahs" W I 1 / ^^K throughout worship, 

his constant reference to ' the scriptures, and his 

holdness in calling everything in life by its rightful name. We can all he at peace in knowing a good man ivas 
upon this earth and shall he seen again clothed in Heavenly ghry with the King of the Universe. Chaplain 
Humphreys left hehind a powerful, extraordinarily faithful woman of God - Renee Humphreys, who exudes 
marvelous strength and resilience. His two hays, Austin and Ryan, were so hlessed to have a father who left 

hehind su£h a nohle legacy. -,„,. ^ 

Chaplain Humphreys . . . what a refreshing character, what a man of God. I'll see him in Heaven. 
Louia A. McDonald, Sophomore *^^*"'- 

sj-J The Mdmenf 


to be Blessed 

»w "^ '',^'"" ''^*^^Sfc^M 




^^^^pV ' 

- .«^ 


' r ttf,. C.l «t|i j.sli'* ^' ' 


: ; 

■ 'i 


Ashlev Irvin 


''When you search for 
me, you will find me; if 
you seek me with all your 


Jeremiah 29:13 

Brittany Taylor 

The Moment %t 

a page from the Journal of Courtney Myrick 

roada,^. Siftmii^ 6, 2006 

' ^^om d(jte44«dt -wjDfo d(^ei4Cd( (foaifi, ^^om cn^^flef-lcfo ho ia^ini, 

oa-lea o^'tf e p^aUeteam i^-ifiaito tv^ini hooi toe to-ill one iaii 
(oo^4Mp^od( In ^eaoen. 

13 The Mmnenf 

Anthony Leslie 

'Sometimes in Quiet Moments- 

Sometimes I pray in moments of happiness 

Just to thank You for Your grace 

Sometimes my moments of happiness 

Drizzle down into moments of despair 

And I pray for strength 

To make it to the next challenge 

Sometimes my despair frustrates me 

And anger is bom red and hot 

So I pray for help with the pain 

From burning tears tearing through my cheeks 

Sometimes my anger is cooled 
U^ Its fierce flame quenched by hope 

^ I Sometimes I break down " kneel down 
And I pray thanking You for hope 
,) For true gifts of companionship 

« I For true gifts of f amiily 

At times my moments of happiness turn to 
My moments of despair turn to 
My moments of anger turn to 
My moments of hope turn into life 
Sometimes then I turn and see You 
I see You allowing me to be changed 

To be tested 

You allow me to be Your masterpiece 

All my impurities and flaws burned out 

Sometimes we must bum before God can make us beautiful 

God teaches us lessons in quiet moments 
It is up to us to listen and to learn 

Caleisha Thompkins 

The Mdmenf 

Southern Adventist University 

DEEP Sabbath 

rpvo cultures united as one was the theme for D.E.E.P. (Diversity En- 
hancement Exchange Program) Sabbath 2005. On November 5, 2005 
close to 250 Oakwood College students visited the campus of Southern 
Adventist University. 

On D.E.E.P. Sabbath Oakwood students were warmly welcomed 
by Southern student government officers. On arrival, they were greeted 
with a small breakfast and big smiles. The day continued with an interac- 
tive Sabbath school and a church service filled with praise and worship. 
Afterwards, Southern continued the hospitality by inviting Oakwood 
studnets to visit their cafeteria. 

"We had a great experience meeting new people, participaiting in 
a blessed church service, and becoming more aware of a different col- 
leges environment. We really enjoyed ourselves and would galdy go 
to D.E.E.P. Sabbath again!", said Bianca Andrews and Jonathan Pate. 
D.E.E.P. Sabbath is always an experience students will never forget! 

-Tristan Mingo 

MdmenP ^ 11 


Krystle Alleyne 


"So ccipie lay down, the burdens you have 
camedv for iti the sanctuary. ♦ . God is here/' 

From ourTusy and overwhelming week, we come to 
refreshed and spiritually energized, AYS has truly been 
a blessing on this campus - students have learned to 
trust God more, expect great things and, most of a^i 

'Rachel B; 

develop a realtionship with Christ, 



\ Sig' ■"^<> 




\ - 

Micah Wcadjv 



There is no greater bluing than serving, 


■'^if^ching out to One's Mow; 

every Sabbath afternoon in front of the Oakwood 
College Church, there are yellow school busses and 
white vans waiting to take students out to the nurs- 
ing homes, hospital, homeless shelter, and streets 
of Huntsville. "I love the singing and seeing people 
genuinely happy to have a chance to hear about God." 

-Joy Andersd 








iding the 



Peace Above the Storm, Great Controversy, More 
Choices - these favorites are just a sample of the 
books that LETC sells. "The books you sell help 
you to understand the Bible better and also en- 
courages you to strengthen your relationship 


r/i^ MdmenP 

An attempt at unity; ^ 

A Student's opportunity '///p ^ . ,, ,. „ r,^ . .^ .■. , : • •,/,.^ .^ .. , 

To worship God in Spirit and in trudi. > v;:^^^^^^^ : '''■'.''}/. ^/-'■■^^ 

Ashley Irvin , ,1 ^ , , ' ' ^^ .:^ f ' ■ . ^i " ^ '"•''' ■ , '"'//, ' . "■' '' '•■'*, ^ ,/='-' ■' 





Fernand Samson 



W- '' ^X''hcn Fvc rcnchal the middle of my week 
; I eel Jrjiixxl, I JcMi'l have iiinthin<4 [of siihslonee| 
r let r U) ii\y<^ lo others. Prayef meeiiii^ qive^ me 
►. ^< niielhiiif^ tx) ^ive back and pulls me thnniuh iimil 


V -"1 1 V. Ai J^^t,.l JL^l.tAA^ 'VI 



f f 


o (^/zfist^^ 

through prophecy. 

:> *~^ X A. / iiiiiiiiiiiiiii 

/■'*"<* ^^B ' ' • • 

. ■:■. p^'^ P\: \ : ; ; 

:;^.^v*i ^ ■ : . ; 


/^<? M&m£rJ 


^ * '^*^*^ 



. K 








S:heir mi^stry is sati 

te, providin^cxKi,,^ 

Lties. Yet, 4fcp*<^^t'' 
' f ying the losing the 



Phoio CoAesy: Victor ,E»le , 

le India Mission) was my most 
sion. Tlie Afriains in India are a forgotten people 
and die inequalit\^ they experience is amazing " 
-Carolynn Bishop 

?/1 The Moment 


od Will 

le will of God will never take you 
Where the Spirit of G3d will not work through 


The will of God will never take you 

Where the wisdom of God will not teach you 

The will of God will never take you 
Where the anny of God. will not protect you 

The will of God will never take you 
Where the hands of Gcxl will not mold you 

The will of God will never take you 
Where the Love of Q^d will not enfold you 
Where. the will or uod wii»eMr^,^^ 
Where the mercies- of God w|l ^^^tTO you 

The will of God will nei^^ 
Where the peace of G}d will not calm your fears 

The will of God will never take you 
Where the omnipresence of God will not find you 

Are you following His will? 

I Ashley Irvin 





Damion Willacy 


^^1 Academics, are one of the rea- 


^^^ sons you're here. 'Ihey effect every- 


^^^ thing from how long you keep that 


HH scholarship to whether or not you get 


^^K to bring your car next semester. Aca- 


'^ 1 demies do more than influence your 


, |l| life here, they are your life. Despite 


^^1 this, make sure to cherish your aca- 

^W demic Moments , they'll be more of 

those than anything else. 

The Mdmenf i 





Revanna Hazelwood 

"Biology is a great 
major because it gives 
you a great look at life at 
its fullnes, and better pre- 
pares those who want to 
attend a medical institu- 


J jfii-.iii'*-^'"^ 




m The 


a page from the journal of Helen Williams 


Odok^ 26, 2006 

raa^ iai kin io itm4o!. 1 Ui>i a t)£W^rM£lirvt=^ £%1T 

Sihce I ^arf an |\o(^^ 4*eak, I ewentto^Ha^hei and yi&Uifo ^lad ooi^ ifodii aolda 
ihatiliii lad Ij&k l^lnanH, anomflna. manaaimint, ma^kiflna, and mae^o/mi- 
t'i&id&n&tnlii. I iikltnmid\^k(>itah k&mi cy^Vhitn and ij 1 Mdf maAieumeTilea 
bkoUHii utoJuU laot. kiaUa. liLid m«, iot&i utdll no nudfo ii utokkalna ai&uf 

Tiin oj tookii aljitaiiatl iadto floto UK>M\i. and oi 1 a>a4 io mitid ai&of 
iiaf. Tm'tiln\ilna, (Jitlatary\ I d&lna afwo^ik utHn 1 laottuK} cyamito ifoda ^ok? 
Ifaiwaai Uimk Hlki minioi't 1 iaoi a kiaUa t&na daii and la^imnH I need to 
do alitu 1 ad&U' t^-^ ^"^ o^tfvate nldtiiiaf loikii&ni tuahtito oitkiyini joorf 
like 10 min^^teA 4eJo^e alaie. So aiai I waA"tHe^e all nldt. 

1 ia(Hioi:tliln'aHd kiadlna oon ma (kOl^a.ik J^iom claAA JoA hetwo^ki. I 
don t know ijtfiatdtld ana aoodf, iotTrnfoofuUto do anMina dii. Uotu Im 
llome w4!rt(hfltfiu io-uAinal entta aioiitiaw ma llje U 4o if Hul^oll and I needt to 
ita^tb^aainfl Jeea-yAetomo^^ow U Aomeillinfl ie^io^A. ^tleaAtwMn I foAe ma 
mihrf ma bakinti mlU know wjla, (-yAt iofeina. I'm 4«"W'ina oj{t*aek Sack ontotfe 
boi/itoJt^U ent^da, I llaoeto poAAtfuteAtto a^arfi^ate, and (tuf&old ii Ao 
emSaA^aAAirtflto JailtfuteAt TJiat^eafla a»o<^frf notje dooi. 

Elements of Life 

and CuS04 c. Most of us will 
never know (or really care) what 
this means. But to the Chemistry 
major this is life or death, success 
or failure. Chemistry majors will 
eventually build their lives off of 
various formulas and equations. It's 
these equations that start your car, 
add flavor to your food, and even 
create weapons of mass destruc- 
tion. Now whether or not they're 
creating doomsday devices, they're 
our Chemistry majors and we love 

The Moment 






■,;" ■\/^, , ' ' '''•""'"„-/;. }■ V ' ' 

m 'j;;::::: M 

jf Jp r*-'-' Jite'' 


Commercials for commerce 
can be complicated, but these 
busy buisness-minded boys anc 
girls find their drive here in the 
thrill of building the bigger anc 
the better. Forget the appren- 
tice! These CEOs and CFOs see 
visions that are beyond Trump 
triumph. The systems of inf or- 
systems they compute may con- 
fuse the simple-minded. But to 
see into the future without the 
glass ball, ask a B&T visonary. 

Buisness & Info Systems 



" " " \j ii 


f 1 

f "ym- 


\ 1 

^ ^H 





The Md'mnf 


The communications 
department cun-ently 
offers 92 majors within 
the department with 
6 different concentra- 




7%<? M^m^f 


Sound of Music 

Harmonius tendencies tune the; 
learts away from the hum-drum 
spinning around this musical Mec- 
ca. The sound of Grammies,Steh 
lars, and Doves awards the ear with 
pride. From opera to Grand O? 
Opry...From Aeolians forte to play- 
ing the piano backwards...Maybe 
they're a little eccentric, but who 
cares? They re GOOD! They re so 
good their precious melodies will 
forever be the soundtrack to our 
precious memories. 


U The Mmnenl^ 

a page from the diary of Yelena Packwood 


I^Hindk aU aoni. andiiii bi«>od ioUiai a^iad^^ati M4 no efi<£ mafitifi 
to take ta Qiffoiii i^nkn&wh aoal o§ ma t4i. 9ii(jj>hnfii oumldr^i 


ili'd 1 ifand. aaaln, afw a&Uk&adi in ma l'4i. 
Mtt l^ut d&nt m&oi ... tantm&oi, ii/ta^i b-alfd In ioiAa dlHtfhn. 
^ih a dati^i aJk&i^ndid in a uminfU&ik, 1 anaf jtaeffe ^toadi o^ I'^i. 
1 UHam ma I^Mi aattatlon iMiti fifji tkltia Uahd. 
Ma ddimtna U mjt (yu^n. 
1 Uiaiii rti Uinflnk od&k. bmainf utkWin me. 
TilHUno iUajjilnauilatlmifktdo. 

Ij c^rtla I i&inlld itaa li^o^if^ In ma cam|a^"f"a.o/ie o| inrfecUic^n. 
"^^^f, "tie immense land (ylj^flmi lai iti balm on ma iaak. il&oina me l^&k- 

I jvaaeta Cfioaie! 
Q/^icWa, (tfMCh aiaa? 

Time ojifl p^^il me Jo^wa^df ahi aae^tle cl^^ og i^kdiunak'^& k Uohn 
and'^okn on'^iuxaoid kotVk aj kiaki^. i^ I donfmoki ma own iecU-lon. 
So, ^e^e I itand. aaain, at'tfe cAoiUoadti (n ma lije, Jeddnatle a^i^idion', 
jXOMeh (oaa?^^^^ (waa? 

/%(f Mdmenf 

Learning To Teach 


I believe the children are 
the future, so who will teach 
them well so that they can 
lead the way? Caring hads, 
handle young hearts care- 
fj: fully- Patience is the greatest 
virture for their patients. It's 
as simple as A-B-C, easy as 
^ J 1-2-3 to see that this depart- 
P ^ ment is where the pottery of 
# life is molded 



The Mdmenf 

Education is information 
about slavation 

'Roy Malcolm 

The Moment 




Recently this year the 
National League of Nurs- 
ing accrediting Commission 
awarded Oakwood's Nursing 
department with an Accrede- 
dation Bacheloriate Nursing 
Degree that will last from the 
years 2005 through 2010. 





r/if Momenf 

•' ■ \„' ■' V"* 

/ """ ^"^ \ '' 

20 Years And 

The Literary Guild Celebrates 
their 20th year anniversary this year 
(2005). Also, The Foreign Lan- 
guage department has experienced 
a rapid growth in Spanish studies. 
Currently students with Spanish 
majors are engaging in a one year 
studies abroad to either Argentina 
or Spain. French majors are also 
studying overseas in France for a 
year in order to be enriched and 
experience culture while developing 
their French. 

English&Foreign Languages 

4'; /A ' 

We are Family 

Family and Consumer Sci- 
ence. One of the broader majors 
on campus. Whether it's Child- 
lood Development or Food & 
Nutrition the Family and Co- 
numser Science department is 
focused on one thing, improving 
the life of the indivual and more 
importantly the family. In the 
end it will be them that keep us 

Family & Consumer Sci 



The MdmenP -i'. 


Case Study 


Kristen Knight 

"Psychology is spe- 
cial because it gives 
you the opprotunity 
to talk to others and 
help them as much as 



Wn The MdmenP 


^^B j 

Anyone can heal the body, but 
can you heal the mind? 
" Juwanza Mcintosh 

Tfie Mdmenf vc 


A Living Testimony 

What is special 
about this department? 
Ummm...Hello? JESUS! 
The "Amen" comer of 
the campus is home to 
the profession of the 
prophets. Following the 
eading of the Spirit, 
they spriritedly lead the 
followers in prayer anc 
praise. The is the priest- 
lood of passion...the pas- 
sion of Christ 


'CjC/^^M^J^^f^j , 








^te^fc?" 1^^^^^^^ 






Go ye thefore and make diciples 
of all men..." 



Scouting Report 


Alton Staple 

''Without this de- 
gree, there would be no 
athletic trainers, teach- 
ers, or coaches. This 
is the best department 
and we have the best 
teachers at Oakwood." 

Health & PE 




Kathryn McNorton 

"Social work is a more per- 
sonal and caring field then all 
the rest, they deal with individ- 
uals personally and wholistically, 
and in thier own environment." 
I feel the Social Work depart- 
ment has the best faculty on 
campus because they are all ex- 
perienced, dedicated, and caring. 


The M&ment^ S3 


New Strides in History' 


Effective this 2005 
Fall Semester, the History 
department started a new 
class for Prelaw Major 
called PRELAW. Also, 
several students have re- 
ceived jobs as public de- 
fenders in both Washing- 
ton, DC and Miami, FL. 

Most students groan at the sound of the word "study." But as 
lated as this word might be, it is the only sure way to do well in school. 
Ok, since we have to study we might as well study effectively. IVe 
leard too many horror stories of students studying all night only to fail 
their tests the next morning. So I've compiled a few tips that work well 
for me: 

Study consistently: Most student wait until the last 
minute to begin studying. The wisest thing is to start 
studying as soon as the school year begins. 

Develop a system of note taking: It's impossible to 
write down everything the teacher is saying, however it 
is important to weed out what portions of the lecture are 

Relax: Your study time should not be so stressful. 
Your brain works better when it's not under stress. | 
It might even be better to have some soft soothing 
music playing in the backgrounc . 

Convince yourself studying can be both 

fun and eff ecive: With time I'm sure study- * 

ing can be an enjoyable experience. 

Happy Studying!! 

Christine Jobson 

The M&menf 


Adding It Up 

This year Dr. Darayas 
Fatal, in the Math and Com- 
puter Dept., wrote a proposa 
requesting a Grant for Re- 
search. The proposal was 
approved and the National 
Science Foundation awarded 
Oakwood's Math & Computer 
dept. with the "MRI Acquisi- 
tion of Tunable Laser System 
and Atomic Force Microscope" 
Grant which will cover the 
department research costs from 
2005 through 2008! 

Math& Comptuer Sci 


£.fj The Mdmenf 

"Math is a foundation on which 
you can build your house." 

'Hany Hazel 

Clubs and Organizations 



'^MHPP^^ • 

Natalie Sinaletarv 

Brittany Taylor 

Few things create Moments quite 

like working together. The long 

hours together striving towards that 

one goal. Losing our individuality 

for a Moment, to become an inde- 

pendently functioning unit, group, 

club, or organization. You are al- 

ways able to have fun by youself. 

but there is nothing like the Mo- 

ments we share together. 



a)Jidnada(i.%anmH 26, 2006 

Oh ma tuajtto bkattiut&nlalt. lih<>i^alt ai(>4^f ma 1 iolnid 4<^t 
i 3<>ol. 1 utanfldfo l%ti^iU ma onlaoi jooitka aSllfha. Tm^« U a u^ldi 
oa^utjt a^ a^tuti, boifk, and intM^itloi datxUki. and altHi mimiak 
a^d aU otoinfo niu» idiai. 1 ^<>^>i ov^ ba^o^mancu, dA miiflnai, ia^' 
kni^a, and SatoAdaa dlU nldti (orfi t>4 V&it^a. 1 alio inioaiii 
damita mlnufu min aie aoto diminta^a uio&h and iokjpd'alL. Tm 
■J<d&, Sa^^f i^bUUna lak inn «)rhemelji ftmaUlna and rmntaUa In- 
olao^atlna ^o^ mi. ^naoni mo U looklna JoA a^tutu and foitu cyp^a- 
Hon LloMiolnl WdlMati wla 1 hoi MtiSo^ul. and jj>Aad:ia wai 
a^iatiaHi utaa, . . 


S.B The Moment 


LigKts, Camera, Action! TKe 
GDmmunicatiorLS Club stays ^ 

busy! Tbiis year's president was ju- 
nior Communication Arts major Robert 'TTriofripsorl-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r 
Tbiompson says, "Our main focus tbis year was start- 
ing back up "Inside Oakw^ood-" Inside Oakwood is tKe 
ncAvs program recorded bere on^ campus tbat gives stu- 
dents tbe inside scoop on^ \vbat's bappeniriLg on campus. 
Tbompson, along witb many club members worked ex- 
tremely bard tbis year to get tbe sbo\v off tbe ground. 

Outside of tbe "Inside Oakw^ood" 
project tbe club is doirLg many 
otber tbings like trips to CNNf 
and resume worksbops. Tbiis club 
^^ ^ is on tbe move! \X/bo knows 

^ ^ wbat to expect from tbem next 

^ year. THbe club is open^ to an^yone. 

oine is 
comed! "If you're looking for 
a group of loving and friendly , 
people joirL, tbe communica- 
tion club. Here you'll find a 
new family", says Derrick Sa- 
bater, junior. 

' Mdmenf ij 



The Oakwood College Clubs Directory 

Conductor - Lloyd Mallory 

The Oakwood College concert choir. 

President - Ashley Maycock 

Gaining better knowledge of allied health fields and 
preparing allied health students for graduate school. 



Alpha Chi 

President - Ashley Humphrey 

An honor society and volunteer organization that 
promotes scholarship, honesty, and integrity. 


Appeal Ministries 


Steven B. Matthis 

An Inspirational drama cluB. 


3 The Mdmenf 

The Garwood College Clubs Directory 

Art & Soul 

Communications Club 

President - Jonathan Grant 

Expressing creativity through art and poetry. 

President - Robert Thompson 

Motivating communications students to excel in learn- 
ing, build careers, and to be witnesses in media outlets. 

Creole Club 


ident - Lise Calixte 

^.im ^ 


Providing opportunities for Creole speaking students 
to fellowship and fostering interest about Creole cul- 


Captain - Chede Miller \\ 

Using step to provide positive outlets for young 
women at Oakwood College. | 


The MdmenP S 


The Garwood College Clubs Directors 


Dynamic Praise 

President - Sheryl Mims 

Providing social, spiritual, and academic framework 

for meaningful student involvement while stimulating 

interest in the field of dietetics. 

Director - Andrew Young 

A group of dedicated young people who come together 
to give dynamic praise and worship to God. 


Ecology Club 

Family & Consumer Science 

President - Josie Valentin 

President - Jancess Pinnock 

Allowing students to take part as stewards of our earth. Providing professional development for students and 

improving the community. 


MM The 

The Oakwood College Clubs Directory 



1 1 \' 

m 'm. 




Fashion & Art Council 


French Club 

iJ|i. President ^-Marisol Norris President - Fernand Samson 

fostering a wide student interest and participation in Exposing Oakwood students to French language and 
artistic and creativity based activities. ^ yj - culture. 

^^^ / I 



President - Erica Eddings 


Ladies of Excellence 



Girls Awareness through Motivational Empowerment 
2; A mentoring program for freshmen ladies. 

President - Samantha Bromfield 

Promoting through excellence through Christ in aca- 
demies and fellowships. 

' /■■''=, 




7%if MdmenP 


The Oakwood College Clubs Directory 


Literary Guild 

President - Robert Grissom 

President - Cheri Watkins 

Literature Evangelist Training Center 

Training students in spreading the gospel while raising 

money for tuition and scholarships. 

Improving writing skills and assisting students in the 
publication process. 


President - Cherie Miller 

Ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ through the 
performance of mime. 

Math & Computer Science Club 



President - Patrice S. Johnson 

Giving vital information to students about 

mathematics and encouraging participation in research 

programs that build leadership skills. 


T3 Tk Mdtnenl^ 

The Oakwood College Clubs Directory 

Men of Distinction 

Mkono - Nia 

President - Marvin Moten 

Enriching the campus and community socially and 
spiritually through Christian service. 

President - Anthony Paschal 

Spreading God's word and love to as many as possible 
through the ministry of drama. 



^ 1 Director - Dr. Anthony Paul 


National Association for the Prevention of Starvation 

"We don't just send relief; we hand deliver it with love 

and care." 

President - Shelton Stanley \\ 

The National Society of Black Engineers 
Increasing the number of culturally responsible black 

engineers who excel academically, succeed 
professionally, and positively impact the community. 

Z^ Mdmenf 


The Oakwood College Clubs Directory 


Omega Sigma Psi 

President - Morgan Medlock 

Oakwood Bio-Medical Association 

Preparing for scientific, medical, dental, veterinary 

medicine by presenting various career options. 

President - Chanika Martin 

Fostering understanding and interest in the discipline 
of psychology to the Oakwood community. 

Phi Alpha Delta 


Phi Beta Lambda 

President - Benaejah Simmons 

A professional service organization composed of 

Pre-law students, law students, attorneys, etc. 

dedicated to promoting the professional development 

of its members. 

President - Kyle Alexander \ 

Preparing students for careers in business and business 
related fields. 


M The 

The Oakwood College Clubs Directory 

Pre- Alumni Council 

President - Jared Williams 

Fund-raising organization for student scholarships. 


President - Keri Wakefield 

Fostering a wide student interest and participation in 
the field of dentistry. 


President - Joshua Nelson 

Student representatives to the United Student 

President - Dorenda Johnson 

Students In Free Enterprise 

Helping students better understand the free market 


Tfw M&inenP 51 



The Oakwood College Clubs Directory 

Spreading Oak 

Editor - Clifton Jessup 

The official student newspaper for Oakwood College. 

Social Work 

President - Yolanda Burris 

"Helping hands and healing hearts. 

Spanish Club 

President - Felicia Wilson 

Organizacion de Lengua Espanol 

Learning the Spanish language and increasing 

Hispanic cultural awareness. 

President - Donell Collins 

Teaching leadership skills and providing networking 



The Oakwood College Clubs Directory 

Religion & Theology Forum 

President - Wallace Saint Louis 

Director - Kristie Osi 

Promoting spirituality on campus through Friday night 

worship services conducted by Theology majors and 

other Oakwood students. 

Voices of Triumph 
A music ministry service. 

The MdmenP ^ 



For A 



i3 The Memnf 

Student Life 

Life beyond the books 

Juwanza Mcintosh 


Parties, banquets, fairs, anc 
other events are just a part 
of student life here at Oak- 
wood. Life in the dorms, 
the cafe, and other places 
have a greater effect on 
the memories of our time 
lere than anything else. In 
twenty years no one is go- 
ing to care what you got on 
that mid-term, all they will 
want to know is did you 
have fun, what were the 
good times, what were your 

Brittany Taylor 

The Moment 



Wkat s Life like at W ade Hall? 

"Wade ^all is the meeting grounds 
for my sisters and 3f. Jt's a place for us 
to express oursellpes by being oursel'))es.^^ 
Qhantel ^lante 


nd your^bounix 
^0rT/lift buri 


'heik'ic iW't 
ays find \ 
sp\rit4 at-^ 


"e^/ Wade ^all, ^ 
halpe the opportunity to be 
free. Ut also motilpates me 
a7id prepares me for life in 
the real 'V9orld.'^ 
Ey^arla 'Piper 

"Wade UTall is a great 
experience! ^ts "Sphere yeomen 
stri'))e to be the best that they 
can beT 
zy)(tare\a £indo 

The Mdmenf s=2 



Yeomen of Ylonor ^ ^ . „ 

The Dance of Honor 
By Gahrielle Barnes 


^'^ ■/," /^ 

A rhythm heats on the drums of her ears 

Honor says the harmony ^^ 

So she moves 

Reaching higher 
Spinning faster 

Leaping farther 

Honor says the harmony 
So she moves 

Jumping higher 

Spreading wider 
Chasing the cadence 
' Quicker y quicker y quicker 

Following the melody s course until she is the best 
Until she has satisfied the harmony within 
She dances to the music of honor 
In the key of Cunningham,,. 


' Mdmeni^ 

The MG'menf sJ 

Jiy cyuy" K^ar+s you Kov^ vrxoyj^A f ronA clo^*^w +o Kon^^^o sUe^I+e-^* 
o^Acl o scif^ ^vov^^-\ fronn +U^ f^^li^A^s of \o^\v\q olo^A^. "F^^o^w you^* 
sw^^+s +o you^* ^*oo^ws +o your^ p^vO^A^s, 7+ r^olly f^^ls lik^ Wowye,. 
tk^ fe^^lifAcj OfAly UoMA^ c^rov^^A ^wok^s nAe. fe^^l +kci+ you w^r^e^ 
wor+U i+ +o tcikiKc^ ou+ +Koif o+^ve-^* loo^A. Voui^ s+ot^e-S <scirry K^ri- 
fcicj^ nncikiK^ if w^ll k^AOW^A. 7 ha proud +o <SdlI i+ ko^w^ Vou sf o^Ad 
+0II, +ouc^k, ^A^v^r c^oi^-\0 +0 fcill. "Pe^opI^ n^oy +cilk obou+, but you 
clo^A + <sor^ d+ oil )\ t^^v^r pkos^s you, vv>Uy? Ouz you^* ^dworcfs 
■hloll Hon^e-. 

lTT i 

The MdmenP 

Mondaa^, Manl 20, 2006 

at>e ladiii obpa^t-un {fa to floe atiioif(al do^mi iinee I dadii at 
Oakmood (Zolhoi. TU ^iutcfa^m I itaad In asai VifiUM Pfdl. VitiHon 
44alf U, naoiiiatl loal? 8aek on it, 6ua4 a oionrf^^Ji^f mikUnH. ^ok m£, {t'i 
6UM^2 laif'm l^klindi^llfi kaan and modo^ off, a daH ^^If a| i^nl^okadfaUi 
mimo'da. Eoik ilnu 1 lliyidiiikl 1 Hoi nii}ik ladfo dm on a iunk kd. ^na- 
flmi ma l^kUndi and I niidid a kldi o^ camp^i, (Mi mould alwaai (^aUafa%i 
Eoikaflmiiliki ujiki tnokiHan 4 Hopll u^i a^oofd haoifo odlfa^UL 

Tn Ud-ond dokm I daaid in wak Edmakdi i^atl:Wmi daalno afEdoiakdi 
ihll I l^omdiiafiiiii miki a I'd^li moki linlint Onimnq 1 mudiaa iiwt 
ill ilomki miki mlokodfaUi.'xUiX ia^yi 0\2- kiomik akia mdvTOOO mrn^ 
ikUadk\ liflnktl^a mikud i}^ a>[tf tfl^ mmkliadk. Oni {okVf^i l^kod and oni 
^o^tfve latV U vAa^dwak kJj^mkid'^o ia^yi kin. 

tii dokm 1 4taa a^kiJdnous [kw kk^ dok\r^ on OaVmoodX tammk. d\ 
dailiPJJik^Oah.'Vlik pfaee l^iilk hh I'm a^iow\i. I liH [n a than imylkon- 
menta)(t(\ a w\a'\okdii a| H^ph ^U aki ma^oki. Itu nki and a^ut koV(\a\ 
Ho'oli (tan ^etth^l^ moki dom. 442^2, 1 tov-ld dooV \y\ii omn tvxialk. 1 wi ma omn 
koom. fnii omn floni lini. and ma oujn hii. lt'4 llki 1 lloi o^ eamp^4, l>idTm 
kialla not 


One of the new USM 
activities this year was the dating 
game Pick-a-Boo. Students who 
wanted to participate were asked 
to fill out profile forms in the 
cafeteria a week prior to the big 
event. On these forms were certain 
'questionable' questions. 


The student favorite and most answered question 
was "How do you eat your Reeses?" Another was 
"How do you wear your K-Swiss?" was another 
favorite with replies like, "I don't, I wear Jordans." 

In the form of tiaditional game shows, Pick- 
a-Boo involved a pre-selected student choosing his 
or her blind date through a series of questions and 
answers. Freshman Michael Hillard, who had the 
ladies screaming as soon as he came on stage, asked 
the question "If we went to an island for our honey 
moon, what would we do?" The freshman girl that 
won his vote responded with "We'd probably spend 
some time on the beach and then head back to the 
room. . .and stay there." Throughout the night male 
and female names were randomly picked out of a 
hat and given the option to go on dates together. 
Hosted by the infamous Michael Moss Pick-a-Boo 
boasted one of the best turnouts of the Thursday 
night USM activities. 

Lisa Hall 

Z^ Mdmenl^ 







Dear Oakwood College Family: 

As we began this journey nine months ago, some were relieved, many were hopeful, and oth- 
ers were apprehensive. After much prayer, the USM officers agreed that, appearances not 
withstanding, our God id decidedly in control. Joshua 1:9 says "Fear thou not, for I am with 
thee." Those powerful words became our motto for the 2005-2006 school year — NOTH- 
ING TO FEAR! Our USM plans and priorities moved forward in this assurance. 

During this past school year, I hope that the campus issues addressed and various religious 
and social events arranged by the USM have added to your fun, relieved some of your stress, 
provided avenues of service, and helped you to grow as well rounded students. But the USM 
officers will have failed miserably if this administration is defined merely by our basketball 
post-game shows, Apollo night, DEEP Sabbath, the Valentine banquet, and other events. 
When those memories are long faded, I hope that you will still be standing confidently on 
the promise that you have NOTHING TO FEAR. I implore you to commit yourself to a 
life of passionate and joyful service to others through God's whispered assurance that you 

Standing now, between memory and hope, I want to thank the Oakwood College's student 
body for the great privilege and honor that has been mine to serve as your USM President 
this year. I end this term wishing you success and God's richest blessings through all the days 
and years ahead. 


Mark L. Howard, President 

USM 2005-2006 

Co. Music Coordinator- 
Kyle Alexander 

Spreading Oak Editor- 
Qif ten Jessup 

Acorn Editor- 
Juwanza Mcintosh 

Executive Secretary- 
Kasha Robinson 

Senate Secretary- 
Kathryn McNorton 

Athletic V.P.' 
Carrie Singleton 

The MdmenP m 


Moments of 2005-2006 

(May 3 1): "Deep Throat" Reveals Hiinself In an in- 
be published in Vanity Far. V-/. Mank Felt, a forrner 
official ad^nits to being the anonynnous source 
inforrnation to the V-^ashington Post about the 
House's inv^olvement in the 1972 Vvatergate 

terview to 
top FBI 
who leaked 
break- 1 n. 

(June 28): Bush Calls for Ov-erhaul of Intelligence Agencies Following 
the reconiUnendation of a presidential conirnission rei^iewing the new 
intelligence law that created the position of director of national mtel 
ligence. Bush creates a national security division at the FBI. 

(July 7): BoiTibs E>^plode in London Four 
coordinated terrorist attacks on the 
city's subway and bus systerns during 
rush hour kill 52 people, including the at- 
tackers, and wound nnore than 700. 

(June 13): Pop Singer Cleared of Molestation Charges A California 
jury acquits Michael Jackson of lO charges, including niolesting a child, 
conspiracy, and providing alcohol to niinors. 

(July 29): Scientists Discover Potential Tenth 
Planet Astrononiers at the California Institute 
of Technology find rocky, icy planet that's larger 
than Pluto and about nine billion K^iles away 
frorn the Sun. 


r^ MomenP 

(Aug. 29): Hurricane Causes Catastrophic Darn- 
age Hurricane Katrina. a category 4 storm, 
pounds Gulf Coast. Harrison County. Miss., Iiit 
particularly hard- More than 80 people are killed 
and F^illions lose power. New Orleans, which was 
spared the full force of the hurricane when the 
stornn nioved east, suffers calarnitous darnage 
as lei^ees break, sub^nerging about 8>0% of the 
city. Death toll in New Orleans is feared to be in 
the thousands. Officials call the dei/astation the 
worst natural disaster in U.S. history. 


(Oct. (5): Earthquake Devastates Pakistan Approx innately 
54,000 people die when a niagmtude 7.6 trembler rocks 
Pakistan ncontro I led part of Kashmir. About 600 die in In- 
dia. Hie United Nations estimates that more than 2.5 miU 
lion are homeless. 


(Sept. 6): California Legalizes Sarne-Sex Marriage State legislators approve 
law that defines marriage as a union of "two persons." 

(Oct. 3 1): Bush Nominates Judge for Supreme Court Selects 
conservative judge Samuel Alito, a judge on the 3rd U.S. Circuit 
Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. If confirmed. Alito will replace the 
retiring Justice Sandra Day Connor. Announcement comes days 
after Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination. 

(Jan. 30): Coretta Scott Kmg died 
in' her sleep at a holistic health cen- 
ter in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. She 
Was 78. 

The M^menf 3 


Oakwood Students ''Agape" Outreach 

The small acts of service that Oakwood 
students shared during the Agape Feast 
made large imprints in the hearts and 
minds of the children and teens they met 
that day. During the week of the Back to 
School Revival, Spiritual Emphasis Day 
was held on Wednesday. On that day 
Oakwood college students ventured out 
into the Huntsville community visiting 
local schools spreading some "Agape 
love!" With topics such as "Knowledge 
is Power", "Say No to Drugs" and "AIDS 
is real" Oakwood students thoroughly 
informed the young students about issues 
that are slowly killing their generation as 
well as on issues that could lead them to 
a better future. 

Each department was assigned a differ- 
ent school in the conmiunity. Femand 
Samson a junior Biology major, whose 
department visited Johnson High school, 
says about his experience, "It was great! 
I wasn't too sure about what to expect, 
especially since I was told that we were 
going to a tough school. But I had a great 
time, and I really felt like I made a differ- 

Drama presentations were one 
avenue that the Biology de- 
partment used to relay their 
presentations. One of the 
topics they addressed was 
about how important a 
college degree is in life 

The Communica- 
tions department' s 
skits and songs 
were used by to 
emphasize the importance 
of sharing and team work. The> 
were a big hit with the 
elementary students 
Michael Vance a 
major visited Oakwood 
Elementary and says 
about his experience, "I 
know we made a huge 
impact on the kids we met 
because when we finished 
our skits the kids didn't want 
us to leave, and the feeling 
was mutual because I also had 
a great time." 



Enter to Learn Depart to Serve is the aim 
of this institution. Service is what Oak- 
wood College pushes for every student to 
participate in and also enjoy. Life is more 
fulfilling when helping others and this was 
proven during the Agape Feast. Reaching 

ers with lovi 

/Christianity is all 

)od students really showed the com- 
their definition of love through 
ir act of time and semce. Brandon 
|illiams a Junior Music major says, "Life 
during my time here on earth I 

mgike a dif f erenMl^lendi n g my 

/leckj^fefters throu|_, 
?reat and I 



' J-- Jfjira 

f 'i 



' M^menf §1 

■ ■""'" ' %«?■■.. 

%ftl "<&4 

f ■# '•'-•; 


Ji 1 '"' 



Tfw MomeH'P 


The M&menf 


/ ' X.v/,v o. 


/ '/ ^ J\:/:?l i? Z.)c/.Uo '> /" - 

l(s/lr/ Z^)'UU{yc/6rS0f^'/i6 JCj/lo ZX/: 

v.-y/,7 f}m(C///i^"C/S of t'/lC .K:t/la Oa/:uo/(fCr 

//-/ r)r/uc</c-l4:JS of' tnC J\J?l(j lD<aU(//u 

7/ to l.J'^/(407( / ''/ • ''/' f//C .K../7I.7/ Z)r7ao// < 


no /^.'>/-Vy///?'/J C-f fAC Kj/Uj f)c7'i /.'r 

/:■■/ Z')-^/''.y.'Wcrs of rAc X.//1., 

/ LJ-/'^ 

/ c ■' rx lA >../ / (. t (,./ J .--/ 

(o/ij^ ^J<£Z(c//( / ^^/ S V' /'■''■ J\77l.(/ X)c/;/7^//(' ■ 


Glaniour Shots ' 
S &' S Photography 

/ 7 ^^^ccy^ucrs ../ 

oc K//l7/ l)-/''7-/( c/\i ('/-'/ o r Ky/u'/ f)' 

J ■' vy ' 

Vie JOn.,y Oryv.y,'W>ry('f r/ic K//i./ Orr.'. • ' ■ 

/'vf' K.y7l.:/Z)''7/.ii://ifC/\y:y/ //'/(': Kj/lc 


( ' ( ' '\.//i.// <:.,^.- ^ - •'// .' 

r/^c Ky/i,-/Orya./A.rcry of rA.c Kz/uyO/iu 

f/ic .K.//1::/ Z)cia(y'/iters of f/ic ..K:o/i(y 

toe Ko/io Do/ofo'Wcrs of r Ao' Kj7u/ 

y 7 i / ,./ 

^7/6 K7710 Z')cyii^:/7'irors of t'Ac .K./7U7 
t7io Kj7o/ f^)mo//irors of r/io K/zo/ 

O/iOr-^ > 

^vy/(,.v <L„..'c-r .'-.>,'/// <^. c./ J r:.v c 'cc- ^^ ^// Ui 


* :- 4 . 




i ju 


ft f ' * 

Ci^S^^^^^ ^^MiiB 

k # 



1^ ^ 

'^c/r2'<^7i?%c -ffrtz's 

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Adrianne Renee' Artis is 
a junior Biology major involved in many organizations, includ- 
ing the Acrostars Gymnastics Team, G.A.M.E., and Oakwood 
BioMedical Association. To follow the college creed and depart 
to serve, she plans to become a physician with a walk-in health 
clinic in her community. To Adrianne, Daughters of the King 
means, "we recognize that God, our Father, is king. Therefore 
we can embrace his blessings and promises as royalty. " 

JCr-^stli^ /^arc/h 

Krystle S. Forde is a New Yorker born on the "Twin Islands" of 
Trinidad and Tobago. In hopes of becoming the U.N. Secretary 
General, Crystal plans to go to Harvard Law School after com- 
pleting her degree in Marketing. After dedicating some time in 
service with NAPS, she has returned to Oakwood College for her 
junior year. Crystal believes that a Daughter of the King is "a 
woman who understands her worth and is determined to show 
the world her God- given potential of excellence. " 

Interviews - Gabrielle Barnes 

/^cc/br/^ ^zc^lcss 

Born in Berrien Springs, Michigan to Jamaican parents, Fedoria 
now claims both Alabama and Tennessee as her home states. A 
Biomedical Science major electing both Chemistry and Music 
as her minors, Fedoria aspires to become a Pediatric Neurosur- 
geon. The O. C. Camerata. Oakwood Biomedical Association, 
and HelpLine Charity Association are just a few of the extracur- 
ricular activities that she is involved in. Fedoria believes that 
as Daughters of the King, "we are royalty, chosen by God... and 
have a role and standard of excellence to maintain in honoring 
the majesty of the Almighty King". ■ 

T/ie Mdinenf 

cSWoT/^^ Croc^w^^U 

Shortly after her birth in Savannah, Georgia, Sasha Kimal 
Crockwell moved to the beautiful island of Bermuda, which is 
her home. Sasha is an active participant in such organizations as 
G.A.M.E. and the Education Club. A junior English Language 
Arts Education major, Sasha hopes to continue on to get her 
Master's and Doctorate degrees and return to her alma mater, 
Bermuda Institute. Sasha says "Women should realize that they 
have the potential to be and do anything. . . they have a duty to 
carry themselves in a manner in accordance with God's word so 
that the world may know that they are Daughters of the King. " 

'<£t^l/6 -/-i^c^t/iSz'Tz^li^t^r^ 

After living in several states including Florida and Michigan, 
Natalie Denise Heath-Singletary made the "Lone Star" state 
of Texas her home. As a Psychology major, she is motivated in 
pursuing a career in Forensic Psychology focusing on the reha- 
bilitation of juvenile sex offenders after obtaining her Doctoral 
degree from Howard University. This junior is involved in many 
campus organizations including Dynamic Praise gospel choir 
and G.A.M.E. Natalie states, "As Daughters of the King, we are 
to claim the promises that our heavenly Father has bestowed 
upon us and live up to the full potential that He demands of us. " 

T'onf-'/fnn yOrz^A^t 

Born on the beautiful island of Nassau Bahamas to Jamaican 
parents, Toni-Ann Elizabeth Wright is now a "Southern Belle " 
claiming Nashville, Tennessee as her home. A junior Biomedi- 
cal Science major, Toni-Ann is an aspiring Pediatrician. She is 
a very active participant is the Oakwood Biomedical Association, 
RISE-LCARE and Alabama Lois Strokes Alliance for Minority 
Participation programs. Toni-Ann says that "our Father, the 
King, has our best interest at heart and, recognizing ourselves as 
his daughters, we should carry ourselves as royalty. " 

The Momenf 

Daughters of the King - Miss Oakwood Pageant 2006 

This year's Miss Oakwood Pageant celebrated the Oakwoodite woman as a Daughter of the King. The 
musical selections of the evening were well placed and beautifully chosen. Between segments and talents, 
a live band wooed the crowd with pleasant renditions of gospel and jazz selections. Jasmine Jacobs ' piece, 
"In My Daughter's Eyes", was especially poignant and further distinguished the importance of the night's 
theme. Victor Acquah inspired both daughters and sons of the King to go the distance, not giving up hope 
until we reach our goals. As for the talent segment this year, a variety of new ideas hit the stage including a 
mix of acrobatic and interpretative dance, a reggae anthology on the steel drum, and even ribbon twirling! 
Overall the evening was a success on the part of Oakwood College's Student Activities Department, crown- 
ing Krystle S. Forde as Miss Oakwood 2006. -Gabrielle Barnes 

The MdmenP 


88 ^. The Mdmenl^ 

MIS UNCF 200^ 

Damion Millei 

r/k Mmnenf 



This junior Pre-Physical therapy major has cred- 
ited her Oakwood College experience for helping her to 
develop "in all aspects" of her life. Among the "aspects" 
of her life, Ashley is cur- 
rently the pressident of the 
Alied Health Club, pianist 
vr the worship service 
and children 's choir of the 
Mt. Calvary SDA church, 
and is pursuing a black 
^belt in Taekwondo. After 
leaving Oakwood, Ashley 
plans on getting her PhD 
in Physical Therapy. 

"[This experience has] 
l' taught me to think outside 
^^the box, network well, and 
'-• perseverance. " 
1,- on running for Miss UNCF 
"Always put God first, and 
He'll take care of the rest. " 

Ji^Mf Sand^ 

Anesthesia school is where this future Nurse Anes- 
thetist is headed after departing from Oakwood' s campus. 
She says, "I believe simply loving others how God first 
loved us is the critical element in providing care. As a 

nurse anesthetist, I would 
be able to serve as a vital 
component in restoring 
health and wellness to 
the ill. " Jenny is a junior, 
pursuing a bachelor's in 

"... Doing things for 
others brings you more 
satisfaction than doing 
things for yourself. " 
-on running for Miss UNCF 
"God never gives you 
more than you can han- 
dle. " 
- on life 

Interviews - Lisa Hall 
Glamour Shots - Damion Miller 



BntBM'i^ Tai^&r 

While attending Adventist schools in the Dal- 
las-Fort Worth Metroplex, this Social work major says, 
"I learned the importance of family, friends, and fellow- 
ship. The lessons I learned impacted my life and molded 

me into the person that 
I am, and am striving to 
become. " Kathryn plans 
to get a Masters in Social 
Work, become a licensed 
Social Worker, and 
eventually own a private 

"[This experience] has 
emphasized that it's good 
to do things for other 
people, nothing comes 
easy, and humility. " 
- on running for Miss UNCF 
"No matter the situation, 
there is always a blessing 
to be received and a lesson to be learned. " - on life 

A native of "the colorful and beautiful state of 
Colorado ", sophomore Brittany Taylor feels she made the 
right choice in coming to Oakwood. "Deciding to attend 
Oakwood College was one of the greatest decisions I have 
made. The experience I 
have had here so far has 
been educational, excit- 
ing, memorable and a true 
blessing. " This Commu- 
nications major dreams 
of one day becoming "a 
successful female African- 
American photojournal- 
ist. " 

"Dedication is a dsici- 

pline, once you dedicate 

yourself to something, it's 

like you 're obligated to 

stick with it. " 

- on running for Miss UNCF 

"Only God can judge you, so live life to the fullest. " 

-on life 

The M&menf 



Mm UNCf2006 

K^mkrii^ AOer^ 


ktBr tkiH' 

- on running fa 

miss UNCF 

J J 

7 am deBrmond. 

% 'Pmrr^, 

h^lt/?h /i // 5 5 

(^ophomore ^jmberlee filers, an Elementary Education major , plans on 
getting her <^t asters in (Special Education and becoming an elementary schoo 
teacher. (§he says, "c7 chose this major because of my lol)e for children and U 
feel that teaching is the most important career. Uf there yoere no teachers, 
there ypouldn't be any other careers.'^ 


Erl The Momnf 

Photographs - Damion Willacy 

The McmenT 


Oakwood Moments . . . 

Whether it's a diving 
catch, a smooth crossover, 
or a huge hit, sports of 
all kinds are an important 
part of life at Oakwood. 
Behind academics and 
spiritual life, sports are the 
drive behind our school 
spirit. Nobody likes to ad- 
mit it, but we really are 
proud of our school anc 
not so much for the jer- 
seys or the players wearing 
them, but for the special 
memories they create...the 
(winning) Moments. 

Mdmenf 5j 



Moments of the Game 


Chris Kyle 

Fernando Rigacci 

Andrew Ford 

Mike Ford 



Tke AniDassadors 

Dewitt Henley 

Terrell Black 

Shea Crockett 

Michael Grier 

Aaron Anderson 

Jamaal Qbbons 

The MdffWnP _ 


^Hdati. ^iUoaH 24, 2006 

iaa Inw (i^£ o^ an Maiiaioh 

■Xi a mmk^ o^ft^ OakiMooi -XmLuad^ki laikMailfiafn. ifaki 
^Yxana il^iUnf di^i In p^aetleeto bUtaU ^a^ a oamt t^ijklno fudlH 1 
maki UH I oloi I IO%t(> mah ki^hi Z am mdl t)Ht)aHd lo^Hi oafni.TUa 
Laa. Tm Mail aoo btiadlH U ihi Oiaa ao^ p'^^^i- " ^^ " ^^1^^ ^^^^ ^ p^aetie^ 
a^(f 40 I ead plaa j^ital U^rf. In p^aettc^ I iUota cataih amoi^nfo^ 
HiWoiML.ihHi bolntiU, and laci'OipL I alio ^on 4p^lnt4, ^-ulaida, and 
abk ahoi^ndihi ^^^(^'^0 eomplne a daai mohkoi/to^ f^iadtlH. 


Lthmhlno uji ^(yndi^nlaa-ub llnii and do iomi dondlflonlno iii ^ijnnlno 
ioliildik. uiaai oniii eo^-^t and LfklnfL X^tik asi l^lnlil fa^nnlno ofi ujo^k 
on oi^h o^l^inkliyi and dil^inUi>i plct^^- ^[naila mi tondi^d an ahhaa o^ 
ihoofino dkllhto aondi^di Madtiat and uji li)ddh ^pto oitladmimfti 
upl and oifoi)h mlndi ^l^R^o^tK^ i^bdofnlno oami. 

' MemnP 

Watching our team play, 
I I must agree with the 
common trend of thought 
- they do play hard 

Solomon Matheka 

The Moment 


Akeisha James 

102 lEl The 

Tiud) I'lazici 

bnca Scott 

Donna Jackson 


LxidLy ArabassacLors 

Jessica Elacin 

Kellie Hart 

Jayna Gardner 

Candeis Hams 

Ariel Williams 

Carolyn Nwankpa 

Erica Morrow 

April Lee 

The Mdmenf 


Oa/enJa/i (Jn^ffmenii 


t>orM4 O^tiK 

ScKool ISt^lnX 

.>i^ * 

f #«kMen Orlenf Af loA 

CkocT f exf 


/^f M&menP 

^Actl-f o-ScViool fZ^tvlvAl 

CU(KfiKMJt vnA^ 

^CA&twkic CoAVOca^loA 

The Mdmenf si 




StUKkt AJl^Kf 

/^^OrvO^Htnf t>eduU)lf lorv 

Cdit^t t>ii^x 


/%r Mmmf 





The Moment 3 107 




lAlu UAJCf 

f cnAi c xAlMi 



r^e MdmenP 

f^LK Or-.'* 

Spring LJeefc. of frx;yr 

ff\Ut OtAuooA. f AAeAn 

7%(? MdtnenP 


OS^ ISouv^l^f 

Spring Ureat 


iLt^Mru^loA for 

Sfudenf UeeH 
of fra^tr 

The Me/nenf 



^InAt cxAVMi 



Z^ M&menf 

U/SlCf 'Sftnapef 


Journey's End 

Senior year is full of 
Moments to savor, enjoying 
great times with friends and 
taking the very last tests of 
the year. It is a year full a: 
Moments that needs to be 
cherished because you will 
never again have this experi- 

For every senior, the 
most anticipated and sa- 
vored Moment is Gradu- 
ation. It is the cornerstone 
representing the end of a 
long journey, but also the 
beginning of a new phase in 
our lives. 

The Mdmenf I_a 113 

a page from the journal of Jeniffer Rugless 

Toadai^. Siffitv^kk 6, 2006 

^t 9:23 Hu Ma^hthfl, I taUid BfodinfSikoia ai&juit iloiftlmato ui lout 
:}f '} manu. onlti 1 nHdidt& k moud J^om da^d. ^inalU adUftlna ma (^ati. 

aliti't addlna i^f m^ ohiti ^o/iiiiiiliidtiini. 1 itakfid maklna iHak^adi^oki 
Uadlna »JJ to ilaj^d. -J^ f^kulman itobb^d la to i&^h&m ma Man t&tnmon'r 
dafl&ni i&ok fi&'dii Umaftk. 1 f^&ond ititnadid ktmin ma Ot 10 I Ufokk' 
^Wtl- k&k ar[d ar\ oldt m-CdJoofe. 44atw eame uti d&ntiaoiii&t^iillMi ahttMo^e? 

I I tnadi itto dafd atak&jund 10:04 and lad to kaiii ut&man afHt rfoo^to 
1'*'^ pl^aie f«tmc 4a>*p« ma I'D. Sfc A^aeio-yAla aa^^ed and onu Inildi, 1 utai aL- 
tonUMTo dUd&onilaf loika&ni i&oM icy moil aof^aniian mi. 1 iiaHM 
Hal and Uutfo jinrf arte oj ma J^Undfi utio adoaUHa madi itfcy dafd. 

y^litiA daj^d, 1 Uadld kikto^afOah and madi ato'do lutln ma had. ^t 
Hitof aj mg iutwai. Bfanul 10 I utiii VkoluiaH %(yd^lUlamL 1 Hmkud 
to mah a minta! n&tifo Aefgto it&f naHlna llm "^oii'ia auldintln daU, 
andiiallli'm Vko^akok^cyd' ok 'Mk.'^&d' hhU HYatid.^aintU iokf 
of ok -A^ liadik? Tlow U'i ma Bfan'aitiadik^Thn 1 madi a ckouk O'tokn 
ta Uan of laifmlnoti ^ok iii Sndui Vkof^UUma E)Cam. Itutai ilin iiatl 
kiahyd, at 1 1: 12 -^M ^atl am a akadi^atkna unl&k. 


a page from the journal of Harry Watkins 

OdM^ 10, 2006 

oj a mom^nttliatde^-iherf me ai 8und a unlo^iiatwak actwaWg (j^-ite 
Almble.Tllc moment iiatAtuck ov^in ma mincf "tie moAtwaAttve ^o^^W 
ofi ^(^U ufuhnd. 1 di^idid to ao ^ame anrf oUit. I am ^^om ^tlahta, 
^vtc. £oent(va(4dlv I ania itaa aio^wtS l<yo^L and Aame efvahae aa>aa I 
do hotfletivome o^ten, Ao wUn 1 do come to oUltiti a Ajjeetaefe. So I 
flo (vometjlat weekend to Ui ma ^amila and aoto tloHlilafSaUall. 
-J^fjtiii hUhI a loto^ IndloldviaUiiatUoi notiun me in ^ifi iome 
time aikerf Hoa> auiilnai /l^*'^^^'^ a*»e"(ile no^mof Aepfa ^oitf^i^ln^ 
to keeb ma jvearf aiooi wafik ao-u fenow/TMn M itatei, "So ao^ itllf 
atOabwoorf?''ani I Aaa aeal o^ eo^uetoo latetot^anA^e^ iaida 1 
hh {t'tiiudaoaUnalTUn U data "^oo ia(}i w(vat, two moH geaU 
oj iciloof Halt?'! ^dtdUm^idid', 1 ioohd ati'm and iaid. naii I'm 
a UnM Hi ii o(/tlniii i^fHna. i^i (oaA like, "Stop fio^^'^' g^^i^'^' 
ina Halt? ittooU notHaoe inn 4 gean tiiatgait" I replied! ani Aaid, 
S^^e lai inn f^ook iiza'd. andiiatk wUn dualU utlnHatl waL a 

The Mdmenf 









'jgoi/ i 






■ Mdmenl^ 































The Mdmenl^ 



These Were The Years 

F^ mm the snackbar to IDs ... oh how many things have 

J^ change. 

'Stephanie Jones and Dayna Mitchell 

2002 was the year, August was ourselves to college life. It also took 
the month. We were finally here Oakwood a bit of time to get ready 
at the school of the prophets. We for us. Let's see, hmmm ... Upon 
stepped onto the hallowed grounds our arrival, our beloved snackbar 
of Oakwood College purposed, de- was under renovation. West Oaks 
termined and most of all ... parent- was still a work in progress, the 
less! We had finally arrived. After "Eternal Flame" hadn't been built or 
we conquered t he endless pit called lit, AY was held in the skating rink, 
"registration", ^^"""^^^^^^^^^^" voice mail was FREE, 
we bade our ^^' I Tl/tnLc C^C^ Health Services and 
guardians r L UUIll^ ^\^ WOCG were a hop, 
farewell and JOT tflC UeSt TOUT skip and jump away, 
embarked on ^P/TT^ (if (IIJT there was more than 
an unknown J^*^P ^J tyV^' one drama group on 

four-year jour- IW&Sl campus ( whatever 

ney. There ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ happened to Oye?) 
we were ... full of spunk, promise our ID's were vertical rather than 
nad potential. Who knew who we horizontal, summer grads were al- 
would become and what we could lowed, and there was no constant 
accomplish? The possibilities were reminder of service illustrated by Si- 
endless, mon of Gyrene helping Jesus carry 

the cross in Centenniel Square. 

It took us awhile to acclimate 


£3 The MemnP 

Influential campus leaders at the time like, Fred Warfield, then USM President, Noah Washington, the AY 
leader, and others like David Franklin, Lakeisha Bonner, Martin Lister, and Terry-Ann Griffin paved the way for 
the dynamic leaders of the class of 2006. There were some bumps along the way, however. If you were one of 
the three people that attended the sophomore class election of 2003 , then you know what I mean! Fortunately, 
we built momentum and took the campus by force this past fall. With Jerrick Warren as our leader (and God 
as his!) we're prepared for our best year yet. 

Whew! The years have flown by and as we leave these grounds with our diplomas and innumerable 
memories in tow; we kiow we'll never be able to repay "the oaks" for the lessons we're takng with us. We've 
had the Oakwood Experience, made invaluable friendships, and learned more about ourselves than we could 
have ever guessed we would have. Thanks OC for the best four years of our lives! 

The Moment 












m -efti- 









,jij(_„ i <^>tS*^ 


























' IM 




' ^'m 












The Mdinenf i 

die^ or Pk^Uc Stir^ry and m^ PhD in 

^hwl!^ cam mif MD in Orthdpe- A My plzrenP^' pi'ifW¥Wilifen 

fithrdu^ Adi/enM ^hdd£. Sd ddin^ 
mtC i^' my important' W inc. Imnf 
W a pdMdn in my ti^e where lean 
jlire Saek and take care o^ my parents. 

Where do yoii w ydme£(,in 10. 

'M prepareei me p'r 
^^. '^'^^f^tiUi^e andW k able to proire my^(^ 

idpe^my done with ^hwtand M ^ wdrid,. 
inniny^ a family PdMbCy FtC 
'^^Bach at a tocai unimuty i^ I'm not ,^___^ 
dable to pmu£ my practice kcau/^ o^^ ^^v^. 

^ami(y / 



A 2002-1 

J?ar%uas in the caje arwi%asjree?^t 
was Freshman 5/e^r, lO^^men ive 
tepped into theXj^'aWs oj tni infumous 


aJ^e'^^5|^te:«4;oocLO)Hege. There was 
the usual iunch line, with the variety of 

t.^pn the left, was the juice line 

mm'mrmB right, was tm^AOOTHIE 

(There was an array of different 

^tD ^ose/rqin: hanaha, vanilla, 

ungate.. OfcoU ^ the h est^^ hihout 

SMOOTHIE B/^ waslmit\was 



The MdinenP H 

























The MdmenP ^ 


Friendships for a 



hey say you find your best friends in college... 

'Damelle Lubin 

It is said that the best 
four years of one's Ufe are in 
undergrad. It is a time where 
almost everything has a new 
beginning. A time to find who 

beyond the college years, and 
well into life. Friendship is an 
aspect of life that some take for 
granted, when it is a treasure 
and should be revered as such. 

you are, a r* j* 7 ^« r • j For us seniors, 

start living -nndmg lastiug fnend^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 

by your ^J^p^ j^ ^ mdjor part of represent four years 
own rules ^ . „ of growth, endur- 

and maybe the OC ExperieUCe^^ ance, and oppor- 
evenfallin ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tunity. Not only 
love. I'm from an academic 

sure that all these things are standpoint, but a social one as 

true, but here at Oakwood Col- well. It was a time we learned 
lege, finding lasting friendships through life-altering experienc- 
is a major part of the OC Ex- es. A time of endurance, when 
perience. As a freshman, your friendships will sustain you 
friends are hand picked and a through trying times when you 
bond is created that will last 


r/k Mdmenl^ 

Hhristianne Lubin, Pascal Romulus, Kattia Champagne, and 
Damelle Lubin have been friends since their first year at Oakwood 


want to give up. It presented us with an opportunity to explore uncharted waters of another's world 
with hidden dangers to encounter and buried treasure to discover. 

For us, graduation day will be both the happiest and the saddest day of our lives. Our hearts 
will be filled with gladness because we will have completed our journey only to begin another one, 
but a sense of sadness will also reside. Even for a short while, saying goodbye is so hard to do. 
You are used to spending time with your buddies down the hall, in the cafe, at social events, on 
weekend trips, or in class. To have to leave that all behind is a sad situation. Friendship is not really 
about having someone to chill with, but about a witness that you can give and in return receive a 
friend for a lifetime. 

The MdmenP 





HRm::y.T medley 






















■H A 


l.,NG./PROG V.i<- 

TkMmmfZ} 129 

WhaHre pur ^tinire pkn^? - thrmi^ ^hd&(. I wanf tqj^lp proceed- 
■'^'^^- -" • ■ ^ ^m^ §eneratim^ t& haire the '^pp&rUmll^ 

W 4i 


w m attenm^ graduate 
^hddlW cam mifjld in Patent ^ ^ /^ U^/iat doMppmtment^ do cjmi 
f^'Ltii^ and PhD In Bl&chemUry with a'' ^^'^ \o(^ar W (fice m the pMe? 
CG^naentratldn in Bid- Terr&ri/M preven- 
tion, a ..i^^«^ '' '~ ' ligiinil A One d^-m^k^^^^ear^i^ that! 

mn 'tk af}te te ^iii(iil£ mij p&tentui£ 
■ Where dd pii ^eepurMin 10 thatpedpCe expert ^rmn fne G-r atl&ze ^ 


%tmt brpdMei^' given me.^, \\ 
i§'^l{(.n a '"Yl^nfto mm baefi pr Am^l 


]pmtim to- Se aS& tP prwlde (jOi^^^^end 10 ^ear^' p&m now and ndt have to 
Win^^ parents and pmi^l^, glvi^nghacfiW- k aijmt m^ occupatldn 
Oakmod CMf and the Chemi^^ 7 - '■ •' / -<'' 

)er)artmenf, andhelfti^na other kid^ aet 



Tk Mdmen.^ 



' ji. * # 





A 2003^2004 Moment 

Tna Mumoo 

V i 




r^ wM iP ^«* around Qakwood Pi?^^ 



' ^^i-j, 



Remember when... The 

-* -u ^wK ^^* "^^r ^iiy 

last mugbook was printei 


To most studmts uS^ their 
second Bible. Some had 2 or 
3 in their txissesskm. If somk- 

/one wasnt known to yoUy 
you could just whip out your 
mughook and find out who 
^31 were instead (^ looking 
at the same freshmen online 
\ or not having one at all. It 
was s(feasy and converiietit. 

'^Whatever happened to the 

actual Mugbook? 


















BIOf.fKrv L!)E( A rin\i 







J The Mdtnenl^ 




,*^' Hi 















m^ >^ 


m '"'^ 'i^'OA 

f i 

f rfw^ "^^^B 

1 . .^'^ J 



JiAH SJ'bLLhN 1 









»i i;^" /'iLr^iiv .-../r .' 


^'i i m A/,,. 

^^m^^mk^^- .' J 













The Mdmenf 







-» ^ 















wenu! wiljjaiv 


Ue Mdtnenl^ 









1^^ ■ wfy ^'~ 



We re a different kind of class" 

Dayna Mitchell 

The MdmenP El 


Joseph Adams 
Gain Alexis 
Charles Alston 
Andre Anderson 
James Anderson 
Duriel Antonio 
Kenneth Armstrong 
Ashley Artis 
Nca Baker 
Nechelle Baker 
Valena Baker 
Imrhan Bamiis 
Hulrick Baptist 
Kevin Barnease 
Gabrielle Barnes . 
Daphanie Bcckford ^ 
William Bell 
Geoffery Bennett 
Michael Bethune 
Raymond Blackburn 
Mary Bouyer 
Marcus Brent 
Samantha Bromfield 
Courtney Brown 
Edrita Bryant 
April Buckins 
Raquel Buckley 
Stephanie Burton 
Robert Byrd 
Andrene Campbell 
Juanna Carmichael 
Selwyn Carrington 
Nicole Chamblissf -^^ 

rantz Charles 

ope Chas 
Laketia Chatman 
Melea Clark 
Marvin Clarke 
Georgina demons 
Robins Compere 
Everett Conwell 



Donald Cooper 

Christopher Corbiii 
Jasmin Cordy -^ 
Jerome ComwaU\ 
Luis Cross 
Kendrick Dandridge 
Jokebed Decanal 
Charlisa Delancy 
Judy Delva 
Sylvie Delva 
Natasha Desir 
Cherie Dickerson 
Junior Ducheine 
Norissa Duncanson 
Sheldon Eakins 
Shekeysa Ealey 
Rawlston Edwards 
Inyene Ekah 
Nathalie Eloi 
Francki Elve 
Nedra Ferguson 
Georges Fleurimond 
Tykisha Fountian 
Jonathan Fowler 
Erlouse Francis 
Mishka Francis 
John Franklin 
Karelle Franklin 
Shelana Frazier 
Garth Gabriel 
Gavin Gaynair 
David Gilbert 
Erin Golson 
Mark Golson 
Danielle Grant 
Deniese Grant 
Arnold Green 
Michael Grier 
Rodney Grissom \^ 
Derrick Hendrickson 
Robert Henley 



m Tk 


James Henry 
^^ennifer Henry .^ 

\shley Holland 
athaniel Holland 
/Norris Hollie 
{/■ Marjean Howard 
,^ Danyielle Jackson 

Susan Jarrette 

Miriam Jean-Leon 
^ Joey Jenkins ^ 
« Candace 'JohnSpi;! 

Gemycah Johnson 

Jessica Jones 

Perrar Joseph 
^Gina Julceus p 

Antonaya Kelly 

Chcrie Keogh 

Adonis Labady 

Dave Labady 
y/ Kescha Lamb 
^ Drechelle Larry 

Alexis Lawrence 

, Noelette Leader-Hutton 

David Lee 

James Lee / 
4 Ebony Lewis 
^^? Neil Lewis 
%• Cara Lindo 

Jevon Lowe 

Christianne Lubin 
^ Rosny Lubin 

Gessic Luc 

Michael Macchiarulo 

Jonathan Mann 

Villot Mars 

Samone' Marshall 

Jaselle Martin 
-'tGordon McKenzie 

Laurence McKenzie 

Shalondra McKinney 
^;^ Tyrone McKinney 
^^ Nathan Mc William? 

Sheldon Mclean 
jB^Sheryl Minis 
7 Dillon Mitchell 

Sonia Morris \^ 
/ Lilly Nelson 

Matthew Nicholson 


Keamesha Nisbeth 
Clarise Nixon 
Daryl Oliver 
Giselle Olilver 
Henry Oston 
Abiola Oyckanmi 
Damion Parham 
Jerrond Parker 
Samuel Paschal x 
Winllcy Phipps 
Juliette Pibien 
Veronika Pierce 
De'Vcsco Pierre 
Brian Preston 
Angel Provost 
Ron Reddick 
Kanika Reid 
Ivan Roberts 
Charles Rock 
Edwina Romulus 
April Rouser 
Fedoria Ruglcss 
Khrystal Russell 
Fabrice Saint-El 
Saran Samuels 
Hcrone Shaw 
Bethany Simmons 
Dawn Smith 
Troy Smith 
Abdulla Sutherland 
Brandie Sutton 
Selena Swan 
Mwon Taylor 
Jonathan Thomas 
Jarcd Thurman 
Sean Tillery 
Ezara Todd 
Alcsis Turner 
Anthony Usher 
Yonnett Victor 
Brent Waldon 
\ Angela Waller ^ 
iKerri-Ann Warren 
Myecha Watkins 
Norton Webb 
Lequicha Weems 
Maurice White 
Danielle Williams 

Dante Williams 
Joseph Williams 
Marquita Williams 
Nashon Williams 
Omar Williams 
Tamika Williams 
Nichole Williams-Alexander 
"^^Jessica Williamson 
Jonathan Willis 
Kyle Wimbish 
Juliette Winston f\ 
Summer Wood \ 
Tiana Woolard 
Edward Woolcock 
Johnathan Wynn 

The Mdtnent 


uture \\/\omente 

I' Pediatric Ophthalmd£o§lM^ in ifie near 

n. ^_ J^fT^^. Thi^ need td^ wanf W^ help dthen denm 

^^^' '^^ '^^^^ 7'^^ "^^Qiinn fi^rm ^fuzPIhaire ^dundaf Oakumd 
^^^^ wrfdldJm^^O^^Sndb^? Mle^. I pund a penmal rekUon^lp mth 
'r^^ ^i^ '• /.:- ;^ ^'<^./ '1^' ■' God and a Cot &^ prv^^emn who Cmk mt^r 
A Ifuiire ha^'aim^'^ken dannaied i^ me and even on d'pp&rUmiUe^ dvr m to 
f\a(lPd'd(Hn\rdi\/edm Ophtha(tm(&0. ahead", 
fhe Mmmer apr mg' ^reAtmn far aP Oak- ""v ^^ x^f^^^^BHB '"^^^^^ 
mod Ig^PBpifowanOphthaCmdSopP 'm^ '^^^^^^^^. \#§^'^ 
around. Idid remrch^ and pPto ^ ,,„~^^ I hope thaP others muidm^ PfiaPIknew- hoH/ 
can on pmf chlidren A^Per reefdm^ Ao^ !^ makPkm ^M0er l^PhaPPhe^^^^ 
^can IS piip a migM on m^ fiearPPe Mp kid^ Jemtn 
Mih iPl'Mn impair menP^. 

iTcf^'i / 

VT"-** "■'S^ 



iB The M&menP 

04^ it was supposealb rep- 
resent the Holy Spirit's pres- 
ence on campus. It shined 
mroUgh the rain^ snoWy hur- 
ricaneSy and hail. It would 
never stop burning,., unless it 
was suT^mi^ftvi 

The Md^menP 


Assistant Social Coordinator:_^liley Artis 

Secretary: Tonika Johnson 

Assistant Secretary:Teresa Young 

^„,. , ll 


' ■ 

'^'mk ill 

H. ... . 



Assistant Treasurer: Carmen Wright 


1 JflL 

^^^^' ^: 'M^'' ^^^H 


Chaplain: Steven IV^SS^^ 

Sergeant-at-Arms: Ellsa Young 


140 ^ TkM&menf 

President: Jerrick Warren 

Vice President: Summer Wood 

President's Message ^ 

On May 13, 2005, another chapter of our lives will be sealed. At 
the preface of our matriculation, we were filled with anticipation and 
yearned for a new beginning. From our inception, we initiated "Ap- 
pointed", took charge of the USM Senate, and revamped the Pre- Alumni 
Council. We didn't stop there; before long the campus was filled with our 
concerts, poetry and fashion shows, art pieces, and original organizations. 
We have always been and continue to dominate as an extraordinary class. 
Over the years we solidified our professional callings and created our own 
ministries. Our Oakwood experience has brought us through laughter 
and tears, joys and disappointments, successes and failures. In the midst 
of the constant drama from our peers, pressure from our parents and fear 
from within, we still were able to find God. Week after week, Pastor 
Doggette, Pastor Nixon and the late Pastor Humphreys led us in surren- 
dering our souls to God. Over time, we realized that the Oakwood experi- 
ence had less to do with what we would do to change this place and more 
to do with allowing the God that dwells in this place to change our hearts. 
Therefore, in the last moments of our precious memories, I admonish you 
to take hold of the Master's hand, for with Him as your center you will 
never be lost. Remember your focus, initiate your ministry. 
Class of 2006, God is not done with us yet. 

Parliamentarian: Stephen LaiHing 

Jerrick Wellington Warren 
Senior Class President 2005-2006 

Public Relations Coordinator: Leigheerica Jones 

Assistant Public Relations Coordinator: Stephanie Jones 

Social Coordinator: Lorna Simmons 

r/k Mdmenf 


wture Momante 

ether haua^brooke 

, /^ Hdw wdtiM pu like t^ k remm- 

'^- A At M pmfm m^ Cl^e friffMre^^^ x\\ «^^ Xl 

fi are unclear, /juf I wanP to make Mre that \ 

^^ ^e i^Horrect with the Lord w that what- A I wvutd want pr people td ^^ that I 

Wfmldo tn the Mure wM be in ^unc with /Iwaj a kind and aenulne perwn and not 



/^ What Cemn^ haWakwdod tuufh't^^ 
^o(^u oirer ^ourjMei/kfel. 

m oirerpur^^...^^ 

'or what I had but ()0r Ihe kind o( person 


''" ^^^/l' -^'^ ^ohpM^^prwn, Suff)ak^ 
'■^^/l wood ha} de^inltet^ M^tmpaaende\ 

'' a^an indl- 


'{^nm mt 
'end^nce on 


' Mdmenf 

* Remember when.., (Welly 

the jew of us that go to ana- 
^ |P 

pel will) The famous hat 

^flew around the church in 

the middle of chapel? It was 

the best chapel ever. And 

after all the commotion of 

someone chasing the hat 

down and catching it, the 

riust \ept right on 


talking like nothing hap- 
pened. We shouldhavehats 
at every chapel. 

Tfie Mdmenl^ ij 


Victory Lap 

A vet on the track and there's no turning back. 

Our fourth year and running lets take a victory. 

e Lord help 

y cleared. 

'act that gla^uat^ is finally he 

Fpr the friendship^nade that will last a | 


ampus housl 

time away f 

no more 

ily on birthdays an 

Memories to be kept forever of our Oakwood College Se 

mor year 

A year that taught is to focus and forever perserve. 

Adam Nathan Germany 


The Mdtnent: 

^y. / 



Junior year ^ 
the Moment 

/^(^ Mdrnent 


unior Officers 

Femand Samson- Parlimentarian 

Courtney Myrick- Asst. Secretary 

Julian Watkins- Public Relations 

Charles Pennick- Chaplin 


Haven Turner- Treasurer 


S The Mdtnenf 

Alina Mitchell- President 

Kathryn McNorton- Secretary 

Jason Ashf ord' Sgt. at Arms 

Renee Rhoades- Asst. Public Relations 


Shammah Williams- Asst. Treasurer 

The M&nwnf -_ 


Jeryl Adams 
Joseph Adams 
David Adefifa Jr 
Sijuade Adesina 
Junious Alexander 

Jamie Allicock 
Alexandria Alston 
Ada Anderson 
D'andria Anderson 
Reginald Anderson-Exum 

Eden Araya 
Rachel Baker 
Carise Baldwin 
Dante Barron-Wright 
Jason Beale 

l^ruce Bean 
Lawhan Beato 
Ketreena Benson 
Kevin Bernard 
Cortnee Blayton 

Tinyse Bonner 
Lewis Booth 
Mama Borieux 
Mary Bouyer 
Joy Boyce 

Jonathan Bratton 

Jayson Brooks 

Dakarai' Brown 

Eric Brown 

Linbert Brown 

Timothy Brown 
Lavender Bryan 
Joyvona Burnett 
Yolanda Burris 
Krista Callwood 

Vanessa Cantave 

Amber Carter 

Nicole Carter 

i Samantha Chamarro 

Camille Clarke 

Nigel Clarke 

Elizabeth Cook 

William Cox 

Sasha Crockwell 

Renee Dandy 

Anthony Davis 

Erika Davis 

Timothy Dawkins 

Tai Deshield 

Beatrice Dolce 

Keisha Dorsey 
Keith Dorsey 
Kandis Draw 
Ngina Duvra 
Justin Eakins 

Heylon Edwards 
Inyene Ekah 
Jessica Ellacin 
Kareem Engram 
Earl Esdaile 

Kelan Fielder 
Andrew Ford 
Michael Ford 
Crystal Forde 
Kimberly Forde 

Dionne Forrester 
Janiece Francis 
Lanora Freeman 
Sydney Freeman 
Anthony Fuller 

Cameron Fullwood 
Alex Gayle 
Blain Gentry 
Jenelle Gibbons 
Anthea Gibson 


Lc The Mdtnent' 

Alecia Graham 

Kamesha Graham 

Saenya Grant 

Carmelita Green 

Dominique Green 

Alhson Griffin 

Kenneth Grimes 

Latesha Gunn 

Robert Hardy 

Ingrid Harris 

Letriece Harris 
Michael Harris 

Precyous Harris 
Kelhe Hart 

Laurie Hastings 

Rose Hatten 

Natalie Heath- Singletary 

Tiffany Henry 

Richard Hinds 

Richard Hodnett 

Norris Hollie 

Mark Howard 

Michael Howard 

Sheron Hozier 

Devon Jack 


Rebekah Jackson 
Akeisha James 
Matthew Jean 
Woolky Jean 
Melissa Jean-Louis 

Clifton Jessup 
Angelica Johnson 
Jonathan Johnson 
Rhea Johnson 
Whitnei Johnson 

Devin Jones 
Sarah Kennedy 
David King 
Natalie King 
Newton King 

Michael Knight 
Danita Lambe 
Brittany Law 
Jeannae Lawrence 
Jillian Lawrence 

Amber Lawrence-Bullock 
Michael Lewis 
Gerard Limerick 
Lamont Lockett 
Nahilla Louinis 


The Memnt- 

James Maddox 

Rose Martial 

Floyd Martin 

Andre' Matthews 

Keisha Mayers 

Jazmyne Mccalla-Floyd 

Crystal McCarthy 

Lydia Mcfarlane 

Sabrina Mcganley 

James Mcgriff li 

Nikka Mcleod 

Clifton Mcmilllan 

Morgan Medlock 

Genee' Miller 

Andre Mingo 

Alina Mitchell 

Dillon Mitchell 

Angela Morgan 

Courtney Myrick 

Joshua Nelson 

Louis Nelson 

Amos Nkata 

Haycin Nurse 

Timothy Ongwela 

Kristie Osi 

The Mdmenf _J 


Nathalie Ottley 
Lauren Pederson-Buck 
O'ge Percy 
Jonathan Philhps 
Winston Phipps 

Natahe Pinder 
Delicia Potter 
Naomi Powell 
Sheena Pullman 
Stevie Reynolds 

Renee Rhoades 
Angela Rivers 
Cynthia Robinson 
Veronica Roper 
Brandon Rose 

Triphose Saintange 
Anikah Salim 
Aron Sampson 
Fernand Samson 
Dominique Sanders 

Naomee Santana 
Alana Scott 
Jessica Simeon 
Marilyn Simmers 
Ashley Smith 



The MdinmP 

Jonathan Smith 
Derrrick Sobater 

Jeremy Stennis 
Ashh Stevenson 

Letitia Stewart 

John Stewart Jr 

Jailyn Stone 

Sarah Strand 

Cynthia Strong 

Robert Thompson 

Shannon Thompson 

Juhus Timmons 

Albert Turner 

Regine Valcin 

Nicholas Vernon 

Tiffany Wadley 

Jescia Walker 

Monica Ward 

Julian Watkins 

Micah Weech 

Jeremiah Weekes 

Brandy Whaley 

Robin Whitmore 

Melissa Whittier 

Annette Wiley 

The Mdinenf IE 


Brandon Williams 
Dwayne Williams 
Isbelia Williams 
Jared Williams 
Kyla Williams 

Jonathan Willis 
Juliette Winston 
Wol Wol 


^ The Mdmenf 

a page from the journal of Julian Watkias 

158 .._\ The Mdtnent 

\Q^iAik 28, 2005 

fttwaodf. I'ye ^geh QiA\iki ^ijo^g, ^^^tneoe^ llk^iiu. lt'4 afMoitimpoiii^hto 
■rtlnbiiatl am olltle waa <yiA\ihi ioX^a cancer ^nca^cfv. I M^ih Vhim hiUo^kA 
wo4 likeiiu. Ittabi 4o m<;c|to dfeocfob c^i^a \ok iXki(yU. I'ye ^e«h a<^tMA« in 
^oma ^ihia jo^ a montll ani I looi eoe^a mini^fe oj rt I haae metio moha a^eaf 
h2tw beojale ohrf t^o-ii 40 mana J^Iencti o^TMA[«. V^iXko-^ilii at! akoond, io 6al 
and 1 ioin aoffo tityiiikoi^ai a doobli o| iakii(koahk..J(>L I'oe haknid 4o m^c^ 
aio^^tma p^o^euion. I jeel like etfe^tttliftd'tlvotMi MjppeMedt io Ja^ oioi^lintMoe 
(vobbened! ^ ttmikint^^ok Oakmo&d. Mii iiiu ian hin o^inidfo 4a mifti. 1 nnnk 
aooU'oi Imaalnid iilna on "tie &ihik ^di oj^tfe toonfkii dolna tanak kiUakih. 

Man, Mlatatn I dolna?77 1 niidfo Httoatklna.TU -Aicytiani akl 4i^4irt4 
fiok "tie ^inika! don^e^enee in St. ^a-yU. 1 |eel like a 4ta^, "ttea aki ih'm t^i- ^^t 
ani jpoaina me fa aa 4infl a't'an eaent'tia't'I kiaHii wanfidto aofo aniimaii..(U)i 
aki a&lnato h ik&adtakt all ooikihi wokld an 1 \inoUfilafmi U a ance in a 
Hiliifitnt. i%MkiinH in (t4e-fj. T(vU 4^mme^ lai hinw 4^mmeA aj a fijetime. I an^ 
4a fl^ate|<il li&kiii dookkiiaflaoi iun ofinid ^ok me. I jeef lifee I ^inaUa l^&ond 
miatl wantto do wfti mtt l(je. 1 eantwarf'ta aifL(!.\itoiii Otf&tiU ioikiioni 



a^am ma 4<^mme^ 

Imagine yourself twenty years from now. You are 
established in your career, you have a family, a luxurious 
home, and the car that you always wanted. The time has 
come for you to return to Oakwood College for Alumni 
Weekend. You see all of your friends from the years be- 
fore and even some professors that you might have taken. 
Memories of Oakwood start to replay through your mind. 
"What people come to mind?" "What events or activities 
did you enjoy?" Most importantly, "What difference did 
you make?" 

The Class of 2007 has made it a mission to make 
an impact on Oakwood's campus for the future years to come. With the mission, "Through unity and fel- 
lowship, the class of 2007 will make an impact on the lives of the campus and local community through 
their service, time, and dedication", this class has taken action beyond the call of duty to change the lives 
of people around them. 

With the theme, "Uniting Together to Change Things Forever," the purpose driven Junior Class 
made its presence known. Starting off with the Junior Weekend, this class was able to show unity among 
each other through this exciting weekend of events includiag: Church Service at Moran Hall, Junior Din- 
ner, and a Junior Skating Party. 

Sacrifice and Service are no strangers to this dynamic class. Through time and dedication they made 
a positive influence in the local community by sponsoring a "Teddy Bear Drive" for the Huntsville Chil- 
dren's Hospital for the Christmas Holidays and a culture-enriching Black History Program for the children 
at Montview Elementary School. 

Ending the year off with the elegant and sophisticated Black and White Affair showed this classes 
determination to represent themselves with poise and grace. 

Through service, unification, and sophistication, 
The Class of 2007 aims to touch as many lives as possible during their term at Oakwood College. When 
you come back to this school many years from now, these will be the memories that count. It is what you 
do for others that makes the difference. 

The MdmenP ~j 


Jailyn Stone 

You know there are times when it seems like you cant make it 


Although God is right there helping you 

You cry and pray just to make it through a day 

Don't you know God is making a way? 

Letting go you finally realize you made it safe and sound 

No harm anywhere around 

You can look hack and laugh now 

But hack then you didnt know how 

You ponder to yourself, . . 

"WTien did the storm passf 

You didnt even know how long it would last 

God in his infinite mercy has made you realize 

The grass can he greener if you look through His eyes 

So now you know 

God is never a no show 

He is always looking out for His children 

like a Shepard searching for a lost sheep 

Searching and searching until He finds exactly what he left hehind 

So next time it seems just a hit too much for you to handle 

Give it to God, He can help with even the higgest scandal 

So all who hear listen as I say this loud and clear 

Have no fear, God is always there 


1 The Mdtnent 

,'-, * . 't* 



Brittany Taylor 

Kristle Kenner 

Sophomore year . . . 
realizing the Moment 

The Mpmenf 


a page from the Journal of Nehewiah Mabry 


ootMlatituaUii l^uh Ilk to k "in noUiaC. %(> ll(ynHk aH go<4 a nm 
dotniJktoiii wioh tlaUinai o^ rAanaalnatlrvKi uthh lalantlna aai^^ 
anaditnU and l^&aal lion. Mko. aa-w'^e ncytf^dhd utdHii ooi^kUdou^- 
Ina a^\tuit>othn cvj a^adi>atl(yn'tiaf noma a^dlw latlH iiiaki.Tlu 
aiaJk Vt}i kin aUifo iLktiatk and fdaUii ini&uiiu i%fi^Unaiiatl 
umU Loon k <^anin(^, Ife kdtmu og mg h^i: 


S'6 The M&mnP 

Sophomores: The Transition Pan Om 

-Usa Hall 

There's something magical about the 
two semesters following freshman year. You 
find yourself thinking ahead and setting 
goals for yourself, you become more respon- 
sible, and you actually attend more classes 
than are required to avoid an FA. You think 

about your future, where you want to be 5 years from now; start looking around 


for potential mates, become more independent, and start gaining respect from your 

parents. You come to realize the difference between 5 minutes and 20, an hour to 

yourself is the most precious gift you can receive, and the value of a dollar takes on 

a whole new meaning. When asked freshman year, "If you could have an infinite 

supply of something, what would you want?" you replied, "money". When asked 

sophomore year, you replied "sleep". What is it about sophomore year that changes 

life forever? 



"^ «h» ■ 

I / * 

Nelson Beato - Vice President 

Jadrienne Jones - Secretary 

Louia McDonald - President 



Kaynus Dare' - Assistant Treasurer 


rk' Mdfnenf 

Cortnee Blayton - Treasurer 

Michael Conner - Parliamentarian 

■.f«iP»» *■ 

Lauren Morrow - Public Relations 



Troy Levy - Chaplain 

Sade Darlington - Social Vice 



Deshaun Adams 

LeShaun Adams 

Matthew Adams 

Meade Adams 

Dannielle Alexander 

Russia Allen 

Whitney Allen 

Sheridan Allen-Perry 

Kimberlee Allers 

Krystle Alleyne 

Joy Anderson 

Nicole Anderson 

Tamara Anderson 

Franklin Anucha 

Shaney Arnold 

Alana Banks 
Drake Barber 

Christina Barry 
Nelson Beato 

Daniel Bedney 

Carolynn Bishop 

Keith Bishop 

Terrell Black 

Jermaine Blackmon 

Natalie Blake 


%A The Mdmenf 

Tara Blanchard 
Amber Boyd 
Clenae Brewster 
Matthias Brode 
Kristle Brown 

Yvette Bryan 
Christopher Buckley 
Juliet Bukenya 
Jeremy Burley 
Kendra Carter 

Taunya Carter 
Kara Christmas 
Rachelle Cogilus 
Darissa Collins 
Sheilese Combs 

Michael Conner 
Kellen Coopwood 
Jessica Cort-Shand 
Tyleia Culpepper 
Jasmin Cummings 

Alfonzo Davis 
Chanel Davis 
Joumaine Davis 
Soleil Davis 
Timothy Dawkins 

Melanie DeLaney 
Takara Dill 

Kevin Dominique 
Thomas Dorsett 
Daniel Downer 

Michael Drakes W' 
Danielle Dupree 

Barber Eden 

RJ Edmonds | ^^ ^. 

Matthew English " ' ^^g^ 

Whitney Evans 

Chaniqua Ferguson 

Chris Flowers 

Joseph Footman 

RaShonda Foster 

Terry Foster 

Vanessa Foster 

DeLeon Francis 

Alexandrea Frye 

Danae Gaiter 

Jonathan Gibbons 

Andre Gilbert 

Delawno Gooden 

Dominique Green 

Jonathan Green 

Lisa Hall 
Rico Hall 
Durel Hall-Brooks 
Nathan Hamilton 
Charissa Harrigan 

Candeis Harris 
Ingrid Harris 
Ian Hayes 
Dewitt Henley 
Randa Hibbler 

Keevon Holdipp 
Nathan HoUie 
Chadwick Holman 
Geneva Horton 
Lliane Hunter 

Jovania Innocent 
Ashley Irvin 
Naomi Israel 
Jasmine Jacobs 
Adanna James 

Devin Jefferies 
Christine Jobson 
Ayanna Johnson 
Joel Johnson 
Jon Johnson 

Whitnei Johnson 

Jadrienne Jones 

Kerwin Jones 

Krystal Kenner 

Terrell King 

Connor Knapp 

Chris Kyle 

Cara LaBorde 

Kevin Lake 

Monae Ledbetter 

Adam Lee 

Andrew Lee 

MeUssa Lee 

Darell Lennear 

Micaila Letang 

Nkiru Limaz 

Andria Lindsey-Summers 

Carl Lokko 

Michael Looby 

Ryan Lowe 


The Mdtnenf 

Kristena Massiah 
Harry Maurent 
Algerita Mayberry 
Dominique Mayes 
Amanda McAdams 

Stanley McCall 
Daryl McClure 
Stephen McCoy 
Louis McDonald 
Martina McGhee 

Juwanza Mcintosh 
Micheil Mclver 
Jessica McKinnie 
Olnee McLarty 
Keri McLean 

Chastity McNeil 
Nathan Mc Williams 
DaShawn Menecee 
Cherie Miller 
Courtney Mingo 

Lauren Morrow 

Marcus Moss 

Perry Muga 

Anthony Murphy 

Shari Myles 

India Nicholas 

Noel Nicholas Jr 

Marc Nixon 

Samuel Nwosu 

Timothy Olaore 

Lakeshia Oston 

Nathalie Ottley 

Abiola Oyeranmi 

Shawn Palmer 

Sherelle Palmer 

Gerald Phillips 
Ewarla Piper 

Chantel Plante 
Jonathan Polite 

Leslie Pollock 

Tammy Pondexter 

Devin Pottinger 

DeNeil Preston 

Meghan Prince 

Terrell Profit! 


The M&menf 

Carlos Ray 
Sonide Remy 
Tiffany Reynolds 
Arielle Richardson 
David Richardson 

David Robinson 
Marquita Robinson 
Reah Romeo 
Amanda Roseborough 
Jarrett Roseborough 

Ladonna Ross 
Arika Sampson 
Sherene Samuels 
Zachary Saunders 
Elaine Schinming 

Erica Scott 
Emily Shay 
Tiffany Silvera 
Sarah Sims 
Melanie Slocumb 

Dominique Smith 
Rishee Smith 
Ronald Smith III 
Sakina Stevens 
Jasmine Swain 

The Mdinenf 

Jonathan Tankard 

Brittany Taylor 

Jonathan Taylor 

Akil Telesford 

Derrick Thomas 

Sir John Thomas 

Caleisha Thompkins 

Stephanie Thompson 

Laveme Tom 

Danielle Torrain 

Tiffany Turner 

Joshua Tyson 

Sheree Usher 

Alyssa Valcin 

Michael Vance 



a page from the Journal of Lisa Hall 

#e«^<ia^g 2 1, 2006 

1 li\ii hitxa iiti^ki 0^ ma blaee »nf|u tambt^i.. I U^ito-hina vim- o^)^ik duimin aioit^lom 
OaViiio^i iak t\o.t\aU - ioin ^komiodlaifaiak. 1 im'di afliHimatx wlo aik wlattimi trnd 
dakti ok mluifiaiUktcytakl Jo4 a bakfuolak daii. I toH-fii ^aetitatl know ma waa uj^. 
down and akoundi^onfiolUi and. dan aioi dlkuthnito otl^^i. Moitta 1 emoa hlna aUifo 
maUk akomd tatnbifi and knout Moth - itodini and fja^iflta aiih, and h knoutn In kttokn. ^o-y 
know, Ijidina lih I idona itH. 

The M&fnenf 




Personal Views on the Transition 

Sherene Samuels: As a freshman, you don't have 
to really think about anything but the day to day 
stuff ' you don't have to plan ahead. As a sopho- 
more, classes are harder; you have more respon- 
sibilities; and are less carefree. You learn how to 
make life easier for yourself; asking for help from upperclassman and faculty rather than 
relying on yourself. Sophomore year you realize you have to start making plans about your 
future, and you actually begin to look forward to life after Oakwood. Parents start to view 
you differently - they tell you how much you have matured and start treating you like an 
adult. Socially, freshman year it's exciting to see all the new faces and meet new people. But 
sophomore year is when you make a lot of friends, and form closer relationships with people. 
As a sophomore, there are fewer surprises, and you know how everything works, you feel like 
an upperclassman. 

Melanie Slocumb: The process of going from being a freshman to becoming a sophomore 
involves some drastic changes. As you move out of your general and into your major courses 
and classes are much more difficult. These courses are to prepare you for your future career 
and you have to take them seriously. Spiritually, you grow and you start going to worship, not 
just for the credit, but for yourself. Socially freshman year, you were shy but friendly, and you 
had the time to hang out. Sophomore year you become more outgoing and now you're com- 
fortable meeting new people, but everyone is busy and running in their own directions. One 
of the most important things you learn after freshman year is to attend chapel and worships, 

because the fines hurt. 


/^ MemenP 

''^- ^'W/ 



Micah Weech 

Micah Weech 

Freshman year^JMoment 
after Moment 

Tfw Mdmenf ^ 


Tina Abel 
Amber Abernathy 
Ashley Akubuiro 
Shawn Alexander 
Miller Alfred 

Anesthasia Ali 
Kerwin Alleyne 
Innocent Amadi 
Bianca Andrews 
Thessicar Antoine 

Sanique Antonio 
Angelica Atkins 
Tomi Atolagbe 
Martha Augustin 
Gilbert Awah 

Judith Awoniyi 
Daniel Azemar 
Lamend Bain 
Nathanael Baker 
Neko Baker 

Adrianne Barriet 

Danielle Batiste 

Amber Battle 

Omari Battles 

Jonathan Beale 

Melanie Beale 
Tiffany Beale 

Kamaria Beckley 
Gisell Beecher 

Conrad Benjamin 

Alamnish Bennett 

Michael Bennett 

Ronald Bennett 

Toya Bennett 

Abigail Bernard 

Landon Bertram 

Matthew Biddy 

Ronika BilHngsley 

Natasha Black 

Joban Blackmon 

Christina Blair 

Topaz Blair 

Ashley B lay ton 

Vester Bonner 
Gary Boone 

The MdinenP 


Brittny Borell 
Donesha Boyce 
Willie Boyd 
Kandace Brackins 
Micah Bratton 

April Britton 
Sarai Brodie 
Brandon Broome 
Ashley Brown 
Bronson Brown 

Claudine Brown 
Cyril Brown 
Denesha Brown 
Johntay Brown 
Nicole Brown 

Seretha Brown 
Leon Bryant Jr 
Jasmine Buckins 
Christopher Buckley 
Kenton Burgess 

Eterial Burrell 
Chelsea Burrows 
Rupert Bushner lii 
Danielle Byrd 
Deandra Caleb 



Lyneka Camel 

Lyteka Camel 

Amanda Campbell 

Jasmine Canson 

Candace Cantrell 

Davon Carolia 

Holly Carrell 

Edward Cartwright 

Henry Chaney 

Yvie Cherenfant 

Dawson Chestnut 

Alexis Christian 

Andrew Chung 

Maria Clark 

Ashley Clarke 

Kimberly Clarke 

Q'ana Clement 

Teva Clisby 

John Coaxum 

Mircha Colin 

Lavonna Connell 

Kendall Coopwood 

Raquel Cornwall 

David Cox 

Jamaal Cox 

The Mdment £j 


Kyle Crawford 
Robyn Dabney 
Jessica Dade 
Carolean Daney 
Erik Davis 

Rodney Davis 
Taj Davis 
Robecca Dawkins 
Nephtalie Day 
Ashley Deen 

Aloye Del 
William Delesline 
Cynthia Delva 
Swain Dennis 
Travis Dennison 

Ignace Desinor 
Lindsay Dorzilme' 
Crystal Douglas 
Dessica Duncan 
Brittany Edwards 

Desiree Edwards 
Shakir Edwards 
Belinda Ellis 
Daniel Ellis 
Eric Ellis 

The MdmenP 

Carla Ephraim 

Lauren Escoffery 

Angie Etienne 

Shellian Evans 

Rayshawn Evons 

Fresnel Fanfan 

Candace Farrell 

Kenol Felix 

Courtney Fentress 

Kelly Fielder 

Kenda Elise Fields 

David Fisher 

Dawn Forbes 

Kesha Fortune 

Tadia Foster 

Theresa Francis 

Trudy Frazer 

Cheri Freeman 

Jewelle Friday 

Anthony Fuller 

Dishon Gibson-Green 

Jarvis Godley 

Ave Gordon 

Dianna Gosha 

Bobby Grahan 

The MdmenP 


Danielle Grant 
Monique Grant 
Jerry Graves 
Britney Green 
Elita Green 

Tianny Greene 
Lyle Griffiths 
Demetrius Hall 
Jenna Halsell 
Jason Halsey 

Robert Hammond 
Christen Hardy 
Ashley Harris 
Janell Harris 
Sharea Harris 

Brendon Harrison 
Destiny Harvey 
Evern Harvey 
Kennedy Harvey 
Deon Hayes 

Revanna Hazelwood 
Henry Hazley 
Lauren Henry 
Mishra Henry 
Felicia High 

f^ The MeineM 

David Hill 

Tiffany Hinda 

Ronnie Hobson 

Lavonne Hodsoll-Baker 

Chya Holland 

Rhonda Holloway 

Paulet Howard 

Portia Howard 

Andrea Huence 

Joshua Humphrey 

Kara Hunter 

Carolyn Hurst 

Brian Irby 

Brittaney Jackson 

Erycha Jackson 

Michael Troy Jackson 

Carmita Jacques 

Edwardo James 

Joshua James 

Veronica James 

Jennifer Jean-Pierre 
Jerven Jeffers 

Malcolm Jessup Jr. 

Alex Johnson 

Charles Johnson 

The Mdmenf £1 


Chevelle Johnson 
Jonathan Johnson 
Veronica Johnson 
Zelcoriah Johnson 
Erica Jones 

Jewel Jones 
Anne Joseph 
Ayana Joseph 
Juanita Joseph 
Jonathan Juhes 

Landon Kanion 
Jessica Keepler 
David King 
Kristen Knight 
Sharmaine Landy 

Jareece Lane 
Ryan Lang 
Drechelle Larry 
Danielle Latouche 
Bryan Lee 

Tiffany Lewis 

Brandon Lockhart 

Lydia London 

Charita Lovett 

Jean Lubin 

Calvin Lucas 

Elizabeth Lucate 

Judith Luckett 

Antonio Luckett Jr. 

Peter Malcolm 

Andre Manders 

Craig Martin 

Renekquashun Mcclure 

Abraham Mcfarlane 

Sabrina Mcganley 

Nachelle Mcintosh 

Raphael Mcintyre 

E Mckindon 

Quinshikka Mckinney 

Latoya Medley 

Brandon Middleton 

Aiesha Miller 

Jerome Miller- White 

Aaron Mills 

Smith Mills 

Tfw Mdtnenf 


Tristan Mingo 
Alyssa Minisee 
Jenita Minott 
Rhonda Mitchell 
Michele Monette 

Alyssa Moore 
Brian Moore 
Jared Moore 
Kamilah Moore 
Manuel Moore 

Rena-Marie Moore 
Hubert Morel 
Adrian Moreland 
Robert Morgan 
Sarah Morris 

Sterling Morris 
Jessica Murphy 
Israel Mutema 
Heather Myles 
Diandre Nelson 

Temidayo Ogunrinu 

Toyin Olaye 

Ruthlyn Oliver 

Ja' son Orourke 

John Osuji 

Shayla Padeson-Buck 

Ricardo Paige 

Antonio Paschal 

Alex Patillo 

Jonathan Pato 

Kia Patterson 

Tasheria Patterson 

Latoya Payne 

Leslie Pelote 

Ashley Perry 

Bettina Perry 
Jhanelle Peters 

L'tasha Phillips 
L'tisha Phillips 

Melissa Phillips 

Shamika Phillips 

Geston Pierre 

Monique-Renee Pinnock 

Ronicia Plummer 

Victoria Poole 

The Mdment ^, 


Lania Quacoo 
Patric Raphael 
Pierre Ravenell 
Austin Reed 
Sheria Reeves 

Evette Reid 
Claudia Richards 
Beresford Richardson 
Kara Richardson 
Rupert Richardson lii 

Alcott Roach 
Cordel Robinson 
Kevin Robinson 
Krystle Robinson 
Marcia Robinson 

Nina Robinson 
Samiyyah Robinson 
Isaiah Rolle 
Dontrice Ross 
Tesa Ross 

Donnette Roston 
William Rowe 
Eric Rumph 
Fredrick Russell 
Kishana Samuel 


Mikiel Sartin 

Adrian Sealy 

April Seay 

Michael Sedlacek 

Chaunte Sharperson 

Ashley Sheppard 

Benjamin Simmons 

Teiko Simms 

Shawn Sims 

Victor Sinanan 

Brittany Smith 

Dahmad Smith 

Daron Smith 

Demerious Smith 

Jacinth Smith 

Joshua Smith 
Joshua Smith 
Kristen Smith 
Laticia Smith 
Lillian Smith 

Raquel Smith 

Vuarnet Smith 

Winsom Smith 

Nadege Solomon 

Stephen Spates 

The Mdmenf 


Michelle Spencer 
Angela Spooner 
Diana Ssemanda 
Brittany Stapleton 
Jared Stewart 

Roshelle Stewart 
Ruth Stewart 
Joshua Stockling 
Vaughn Stukes 
Adia Taliaferro 

Britney Taylor 
Timothy Taylor 
Brandon Terry 
Tamara Thomas 
Theron Thomas lii 

Michael Thorpe 
Cynthia Todd 
Kenney Torrence 
Keldon Toussaint 
Teresa Trammell 

Alante Trott 
Latoya Troupe 
Samone Tucker 
Demia Tunis 
Brittani Turner 


The M&menf 

Jasmine Turner 

Lynae Turner 

Micah Tyler 

Sifa Uaine 

Simone Vance 

Dominic Veale 

Monika Vines 

Julian Waddell 

Ronald Walker Jr. 

Billy Walls 

Kaisha Washington 

Jared Watkins 

Winston Watkins 

Dante Weathers 

Byron Weaver 

Cyprion Weech 

Cornelius Williams 

Evan Williams 

Jahnetta Williams 

Jamie Williams 

Jason Williams 
Julie Williams 
Ravi Williams 

Steve Williams 
John WilHs 

i J 

Randall Willis 
Jared Wilson 
Olivia Wilson 
Brittany Wimberly 
Christopher Winston 

Whitney Winston 
Jepaul Woods 
Frederick Wright 
Lauren Wright 
Whitney Wright 

John Wynn 
Mildred Yanderphije 
Kandy Yarbrough 
Anthony Young 
Brandon Young 

The Me^menP ?J 


a page from the journal of Jessica Murphy 

t>umk^ 6, 2006 

^inah au In eyaetia one (Muk, -4m I Haiti? 


A.. A ^ 

ma ^udmin aia^ afOaka^ood tollm. So. ..tie 

niLC ^omiL kl^oH mi. So noa^ if ah eaef\ iaa at a 
flmi, attmbtto di^da, and inioiim Ukfc^l^wl^ 



^[1 miXXlmi {l{V(^ihi ii ahC~^ ' 

ma^ih 0^ eonee^n notu U ma oihadil and ^(>60 m^e 
eaef U^ai U o^aftf. ^/Uo^Ui setin ak ali^[l 'oUaf- \ 


The Mdtnenf 


the way 


Teaching, if you don't do it for the 

Moments then why do it at all? It's 

why you deal with disrespectful stu- 

dents, and being underpaid. When 

it's all said and done it doesn't matter 

whether or not there are fancy letters 

xfore or after your name. All that 

matters are those brief, profound Mo 

ments when your student's face finally 

ights up with understanding. That is 

your Moment. 

The Mdmenf 



President's Messa 

Dear Students: 


TTnis year made history and you were a part of it. 
Why? Because during Year 2005-2006 we realized a number 
of key accomplishments for Oakwood College. 

I This year the first graduate program proposal, a Mas- 
ters in Pastoral Studies in the Religion and Theology Depart- 
ment, was submitted to the Southern Association of Colleges 
and Schools (SACS). This represents a significant paradigm 
shift in the history of Oakwood College and will facilitate us 
in achieving the next level of higher education and progress 
toward university status. 

This year was also significant because of the culmina- 
tion of the Monument To Service, a dream that began nearly 
seven years ago. Its completion represents a 24-7-365 witness 
and visual representation of the value and character-produc- 
iag aspects inherent in the mission of Oak- . (rr^i 

wood College. TmS jeCLT 

The story of Christ, the Cross, and Si- /iTin 'VO'Lt 

mon of Cyrene will be a lasting witness of how ^ 

we can become Christ's hands of service to a 

world in need. This should become the indwelling motivation of 

be your personal break-through to the next level of sacrificial service, Sd your part in the histcric lej 

of what Oakwood College is about. As you reflect on the memorial prompted by this 

be thankful. 

I wish you the very best in blessings, success, and prosperity. 

Your friend, 

Delbert W.Baker 

The MS'menf 2 

What made you 

Everett Alexander 
Karen Anderson 
Vemessa Armour 
Sharon Ashford 
Floze Aubry-Hamilton 

Delbert Baker 
Gwen Baker 
Latanja Banks 
Nigel Barham 
Jorge Barholomew 

Alinda Belgrave 
Finbar Benjamin 
Jean Blake 
Francis Bliss 
Dedrick Blue 

Carole Booth 
Derek Bowe 
Tanya Bowman 
Jessie Bradley 
Mavis Braxton 

Gloria Brooks 
Wayne Bucknor 
Marcia Burnette 
Hyacinth Burton 
Liza Burton 

"I didn't choose teaching it chose me/' 
-Mavis Braxton 


Tfw Mdment 


choose teaching ? 

Gail Caldwell 
Lonney Carr 
Luetilla Carter 
Rudy Castillo 
Hannah Chambers 

Geetha Chandran 
Emmanuel Chester Jr 
Tiffani Claiborne 
Angelique Clay 
Frank Contreras 

Pam Cook 
Lucy Cort 
Sabrina Cotton 
Sherman Cox 
Edna Dailey 

Cecily Daly 
Brenda Davis 
Hadassah Davis 
Justin Davis 
Oliver Davis 

Pamela Davis 
Ruth Davis 
Cassandra DeCoux 
Isadore DeSouza 
Minneola Dixon 

"I wanted to minister to students/' 
-Alf ronzo Greene 

The Mdmenf El 


Kathleen Dobbins 
James Doggette 
Yvonne Donatio 
Canyill Dormer 
Cynthia Douglas 

Juliet Durant 
Arlene Edwards 
Robert Engram 
Dionne Felix 
Melody Fields 

Denise Finley 
Jean Fletcher 
Flora Flood 
Norma Flores 
Wayne Forde 

April Fortune 
Sylvia Germany 
Lela Gooding 
Patricia Gray 
Alfonzo Greene Jr. 

Ethel Griffin 
Safawo Gullo 
Solomon Hamilla 
Terry Hamilton 
Loma Harrigan 


The MdmenP 

Mary Hemingway 
James Hill 
Kyna Hinson 
Ramona Hyman 
Morris Iheanacho 

Shirley Iheanacho 
Elaine Isaac 
Anita Jackson-McCrary 
Joseph Jeries 
Arlene Johnson 

Dee Johnson 
Jeffrey Johnson 
Paulette Johnson 
Trevor Johnson 
Jody Jones 

Odessa Jordan 
Habtalim Kenee 
Hellen Kessio 
Japheth Kessio 
Raymond King 

Matthew Kirby 
ALlou Koko 
Ifeoma Kwesi 
Lucile Lacy 
Jean Lai Hing 

"I Started teaching because I felt that the Lord 
was leading me to take that position." 
-Michael Sale 

The Mdmenf 


Kenneth Laihing 
Andy Lampkin 
Henrietta Lathon 
Tarsee Li 
Delmar Lovejoy 

Rise Lowery 
JoAnna Mack 
Kyle Mackey 
Lloyd Mallory 
Florence Marchaud 

Adrienne Matthews 
Chuck May 
Stella Mbyirukira 
James Mbyirvkira 
Doris McCrary 

Lori Meikle 
Artie Melancon 
Wilson Miles 
Gracie Monroe 
Carolyn Morris 

Elizabeth Mosby 
Sherita Moses-Whitlow 
Craig Newborn 
Janis Newborn 


n The Mdmenl^ 

Belita Newby 
Januwoina Nixon 
Margaret Nixon 
Philip Nixon 
Eurydice Osterman 

James Parker 
Darayas Patel 
Havovi Patel 
Anthony Paul 
Juliette Phillips 

Janet Poles 
Beverly Preston 
Don Rufus Ranatunga 
Winifred Rivers 
Shaunda Roach 

Sylvia Rochester 
Everett Roper 
Lynn Ross 
Diane Rugless 
Agniel Samson 

Marie Jose' Loty Samson 
Londa Schmidt 
Shirley Scott 
David Sedlacek 
Moges Selassie 

The Mdmenf 


Lance Shand 
Howard Shaw 
Shelly Singh-Henry 
Diann Small 
David Smith 

Karen Smith 
Shushannah Smith 
William Smith 
Marta Sovyanhadi 
Yoedono Sovyanhadi 

Cecil Spence 
Ivy Starks 
Barbara Stovall 
Nona Sturgies 
Leon Sylvester 

Freddie Taylor 
Eaton Tomlin 
Karen Tucker 
Alexander Volkov 
Anthony Walker 

Jeanine Watkins 
Joan Weekes 
Howard Weems 
Derrick Whitlow 
Arlene Wibley 


Tk Memen!^ 

Rachel Williams 
Jillian Wills 
Paula Wilson 
Larry Word 
Andrew Young 

Tara Young 


The Me^menf 


a moment in time for Anita C. Jackson-McCrary 


St^tmkk 20, 1983 

Sihflina U komdiina I iijoft- ^Mn I come to Oaktuo&A (t<ythai 1 lad aUiadti kana 
intut&tkhk andtMo iiolH. nX)Ur\ 1 aotU'd of^i ^j'tfe aUlitfatl 4ana tofti twai ita^tiha a 
t-tla. ^e toe^e known aiiic "^orfiaT^io." Tlotaa^na lada dWdidiiafAl utanfidfo ao 
ialo, 4o ^o-J^nn'^oiiniii HbtMid U'(- I fl^ictitioned and tnadi itintofte College 6^oU ondu 
five rfMecto'tilvib o{ C>^. EokiidiH Oite^man. ^o^^ftn anrftfi? oiie^ 9i^*^H '^'"^K' ^^^^i"'" 
O^taafloh fai aoditlonid and madi ttintoHi M&ilani. Tm HAion mo btaa^id jo^ ok 'Va'c 
^(d! ■J^h%andi'i utak alio in iii -y^iolliank. TUq, kaid "y^nkta aodithn. " I kaid okoa. 

TU nlAfoli aoditionk I wak oiAa nikoook. 'VJi uniAi Aiiolkidto {ill oi^itan Inljok- 
mati&n {o^m/obblication. IJJHn I waitolrf &wak tna^fo'in'to klna, I wolkei ohtfe itoae 
and! Aiali'Xid I eo<^l(fnt4;emem^«<'tte ioia I woi '^"^^"^- ^^ -^ **^^'^ ^^*- •^■^'^c''^^*'^^'' 
monfo look on "tie {o^m and tell metieffMe ojfle iona I wo4 1>'^H'^H- Sm iairf ao<^ (font 
-temem^e^tte 4ond? 1 4ati no. Sfie told me t^etrtle. 1 kaid ol. o\i. 1 atak ktiU diautinaa 
^lank, 40 I akhd fe-tto aloe meife jintllne ojt^e 4onfl. 1 4ta4ted( 4irt4i«4 o"d 4ato ^Hindk 
utlo enco-W'tafled! me to 4infl, ^e^aldt anrf'B^i-ian'Hedfnea, andiiu't co<^4in12onald('1A}ooc({o^k. 
M, I kanaiiia 4atnevtto 'M^4.'Hlackmon andfalkidfo U'l. 'Oo'iinaiii kana I flotmotion4 
Ijitam one l^o.ainQ a&o tnadi it, anrft|\e ot^e^ moothina "aao'^ki in." 

1 ^adtto auta'it'^i kikoltk. I «ia4 ne^oo<^4 and oe^a anKio^4. I Hoond oi^ttfatl M 
madi it. I £004 ktaiia. iyiiitid. Ma j«iend(4 mo wi'd inUi aodiina imt&okaaina me we^e i^' 
idid. Tliti all ufiH 4aaind'tiind4 like, an aki aoinata lain a aoorftime ont)\ettij34. Then 
Ikaid I rfontwontto ^e in "die vt=eolion4, 1 (<44t(oantedto 4ee i{ I co^^ld make i:t. ')lee(]tle44to 
4aa, ff ea twe^e nottoo robba twi"ti me. 

9-'' V ^4 ^^, 

former moments ji i . 




^, 1 »„»#», ^„«~ 'S^'"'* 


Bill Cleeveland 

Former Moments, 

^H^^^^, _ 

events of the past, history. 


At some point all of our 

memories become former 

Ar ;.;a.:^^ 

Moments of our lives, 
but it is us who leave them 

in the back of our mind 

^^^^^^^I^M^B^ wB^^K^* 'S^^HhH^- 

to rot and eventually fade 

away forever. We keep our 

'■'^w^ A' ^^^^^^^|^B|B " ^■''''''^B^^^i, 

memories alive by taking 

B ^V^ '^^M|B^^^^^g5||^^^MBM^ -^^^^BBBmI 

pictures, reminiscing with 

friends, or indulging in a 

I-'-- / "^-x^ '^^fef^^ 

daydream in the middle of 

class. Whether we laugh or 

/\ Mmm 

cry when we think of them. 

/., ' ::iiHl^^.v:' 

they are our Moments, 

^^^^^^^^ *^ 

never let them die. 

Bill Cleeveland 



Bill Cleeveland 

The Mdinent i: 



y A> t "' /■ ."J" j^ 

I kaoe just left a cLaydueaiu Fni unable to re" 
nienioeu. My siglat Is cestoued and I see strings 
of gold Kanglng fuoni niy kead. Fni sitting sur" 
rounded oy a countless number of people wko 
look just like nie. I near my name sounded 
In tke distance by a familiar figure against a 
spectrum of color. A tear falls from my eye 
as I am filled not only wltk uncertainty and 
anxiety, but kope, Ixapplness and exclte^nent. 

My row Is called, and I stand to receive tkat 
wklck I ka^e Worked kard to ackle^^e, but as 
I try to mooe, I am paralyzed by tke lack of 
knowing wklck patk leads to my destiny's 

Graduation Is defined as '^to pass from one 
stage of experience, proficiency, or prestige to a 
usually klgker one." A graduate Is not simply 
one wko lias acquired a degree but one wko 
kas accompllsked a goal of klgker learning. 
College graduation represents, for some, dell^~ 
erance, for otkers, a new beginning. And for 
many, a sense of completion. 

It Is said to be tke best four years of life. In" 
stances tkat take place at tkls stage will forever 
be reniembered. It Is a time of exploration, 

discovery, application, gcowtk, and definition. 
A place a mind is academically cKallencjed, a 
keaut enaotionally capti'v'ated, and wkeue a soul 
beconies defined witk its true purpose. 

Graduation exemplifies a World of instances 
Waiting to be experienced and lessons yearning 
to he learned. Parents are filled witk emotion 
Words can scarcely express as tkeir ckildren 
ROW take on responsibility of tkeir oWn li*v)es 
going into tke World, following an aspiration. 

Graduation is a moment of renewal from tke 
transformation tkat kas taken place tkrougk 
time, opportunity and space. A climax in life 
wkere an indi<?idual takes a dream of becom~ 
ing a doctor, a business man, a psyckologist, a 
musician, an educator, a pastor, a nurse, or a 
matkematician, and makes it a reality. 

"Darnelle Lubin 

Bill Cleeveland 


*'' ■WW 

■ft . 'V , 


W ■ 

■ ^^i^ 




. '.inpii^' 


i J 1 

.>^-:^ .■ ] 




"'■'■ f "■ 



The Mmnent^ - ! 


Mv/S 005 



- " ■' /^' 




/ / ^ ^" 

F '^ ^;.^>;- ,^:^ 

••v>/>v, -. 



' ' ■ '^HHIK'" 

;, ,,^ 

^ . ; 


Your final Moment! 
here on this campus, a 
great endeavor which ha| 
taken you at least four 
years, and here you are 
Despite what they tell yo 
it does somehow feel liki 
more of an ending than 
a beginning. There will 
be no more room checks, 
questionable cafe food 
(which you ate almost 
everyday anyway), no 
more teachers willing to 
give you one on one help 
because your class is so 
small, or those late night: 
you spent with your frier Ij 
wasting time. Life will t 
a little different now. Nc 
worse, just different. So 
take what you have leaned 
here, and unlike everyon 

else actually try and De- 
part To Serve. 

r/if Mdmen^P 

Final Moment 

Courtesy Aryn Eddings 

Well the year (and 
this book) has finally 
come to an end, and for 
the two or three of you 
who have actually made 
it this far after searching 
for your picture, it is im- 
portant that you realize 
that whether or not you 
enjoyed this year, and no 
matter what your clas- 
sification will be in Au- 
gust, you had Moments 
that will in some way 
shape your future, don't 
forget them. 

Michael Vance 

Tfw Mdirwnf i 


?♦ ■> „-- 

The year is almost over, gone, 


Of all the things we said. . ♦ 

Of all the the things we did. . . 

Which of the memories will stay . . . 

Which moments will we remember? 


The MdmenP 




Wow. What a year. I knew it would be a j 
lot of work, but . . .wow. I'm tired of looking at this 
book and there's a good chance I won't until I'm in 
my late thirties. At least twenty hours a week, diffi- >' 
cult people, stupid Macintosh computers, inefficient ^ ^ 
programs, people who promise to do something and 
never think about it again, are just some of the love- 
ly obstacles my staff and I had to deal with this year I 
and the list can go on, but why focus on the nega- { 
tive? I learned many things this year: 1. Everyone 
wants their picture in the yearbook but, they refuse 
to make themselves available. 2. If you leave some- 
thing for later it doesn't go away, it just comes back 
when you least expect it. 3. Everyone has an opinion 
when they don't have to do any of the work. 4. It's 
sort of furmy that I'm too busy chronicling all the 
events of the year into 250 pages to actually attend r-^ 
them. I know your probably thinking to yourself ^ I 
"Well gee golly Juwanza you sure are venting." And 
to that I would say I agree. I did this not because I 
love yearbooks or I have some obsession with putting 
pictures and words together, but because I promised 
those who did it before me that I could be trusted to 
complete the book, and if your reading this I clearly 
did. You will never hear me say anything I have ever ' 
done is so-so or alright so I am proud of my yearbook 
(yes I'm calling it my yearbook). Now did it come |« 
out exactly the way I pictured it over the summer? i 
No. I had big plans for this book. I was going to 
revolutionize the yearbook world (LOL). But does ^ 
anything ever come out the way you expect it? This 
is a good book and I will be annoyed if 



UftJfLmJfejyjti^'J^w . 





-; I The Mdmenf 

Brittany Taylor-' 

Wanza Mcintosh- Editor, 

Joy Anderson- Asst. Editor 

it .^^^^^ptt an award. My staff and I worked entirely to hard for anything to be considered sub-par and I 
appMite them all Now havirig said that there are a few people whb de^rl^e*! if^&iM fhiriK*^^^ 

;rowth from the beginning of the year to now has been 
f pictures in very 

Brittany- Not to sound old or anything but your 
amazing. I often asked you to take huge amounts c 
never caught an attitude (not that I would have bk 
yearbook would literally be nothing without your cc 

Dayna, Sabrina, Peter, Alina, Olivia, Ashley, 

You guys helped so much it's not even right. You \ 
your all when I needed it. Many of you even off ere 

Dominique, Lisa, and Whitney- You guys were 
many times when I would panic and I ask who was 
were already on it. Thanks so much. 

Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Robinson, and Ms. HyrigcBj^Sl 

a completely new staff. Your experience and leader ship:|s:S 

■"-'-^ i^ 


Joy- Soon after I accepted this job I sat down and '^^^Ij^l^cnptions. For Asst,^Editor I put "1 
everything I miss." You took this weak definition ^'Wtj/fK^tm^Jwi^l never understand wh^^ivould 
come in for hours at a time after your other job. Yo^^^^^S^^^ingle area of the yearboolf from 
designing pages to dealing with staff, to taking pict ires. I'^^^'^HH^feiieJriiil^ably without ^tfat was you 
diat kept me from going insane when I saw the rirli[-i ,U, tc -^^i^BH^pk t^-^^'^ qc^tt) be done, kt^ the 'im 
very least fifty percent of this is yours. You are the best Asst. Editor ever and to me you will always be "The 
Man". Thanks. 

On a side note- Big up to da fam, th it whole Maryland crew, thcf^aSffttt^: 
Metro, KCB, and .anyone else I forgpt. ta. i,i«iife^...f^^ 

- Juwa|^£»:McIntosh 
Acorn Edit(?li- v 



lou came 

to Ooks^ocxly 
somethina diffevent^ 

some Wise^ 

some youd change. 

ood times, 
bad times 


l/if Mdtncnt 

V'-.s'si . »>■} 

and then tkeiTe Was 


tkat defined it alL 





Joy Anderson 

The Memenl^ iiLd 




WeVe ke^ lender t^getkr, m^^c^ne u^p^aeUwr. If^tWd o-^ui fii^PlP'^aCm^hee^ 

^/^ l&ire. We omld mPkivc ^mde i'fffii^^ar mihdiWAe Cove a^ui mpp&rP^rm mr 

pmi^l^. If^ ken^ a Img^ mad, and m praik^ God tkaPm made tP Mama, tkink pa 

^r aCm^ mppe^rPing^ m H^d" maP^r mM l}add[f thank pu ^vr pK/r diMi^pk^. 
Td'M^and Tnm, fpi^'p^are a(mm Uim\ . , '"' 

We kirepi^, and%ank pi^ ^ muefp! 




£^ Tfw M^menf 

CM &^ 2006 

Mark Howard 

Joshua Nelson 
Executive Vice-President 

E. Dora Young 

Julius Everett 
Financial Vice-President 

H. Micah Weech 
Religious Vice-President 

Kyla Williams 
Social Vice- President 


Keri McClean 
Academic Vice-President 

Carrie "Muffin" Singleton 
Athletic Vice-President 

Clifton Jessup III 
Spreading Oak Editor 

Juwanza Mcintosh 
Acorn Editor 


Justin Wilson 
Public Relations 

Kyle Alexander 
£p-Music Coordinator 

Jonathan Tankard ' 
Co-Music Coordinator 

Kasha Robinson 
Executive Secretary 

Kathryn McNorton 
Senate Secretary 


The officers of the 
r 2005-2006 

United Student Movement 

Would like to congratulate 

Jerrick Warren 

Senior Class President 


The Class of 2006 

On Your Graduation! 




' - 





Graduating USM Officers: 

Kyle Alexander, Clifton Jessup III, Carrie 

"Muffin" Singleton, and Dora Young 

Me M^menP 


Edrita (^ belle) Joi <J^arsbelle "Bryant III 

You \e come a long way baby girl to get to where you are today. We love you and are 
extremely proud of you. Remember the promises " shall be polished after the 
similitude of a palace", and the Lord God giveth wisdom and out of His mouth cometh 
knowledge and understanding ". Keep close to Him and you will have no limitations in 

life. _______^^ ..«_ I 

May you be exceeding and abundantly W'—^mamm^^^m^mK^^^^^ *-*iW\mm^ 

blessed above all that you could ever ask 
or think. 


Conguatulations Courtney BuoWn 

I proud of you and your accomplishments 
'Mother Thea 

I wish you happiness- 
Sister Tiffany 



HK< ' ' ^K 

'!*l*i'i»'' ;' ;,^ ? 

4! ; '/' 

mmm^'ii S 

€/ iff '. 

" -♦':,»*" 



" #^ >■' 

ir\i4''J*;/:: ^*'' 


., '*:^, ....MiM 


■■■■■■■■llifcg . 

-~ ' #"' '11',;^.^- „>r 


^MBiB|||Hipniiy ■:! 

*•' ' X , 

l^pipiTy ~f. 

"^ . ..^--.-w^ 

,^^r~-'s. -~-'^r*:: 

■^. .!# 

. S^'^'-Ijj '. 


</^|r/;*\. ■ ■'■ .""■. 

. ' ~ .«?*-» 

^^ ''^'^'' J''' 'ijll^ 

% '^■■■-../: , 


'H';-'- '%. 

Courtney Lynette Brown 

I'm happy for you 
'Sister Ashley 

Trust In tke 
Lord wltk all 

tkine keart. 

"Prov'Grbs 3:5 


Best wishes 
'Fiance Marcus 

Org tklncj kaoe I cLgsIcgcI of triG 

LORD, tkat will I sggIc aftGr; tkat I may 

cLwgIL in, tliG kousG of tliG LORD all triG 

days of my lifG, to dgKoIcI tkc OGauty of 

tlxG LORD, and to cnquirG in Lis tGmplG. 

Psalms 27: 4 KJV 

The Mdinenl^ Ei2 


True stoiT^^ 1998 . . . Came as a fresknian wltk 
my two best fuleiicLs and made about 400 

moue tke followiiiig Weeks! iCaviev/Svd FLoou/Old Wing . . . before 
tkeue Was A/Q) Couldn't afford to stay ^ tkerefoue, left tke fol- 
lowing semester to go to cosmetology sckool in Baltimore. 2000 . . 
. Graduated and got licensed! 2001 . . . Returned to tke Vllle and 
canvassed my Way back into sckool Found Jesus " first time! I 

ckanged my major ivJice. Got my first apart- 
ment . . . got robbed . . . got my first car . . . 
2003 . . . Got a newer car. I sat out for a year 
and Worked (usually a bad idea . . . just c^et it 
ooev with!!!) . . . and tken came back. Fell off of 
a cliff up at Monte Sano and li<7ed to testify 
witk no broken bones at all (imagine jump- 
ing off of tke balcony of BLAKE CENTER 
witk, no concrete, but jagged rocks and trees tc 
break your fall)! After all 
tkis, tkey (Well lea^e tkem unnamed) Wouldnt 
let me graduate. So totally fed up, I did a 
Kanye West and DROPPED OUT. 2005 .. . 
GofI brougkt me back by extreme and desper- 
cite measures (I'd ka*s?e two tell you in person)! 
Aiul NOW, I'm a participating graduate of 
1 lu Class of 200^ I am actually grateful for 
tke journey. I built ckaracter 
gracefull, beautifully, ... I made 
it tkis far and most important- 
ly .. . FINALLY! From a girl to 
a Woman . . . and you will too! 

~Lcuila 'Axxianja Uaois 


GeP Where Vm L 

'/'''^ '*/',*■ ^^. ^ /t ^ -mm Jt ^ ^ ^ 








' f ;, ' W 

The Moinfnt - 

We loli>e foreloer 

We li\e you for alypays 

<uls long as you re lilping 

Our baby you'll be! 

,Mom &^ T>ad 

Qongrats ^^m abb si 
%eep up the good yporl^! 
"Tu ^ermanote, "Byron 

(Congratulations on your 

manifold acbie'\>ement! 

^y! T>al>id 

We lol>e you and 

"Vpe're so proud 

of you! 

(Congratulations Qabriellelll 


The Moment 

Dearest Ronie and Damelle, 

First of all, I want to start by thanking God, for His blessing on your behalf and on mine. 1 thank Him 
for all His help, patience, and guidance that He has granted me in order to cope with all the obstacles I have 

met. 1 especially thank Him for my being here on this 
earth as we celebrate your college graduation. 

It seems almost impossible that four years has come 
and gone. I am so ever grateful to the Lord for bring- 
ing both of you yet through another milestone in life. 
You have been very good, diligent and devoted in your 
studies and persevered through trying times. I could not 
be more proud of your countless accomplishments. 

Now you are finished with a college education, I encourage you not to stay here. The world awaits 
two fearfully and wonderfully made young women with dreams ^let to become a reality. Marketing and 
Music will be changed forever with your bright, energetic, innovative, and one of a kind personalities. 

Do not ever abandon your Savior, Your Creator. Rely on Him for everything you need. He will listen 
and respond to your prayers according to His will. For in Matthew 7:7 & 8, Jesus said, "Ask and it shall be 
^ven, seek and you shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you." 

I love you 

I congratulate you, 

I am very proud of both of youl 


The M dine nf ^ 



^ouvc eoTTic t£TOzc^£ 
o^stael&s to rcae£ 


S3 The Mdmenf 

Life is a 







S^ . jr 

Micah Weeoh 

Mdinent 2r 



234 _ ] Tk Moment 

''Do not 
in the vasty 

do not aream 

of the future, 
concentrate the 

mind on the 
^ present 
fc moment,^^ 


rAr Meinent 


Heci uff an ac^ua/n/t 


L^iaif Jn i&uci m'M eUssmaieg 


%e m&menig mii fuendg 

• • 



Jth" MeniCHf 

Abel, Tina R. 37 Ripley Drive Huntsville AL 35808 Abernathy, Amber A. 2701 Glenwood Pkwy Chattanooga TN 37404 Adams, 
Eric S. Jr. 3517 Shandwick PI Birmingham AL 35242 Adams, Jeryl V. 5140 Millenium Drive Apt E4 Huntsville AL 35806 Adams, 
Jessica E. 1406 B Artie Street NW Huntsville AL 35816 Adams, Joseph S. P. O. Box 1 1534 Huntsville AL 35814 Adams, Matthew S. 
8877 Choice Court Huber Heights OH 45424 Adams, Meade J. 2709 Brierwood Road Petersburg VA 23805 Adams, Samuel L. 3517 
Shandwick PI Birmingham AL 35242 Adefila, David O., Jr 9904 Quiet Glen Court Springdale MD 20774 Adesina, Sijuade 3043 Can- 
yon Vista Drive Colton CA 92324 Adesina, Tejumade 3043 Canyon Vista Dr. Colton CA 92324 Adu, Enoch 19 Easton House York 
Hill Estate West Norwood, London SE270AU Akande, Omoleye 7726 Maple Ave Apt 12 Takoma Park MD 20912 Akubuiro, Ashley 

Holbronk Dr Jackson MS '^'ilVX: Aloxiuulor. K\lc K. 257"! l-.iiiniv.Ts(iii Si. I.«iijiii f.iri(l:i C .\ 9J'i.-^-i Alexander, Melissa N. P.O. Box 166 
Stake Bay Stake Bay. (. ;rvni;in Hr.^c ( .■,>!iu..n i^liuuK .\U;\:indfr, Kt'sinald I). I'.O liov .21 ' Curl-on Hill AL 35449 Alexander, Shawn 
4104 Grizzard Rd Huni.svilL- Al 35S1() .\k'.\i,s \li\ia 5f'^^ S1,.kI\ l^iiu- .Si, N. Ja k.-cipill^.- II. V:244 Alexis, Gian J. 256 Old Kensico 
Road White Plains NV KK.-fn AIL Ancslha.siu .\, .'^ H) I l.i^\ ihiii |)i Kc...-li..->sk'r \\ ! 4fv; i .Mk-ii. I.loyd V., Jr. 4917 Cotton Row Apt. D 
Huntsville AL 35816 .Vilon, .Marquis S. -5 IS Ulli . \\ ^- .\V\ LVtiiiur \I .-"^oOl .Mien. Kussii; \ . NW 81st Terrace Fort Lauderdale PL 
33324 Allen, Whitne\ I). .?>!.'>" (iii\;nliill, Drive Hunts\il!c AL --'MO \Jkn-IVrr>, Shi-ridan li. 279 Clairmont Avenue Mount Vernon 
NY 10552 Allers, Kimbcriet- S. 11 Spi.x-ry Road Warwick WK^: Vlk'\Mt', Kcrwin S. fiVCn Ch.-ijiarral Dr Lithonia GA 30038 AUeyne, 
Krystle N. 6764 Chaparnil Dri- o 1 iilioma GA 30038 Alston, ( 'harks .N. P.O. Un\ 2.iS Vi,,c ] ..r^e PA 19548 Alston, Dierdra A. 174 
Glendale Drive Pine f-oi«ic l'.\ l^^.MS .\mbroise, Nepson 103 SI- i:iii Ay^Miii.j B;.\i.!t>ii P>v-:,cii ! L 33435 Ampey, Ashley N. 8689 US 
Hwy 31 Apt 141 Berrien Spii!ig> Ml 49103 Anderson, Aaron L. 261 \ W iiidsor .\\v.-nik« .Alu!j.-ii;i < 'A 91001 Anderson, Ada D. 765 Col- 
lege Drive Madison (.i.\ <nf\'=>0 Anderson, Andre O. 171 Dean Park Ri-ad loroiilo .VI I \i ?\\ ■) .\nderson, D'Andria D. 14406 Delcastle 
Drive Bowie MD 207|y^Ander.son, Edward VV 8858 Meadow 1 ..nij licirioii Sprin.sis \]l 4')IU\ \nderson, Effe-lorraine 7900 Old Madi- 
son Pike Apt-15014 iKi"'^"" AL 35758 Anderson, Erik R. 4'".^ 5 \;.iuiv Trail .Ausicll (i.\ 30l!)(i Anderson, Joy K. 917 Carter's Gin 
Road Toney AL 357'MAndi'rson, Kimberly L 25 Woodsedge l)ii\^- A^ll\il!s.- \C 2K.S03 Anderson, Leshawn B. 1341 East 85th Street 
Brooklyn NY 11236 Siderson, Nicole A. 4403 Knotl Street Bolt- ilic ML" :U"n5'^^^son, Tamara N. 212 Juniper Street Mansfield 
TX 76063 Anderson-Exum, Reginald M. 818 Whitmore Ave Baltimore MD 21216 Andre', Yaffa 19013 Ford Rd. Pitt Meadows-Unit 
14 British Columbia V3Y2HB Andrews, Bianca N. 3220 Buttrey Dr Huntsville AL 35816 Andrews, Curt J. P.O. Box 2522 Fredrik- 
sted, St. Croix VI 00841 Andrews, Michael A. P.O. Box 2522 Frederiksted VI 00841 Andrews, Stephen S. 15721 South Plaza Drive 
Taylor MI 48180 Anthony, Mahalon 104 Julie Drive Kankakee IL 60901 Antoine, Thessicar 5823 Blueberry Ct Fort Lauderdale FL 
33313 Antonio, Brent I 41 MT Royal Avenue Nassau Antonio, Sanique N. 7000 Adventist Blvd Rm 225 Huntsville AL 35896 Anucha, 
Franklin O. 408 Lake Street Berrien Springs MI 49103 Araya, Eden G. 3019 34th Ave S Minneapolis MN 55406 Arnold, Shaaney M. 
213 Tuxedo Parkway Newark NJ 07106 Arthur, Carldin N. 103 Oak Hill Drive Palestine TX 75801 Artis, Adrianne R. 1148 LaFor- 
estiere Court Dyer IN 4631 1 Artis, Ashley A. 1 148 LaForestiere Court Dyer IN 4631 1 Artis, Sonja 45 Kingston Avenue Brooklyn NY 
11213 Ashford, Jason R. 162 Federal Lane Huntsville AL 35811 Ashmeade, Stacy-Lee E. 1512 Halston Circle Apt 4 Huntsville AL 
35816 Assimeh, Nartey J. 14E-1500 Sparkman Dr. Huntsville AL 35816 Augustin, Martha 5 Greenwood Dr Bordentown NJ 08505 
Augustin, Tracy 138-33 249th Street Rosedale NY 11422 Awoniyi, Judith O. 2125 Jackson Bluff Rd #1-201 Tallahassee FL 32304 

Bain, Lamond H. P.O. Box F-40729 Freeport Baker, Courtney M. 1649 Baseline Road La Verne CA 91750 Baker, Frederick A., Jr. 

10 Holly Ridge Dr Asheville NC 28803 Baker, Joshua L. 1250 Draper Road Talladega AL 35160 Baker, Nathanael M. 4908 Cotton 
Row Apt C Huntsville AL 35816 Baker, Nea J. 1 1 1 Thunderbird Drive Harvest AL 35749 Baker, Olivia L. 10713 Myrtle St. Loma Linda 
CA 92354 Baker, Rachel J. 4908 Cotton Row Apt-C Huntsville AL 35816 Baker, Valena M. 1250 Draper Road Talladega AL 35160 
Baldwin, Andrew L. 209 East Altgeld South Bend IN 46614 Baldwin, Frances C. 3828 Hichery Hill Murrysville PA 15668 Ballard, 
Lydia G. 7902 Wingate Dr Glenn Dale MD 20769 Ballard, Tracey Y. 10039 S. Yates Blvd Chicago IL 60617 Balton, Jitemia M. 3172 
North 54th Street Milwaukee WI 53216 Banks, Alana R. 12899 Orleans Drive Moreno Valley CA 92555 Bannis, Imrhan 200 Towne 
View Place Athens GA 30605 Baptist, Hulrick R., II 737 Pidgeon Street San Diego CA 921 14 Baptiste, Dennis A., Jr. 320 Fairleaf Ct 
Alpharetta GA 30022 Barber, Drake J. 3328 Waldrop Farms Way Decatur GA 30034 Barber, Eden C. 3032 College Wood Drive Mel- 
bourne FL 32934 Barnes, Gabrielle M. 137-88 Southgate Street, Apt-2 Springfield Gardens NY 1 1413 Barnes, Keri 231 1 Wallingford Dr 
Missouri City TX 77459 Barreiro, Bianca J. P.O. Box 885 New York NY 10027 Barrett, Adrienne L. 4120 Chaison Avenue Beaumont 
TX 77705 Barron- Wright, Richard D. 8108 Fenwick Court Laurel MD 20707 Barry, Christina R. 2319 Snowdon Drive Arlington TX 

The Memento ^ 237 

76018 Barry, Katrina A. 2319 Snowdon Dr Arlington TX 76018 Bashkiharatee, Alicia R. 410 Southdown West Blvd Houma LA 70360 
Bassett, Brianna L. 1 1512 Poplar St Loma Linda CA 92354 Bastien, Johanne C. 7000 Adventist Blvd 125B Wade Hall Huntsville AL 
35896 Batiste, Danielle N. 3512 Grimes Ranch Rd Austin TX 78732 Battle, Amber N. 8101 Castilla Dr Indianapolis IN 46236 Battles, 
Omari J. 3370 Casdeman St Memphis TN 38118 Bazile, Jean Nel R. 35 Boutelle St Leominster MA 01453 Beale, Jonathan E. 202 
Salvia Ct. Harvest AL 35749 Beale, Melanie A. 24702 Thayer Ct Katy TX 77494 Beale, Tiffany B. 24702 Thayer Ct Katy TX 77494 
Bean, Bruce A. 4005 Meadow Hill Drive Nashville TN 37218 Beato, Laurhan D. 23758 Cedar Creek Ter. Moreno Valley CA 92557 
Beato, Nelson R. 23758 Cedar Creek Terr. Moreno Valley CA 92557 Beckford, Daphanie Z. 1514 Heather Hill Cresc lossmoor IL 60422 
Beckford, Mishca 1137 MLK Jr Dr Atlanta GA 30314 Beckley, Kamaria C. 8852 S. Kenwood Chicago IL 60619 Bedney, Daniel L. 
4738 Timberland Dr. Berrien Springs MI 49103 Beecher, Giset' J. '=>2^0 Giles Rd Lithopia GA 30058 Beft WilHaii' C 310 Roberts Drive 
Nassau Bellamy, Michael L. 4327 Walker Road Charlotte NC '■■;: i I Belliiiiici-. Jcndle A. U)[4 Willow Pointe Apt D Huntsville AL 
35806 Benjamin, Conrad N. 17 Chadwell Heath Ln Chadwell Mcalh Konil'ord. l^^i'\ kMMI .s H»;;i:."U Mannslsh J. 190 Park Ave 
Roosevelt NY 11575 Bennett, Geoffrey C. 5739 Riverd^ Crcscont Vli^^iss;lll.L\l (;..,;..,:>- ;"' !5_ liemu'*! Eori C 3736 10th Ave Apt 
10-C New York NY 10034 Bennett, Toya S. 21 R^|»Ba\c Last (>r:iii-.- NJ r- -): " r„;its(,n. FranK'ir r... 299 Timber Creek Lane 
Marietta GA 30060 Benson, Ketreena R. 2255 Stad^BiSad SurnU'i S» ' :■■■ i ■' : !U i-iiHii'p«tr-. {,iriiy.v\ ■ ' i lublxird Street Cranston RI 
02920 Bernard, Abigail A. 4131 Mantova Dr Los A^ftyA '»•:•-:■■;.■■. ;j':rM::r-i. K= v = i» K. : ' ' : Vv ...■, ., ....,■ Road Huntsville AL 35816 
Bertram, Landon L. 23860 Hunters Ln Southfield W4*34 Hc^i »><>inMii<|(u> I). ■!!''>■ \..;i:.-:". i\ -^.r 501 Huntsville AL 35811 
Bethune, Michael G. 477 Elkwood Terrace Englew«6d Hi 7" ■' Bt-tlv, Aiiuf-ishii i\. '■ ' . ! .■ .i-ii-v-. .■ .i i ,: Court Fort Lauderdale FL 
33312 Biddy, Matthew E. 10 Royal Crest Dr #3 Norii Ando\.'i M 'v '),\ ,.> i{il!in:isli;>. H,iiiik:i ; i.<'. ' •• \ •■vcr St I'^'ve^fc CA 92505 
Bishop, Carolynn M. 2506 Sam Potts Hwy Hallsbor^^fcg* : .■'. WknU Naiasl:;i !i. :;'■'.• U.\.^\.\.>\ nro.l i)r Silver Spi«MD 20906 
Black, Terrell D. 317 Cecil Drive Lakehurst NJ O^^^lackburn, Rayinoiid ( :. " =•' M <•.■ ?. r . ■ >!■ Smyrna G.\ 30080 Black- 
mon, Jabari A. 1 108 Nichols Farm Dr Durham NC 27703 Blackmon, Jermaine A. 11 08 Nichols Farm Drive Durham NC 27703 Blair, 
Christina D. 237 S Clematis Ct Franklin TN 37067 Blair, Topaz H. 100 Haven Ave Apt 12-C New York NY 10032 Blake, Alfred E. 
1323 Crescent Avenue Roselle NJ 07203 Blake, Natalie L. 8608 Whitehorn St Romulus MI 48174 Blanchard, Marva 1442 N. 76th 
Street Philadelphia PA 19151 Blanchard, Tara L. 61 Queens Court Florissant MO 63034 Blayton, Ashley M. 24280 Eagle Valley Cir 
Moreno Valley CA 92557 Blayton, Cortnee D. 24280 Eagle Valley Cir Moreno Valley CA 92557 Blue, Cedrick C. 110 Mar-Jo Lane 
Harvest AL 35749 Bohannon, Joel N. 2 Berry Avenue Newnan GA 30263 Bolden, Domonique M. 4505 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland 
OR 97217 Boles-Collins, Shanta C. 8334 4th Avenue South Birmingham AL 35206 Bone, Cheryce N. 2710 West McNichols Detroit 
MI 48221 Bonner, Tinyse J 4400 Tuskeegee Place Clinton MD 20735 Boone, Gary O. Jr. 6825 SW 153rd Place Rd Ocala FL 34473 
Booth, Lewis A. 2601 Rosehill Drive NW Huntsville AL 35810 Borieux, Marna Y. 868 Beranda Circle Douglasville GA 30314 Bouyer, 
Mary E. 294 Brand Whitlock Hms Toledo OH 43602 Bovell, Brittny C. 41 13 Carrington Drive Garland TX 75043 Bowens, Taylor A. 
2704 Bond St Santa Rosa CA 95407 Bowens, Whitney L. 2704 Bond Street Santa Rosa CA 95407 Boyce, Donnesha R. 241 West 9th 
St San Bernardino CA 92401 Boyce, Joy L. 4810 Wyalusing Ave. Unit-F Philadelphia PA 19131 Boyd, Cortney J 901 Olde Town Place 
Jonesboro GA 30236 Boynton, Daniel M. 16143 Regency Ranch Rd Riverside CA 92504 Brackins, Kandace R. 15841 Foliage Ave 
Saint Paul MN 55124 Brackins, Kourtney R. 15841 Foliage Avenue Saint Paul MN 55124 Brathwaite, Courtney M. 1014 Heartfields 
Drive Silver Spring MD 20904 Bratton, Jonathan R. 170 Glendale Road Boyertown PA 19512 Bratton, Micah R. 170 Glendale Rd 
Boyertown PA 19512 Brent, Marcus J. P.O. Box 35234 Ft. Wainwrigh AK 99703 Brereton, LeSean C. 204 East 52nd Street Brooklyn 
NY 11203 Brewster, Clenae M. 27715 Sumner Avenue Saugus CA 91350 Britt, Carolyn P. 17701 SW 112th Ave Miami FL 33157 
Britton, April M. 17400 Santa Rosa Dr Detroit MI 48221 Broden, Mathias A. 5343 Oaktree Drive Flint MI 48532 Brodie, Sa- 
rai 2818 Austin St Raleigh NC 27603-2912 Bromfield, Samantha G. 19231 Golden Meadow Dr Germantown MD 20876 Brooks, 
Barry R., II 4770-1 Greenfield Dr Berrien Springs MI 49103 Brooks, Jaysson T. 2900 Largo Road Upper Marlboro MD 20772 
Broome, Brandon S. 2426 Ridgemont Dr Missouri City TX 77489 Brown, Ashley 163 Twin Ridge Ct Clemmons NC 27012 
Brown, Bronson R. 14501 Dolbrook Ln Mitchellville MD 20721 Brown, Claudine Lot 20 College View Ave Mandeville, Man- 
chester Brown, Courtney L. 206 Utica Place Apt.21 Huntsville AL 35806 Brown, Cyril 576 Tyson Ave Glenside PA 19038 
Brown, Dakarai R. 1448 County Road 122 Florence AL 35634 Brown, David A. 139 Stoneway Trl Madison AL 35758 
Brown, Denesha N. 1930 NW 189th Ter Opa Locka FL 33056 Brown, Eric A. 1370 E. 110th Street Los Angeles CA 90059 
Brown, Fateen S. 1863 South 8th St Camden NJ 08105 Brown, Jason D. 940 E 46th St Brooklyn NY 11203 Brown, Kristle I. 192 
Roundtop Drive Harvest AL 35749 Brown, Kyla-Denee S. 2493 Eldridge Street Deltona FL 32738 Brown, Lindsay N. 10900 Ashford 
Court Upper Marlboro MD 20772 Brown, Nicole L. 28 Picardy Dr Greenville SC 29605 Brown, Seretha L. 390 NW 49th Ave Fort 
Lauderdale FL 33317 Brown, Timothy E. 15234 Horton Street Shawnee Mission KS 66223 Browne, Benjamin J.,VI 3425 Cherry Hill 
Court Beltsville MD 20705 Browne, Linbert P. 123 Aurora Lane Kissimmee FL 34587 Browne, Maria R. P.O. Box 5346 Kingshill St. 
Croix 00851 Bryan, Lavender V. P.O. Box 68 SPO Cayman Brae Bryan, Yvette D. 12220 Eagle Trace Blvd N Coral Springs FL 33071 

238 3 Tfw MmnenP 

Bryant, Edrita J. 6100 Rickwood Drive Huntsville AL 35810 Bryant, Leon J.,Jr. 11319 Green St Carmel IN 46033 Buckins, April T. 
728 Kelford Place Trotwood OH 45426 Buckins, Jasmine M. 5531 Hummock Rd Trotwood OH 45426 Buckley, Christopher J. 3132 
Touchwood Drive Harvey LA 70058 Buckley, Raquel M. 1002 Liberty Dr Madison AL 35758 Bukenya, Juliet N. 31 1 Michigan St Niles 
MI 49120 Burgess, Kendra A. 3006 Norton Ave Kansas City MO 64128 Burgess-Lambe, Danita N. 3 Redcoat Lane St. Georges GE03 
Burley, Grafton J. 3936 Sutter St Virginia Beach VA 23462 Burnett, Joyvona S. 8921 South DaUon Ave Los Angeles CA 90047 Bur- 
nette, Monualdai K 113 Mill Creek Crossing Madison AL 35852 Burns, Curlis A. 2735 Mastin Lake Rd Huntsville AL 35810 Burns, 
Jessica B. 26407 S Root Dr Crete IL 60417 Burrell, Eterial 455 Swiss Ave Apt 405 Nashville TN 3721 1 Burris, Avernell R. 260 A Wind- 
ward Main Rd Mount St. George Burris, Yolanda 741 East 222nd Street Bronx NY 10467 Burrows, Chelsea 1419 Kings Manor Drive 
Bowie MD 20721 Bushner, Rupert,, III 1450 NW 108th Ave Apt 244 Plantation FL 33322 Butterfield, Whitney A. 14 Sinky Bay Road 
Southampton SN02 Byrd, Danielle L. 106 Eastlake Landing Newnan GA 30265 Byrd, Krystle M. 1 1 13 Tewes Lane Beach Park IL 60099 

Cagilus, Rachelle 64 Fabyan Place Newark NJ 07104 Caleb, Colin A. 740 Hancock Street Brooklyn NY 1 1233 Caleb, Deadra A. 740 
Hancock Brooklyn NY 1 1233 Caleb, Susan G. 740 Hancock Street Brooklyn NY 1 1233 Calhoun, Richard H., Jr. 1 1 York Drive Wheat- 
ley Heights NY 1 1798 Calixte, Lise B. 25 Fernandez Circle Randolph MA 02368 Calixte, Reginald 30 Cherry Street Brockton MA 02301 
Callins, Jodel S. 714 Milgray Lane Bessemer AL 35022 Camel, Katherine P.O. Box 82109 Hapeville GA 30354-0109 Camel, LyNeka 
M. P.O. Box 82109 Hapeville GA 30354 Camel, LyTeka M. P.O Box 82109 Hapeville GA 30354 Campbell, Amanda M. 15 Twin Lakes 
Rd Beaufort SC 29902 Campbell, Andrene A. 241 North High Street Mount Vernon NY 10550 Campbell, Everton D. 96 Clarridge Court 
Brampton, Ontario L6X3M9 Canson, Eric A. 4104 Mayfield Drive Modesto CA 95356 Canson, Jasmine R. 4104 Mayfield Dr Modesto 
CA 95356 Cantave, Pierre C. 3060 Ocean Parkway Boynton Beach FL 33435 Cantave, Vanessa S. 3060 Ocean Parkway Boynton Beach 
FL 33435 Cantrell, Candace P.O. Box 7982 Long Beach CA 90807 Cantrell, Eric J. 3004 Kirkland Dr Huntsville AL 35810 Carlisle, 
Faith M. Government House St. Johns Carmichael, Juanna L. 986 East 38 Street Brooklyn NY 11210 Carolina, Davon A. P.O. Box 
F-40729 Freeport Carr, Crystal J. 2702 W 45th Street Jacksonville FL 32209 Carrell, Holly M. 12064 Jamesborough Dr Florissant MO 
63033 Carrington, Ja'Neil L. 2403 Angler Drive Delray Beach FL 33445 Carryl, Heather M. 6801 Lakewood Drive Mason OH 45040 
Carter, Amber A. 704 S. Chambers Rd Apt #205 Kiowa CO 801 17 Carter, Amber T. 2078 Redbud Court Marietta GA 30008 Carter, Joy 
A. 311 Eagles Point Circle Liverpool NY 13090 Carter, Kendra M. 704 South Chambers RoadApartment-205 Aurora CO 80017 Carter, 
Nicole C. P.O Box 1 134 De Soto TX 75123 Carter, Taunya K. 704 S. Chambers Rd Apt 205 Aurora CO 80017 Cartwright, Edward C. 
7014 Partridge PI Hyattsville MD 20782 ChafeiUvj. .\yandii .'^ '- ■ - s n r I - ■ •.-. .-.r;.- 1^-!:- •.- ( ." •:<■■ v M( \ '\" ^C ■ ( 'ham-Bojang, Awa 
2007 Flagstone Dr Apt 412 Madison AL3!5/5SChambliss, Nicnii-'. I = 'i !. s.r;-,.- sn.- ■•, ||.ji-i- II. :; In . ! 'i i : •:.■-( humorro, Samantha 
J. 4510 NE Arlington Ave Lawton OK 7:>507 Champagne. .Marie C. - ''•'< I- \il:.i"'. \}\\\:- l'....i.i..f, !'..• i.-li : 1 ■ U35 Chaney, Henry 

J. 10808 Glenn Garry Rd Saint Louis M(3f 631 3" Chsiniur. SJK'iriiia . I. :i^\i'l' ^:i ■ -i ( .i -. .,■ !■■■ s! Chapman, Joy E. 1543 

West 123rd StreetLos Angeles CA90047t'harlcs.l'riiMl/. I. 1.- \ ■ ■ s; \i ■■!.■!., \1 \ ■■.■■- ^ ( "iiarli-s. ||od>.iin ^50 Lake Arbor Drive 
Palm Springs FL 33461 Charles, Melissa S. 222-1.- ^- IkMilin.ii^i,.:! 0!U;\v,. ()>, K!\ -.:.'. ( hiirk-,. R:j!1!'.!!1;! .\. 1409 Mill Point Court 
Suffolk VA 23434 Chatman, Laketia N 46"" i!i.-li\\:j\ :: V\.-s! Vliilcd.iL'.fviIk- G.\ Mi".i ChiTrnlant, Y\ic .M. 1 -! Clarion Ct Staten Island 
NY 10310 Cherry, Christina M. 131 14 Stanclh t.I .A '.vim,' j .-,•-, Aiisit'k-^ ( "A 9o0.^'; t lu-stniit, Dawson P.O Ho\ -\"4 St Helena Island SC 
29920 Christian, Alexis K. 8262 Swann HoU.m Dr i;!inp.-i I i '^ ^()4~ Chrisliaii. DMn\u\ne M. .^1 f ■.'.•:!, .-r Cu-s.rni Ajax, Ontario LIT- 
3C2 Christmas, Kara-Kristen C. 41 Fir House Aju ;'\^ Dr>llL•Ll~^^•ilk- !'A l;'>||^hunn. Vnch-eu B. 3.i(M I>^^'1 Sebring FL 33872 
Clark, Kimberly N. 1355 Grace Ave Lancaster SC 29720 Ciiirk, Maria '^-^^^'^^'^'^'^ ij '^'''-S^^^V'^'oSf ^**^'^' ^^^^^ ^^^^ 
Garywood Avenue Columbus OH 43227 Clarke, Ashley k. 10 ' .^iJearJ^aj ^MBl ' Hunliijjjpon S ^p^'^^| g P |arke. Nigel C. 6224 
Kirkwood Place Douglasville GA 30134 Clement, Q'ana K. 499 Tremont Orange NJ 07050 Clisby, Teva L. 40 Wood St Sylacauga AL 
35150 Coaxum, John A. 1518 Balsam St Charleston SC 29407 Cockfield, Darla R. 3459 Darlene Circle Huntsville AL 35810 Coleman, 
Dominque 918 South 19 Street Newark NJ 07108 Coleman, Oscar L. 2900 Oak Drive Meridian MS 39307 Colin, Mircha 75 Woolsey 
Ave Glen Cove NY 1 1542 Collins, Darissa L. 1525 Brockton Lane Mobile AL 36695 Collins, Donell D.,n 1525 Brockton Lane East Mo- 
bile AL 36695 Combs, Sheilese R. 1615 Kevin Court South Bend IN 46614 Compere, Robins 2224 Wood Wind Drive Orlando FL 32805 
Council, Lavonna D. 4833 Saracoea Blvd #247 Corpus Christi TX 78413 Conner, Michael L., H 20810 Hartsdale Drive Riverside CA 
92508 Conwell, Everett N. 2904 N. 10th St. Kansas City KS 66104 Conwell, Michelle R. 2904 North 10th Street Kansas City KS 66104 
Cook, Elizabeth A. 6216 Crest Green Road Apt-210 Birmingham AL 35212 Cooper, Sharon A. 719 Everett Street Camden NJ 08104 
Cooper, Sheila 3542 St. Paul Avenue Lincoln NE 68504 Coopwood, Kellen D. 5940 Camelia Dr Douglasville GA 30135 
Coopwood, Kendall J. 5940 Camelia Dr Douglasville GA 30135 Coopwood, Reggie W. 9187 Fox Run Drive Brentwood 
TN 37207 Cordy, Jasmin P. 202 Barbey Street Brooklyn NY 11207 Cornelius, Javan J 10411 207 East Sumner WA 98390 
Cornwall, Jerome F. 1408 Brooklyn Avenue Apt 2e Brooklyn NY 11210 Cornwall, Raquel M. 764 Vivian Ct Baldwin NY 

The Mdmenf ! 239 

11510 Cort-Shand, Jessica L. 79 Momingside Road Worcester MA 01602 Cousins, Sunquine T. 930 Capital View Ave, SW At- 
lanta GA 30312 Cox, David A. 987 Washington Ave Pelham Manor NY 10803 Cox, William T. 3822 Colton Lane Huntsville 
AL 35810 Craig, Brian D. 16913 Holly Hill Cleveland OH 44128 Crarey, Brandon P. 15309 Lions Den Road Burtonsville MD 
20866 Crawford, Joseph C. 5256 Long Rd Apt E Orlando FL 32808 Crawford, Kyle A. P.O. Box 1256 Victorville CA 92393 
Crockett, Byron S. 2756 Whitney Drive, N Tallahassee FL 32309 Crockwell, Sasha K. #7 Cedars Lane Sandy's MA03 
Cross, Luis F. 655 Franklin Road Yuba City CA 95991 Culpepper, Tyleia E 32 East 126 Street New York NY 10035 Cummings, 
Chappelle H., Ill 2021 Flagstone Dr. Apt 1704 Madison AL 35758 Cummings, Jasmin A. 2901 Baron Drive Garland TX 75040 

Dade, Jessica E. 20353 Moross Detroit MI 48224 Dailey, Ernest, II 650 Wynn Drive Apt 235 Huntsville AL 35816 Daley, Dana-Lee 
486 W. Valleystream Blvd Valley Stream NY 1 1580 Daley, Fredine L. 4106 North Main Street Jacksonville FL 32206 Damas, Nesline 
4390 NW 36th Street Apt D-216 Fort Lauderdale FL 33319 Daney, Carolean L. 1914 Magnum Drive Huntsville AL 35806 Danial, Be- 
niam T. 1503 Sparkman Dr Huntsville AL 35816 Daniel, Justin C. 4300 Lakeview Drive Huntsville AL 35810 Daniels, Ashley 4500 
Shady Leaf Lane Decatur GA 30034 Daniels, Daniel B., Ill 5033 Galaxy Way, Apt 407 Huntsville AL 35801 Daniels, Tiffany L 7924 
Long Spur Avenue Jacksonville FL 32219 Darby, Reginald E. 449 Hobbs Rd Apt A-203 Huntsville AL 35803 Dare, Olukayode G. 
2950 Vinning Ridge Ln Decatur GA 30034 Darlington, Sade' N. 1515 High Pointe Circle Cedar Hill TX 75104 Davis, Akilah D. 3513 
River Birch Trail Decatur GA 30034 Davis, Alphonso J., Jr. 1828 Gill Road Mobile AL 36605 Davis, Anthony S. 1 1 Winton Hill Lane 
Hamilton CR03 Davis, Chanel A. 2810 18th Avenue North Minneapolis MN 5541 1 Davis, Erik M. 1608 27th Ave. South Saint Peters- 
burg FL 33712 Davis, Erika L. 7 Wondu View Ct. Asheville NC 28806 Davis, Jamaine 3404 Freda Lane Huntsville AL 35810 Davis, 
Jeffrey A. 2430 Road 20 Apt-302B San Pablo CA 94806 Davis, Laila A. 430 Hillview Drive, #204 Linthicum MD 21090 Davis, Rod- 
ney L., Jr. 221 1 SW 1st Court Fort Lauderdale FL 33312 Davis, Soleil C. 7 North Ellwood Avenue Baltimore MD 21224 Davis, Taj D. 
167-25 145th Rd Jamaica NY 1 1434 Dawkins, Rebecca N. 85 Osgood Road Steriing MA 01564 Day, Nephthalie 91 Ursula PI Stamford 
CT 06902 DeShields, Tai L. 7531 Republic Court Apt-302 Alexandria VA 22306 Dean, Jessika P. 4902 Center Springs Road Traf- 
ford AL 35172 Deen, Ashley B. 13007 Payton Drive Kettering MD 20774 Defoe, Tanya G. 16502 Dover Cliff Court Crosby TX 77532 
Delahaye, Nicardo K. 174 Grove Street Bridgeport CT 06605 Delaney, Melanie R. 6132 Gioffre Woods Lane Columbus OH 43232 Delva, 
Cynthia 4152 S Memorial Pkwy Apt D Huntsville AL 35802 Delva, Judy 4152 South Memorial PkwyApt D Huntsville AL 35802 Dennis, 
Crystal I. 15163 82nd Ln, N Loxahatchee FL 33470 Dennis, Swain A. 4536 Nokomis Ave, S. Minneapolis MN 55406 Dennison, Travis 
A. 4424 Furman Avenue Bronx NY 10466 Desinor, Ignace 1412 NW 1st Avenue Fort Lauderdale FL 33311 Desir. Natasha U. 6701 SW 
6th Street Pembroke Pines FL 33023 Desir, Philiouse 3384 Moravia Dr. Lithonia GA 30038 Desouza, John A 31 1 1 Adoiina DriveWfls- 
ville AL 35810 Desrosiers, Guerda 6602 Kreidt Dove Orlando FL 328 1 8 Dia% Shereka R 192 MacDonough Street Brooklyn NY 1 1216 
Dickerson, Cherie D. 848 West Huntington Dr #30 Arcadia CA 9 1007 Dickerson, Christopher J. 945,Beveriy Way Altadena CA 91001 
Dickinson, Melvin L. 2 Camp Lane Warwick WK02 Dill, Takara M. 20 l.ongridge Pass Devonshire DVOJ Dixon, Andrew 10 Empring- 
ham Drive Unit 67 Scarborough ON M1B-3Y5 Do^te, Jacquclyn 309 Anvi! Drive Dougla.ssville PA 19518 Dolce, Beatrice P.O. Box 
28149 Hialeah FL 33002 Dolcy, Crystal A. 30 Lan^^ce Yonkers NY 10710 Dominique. Kevin M. 3300 Slate Dr. Austell GA 30106 
Dorival, Fallone 200 Forest Avenue Brockton ^^PSOI Dorsett, Thomas A. 14593 Rutland Detroit MI 48227 Dorsey, Kei- 
sha C. 1822 Oregon Avenue Louisville KY 4^ I'O ' Dorsey, Keith C. 1822 Oregoo Avenue Louisville KY 40210 Dorzihne', 
Lindsay 29 Great Plains Brampton, Ontario L6I|,IZ5 Dotson, lv«ry L. 3030 29th Ave S. Apt 1 1 Minneapolis MN 55406 Doug- 
las, Crystal D. 6119 Trent Dr Huntsville AL ^10 Douglas, Kory P. 35 Ingraham Boulevard Hempstead NY 11550 Downer, 
Daniel J. 48 Greenwood Avenue Bloomfield (JT 06002 Drakes, Mich^M. 7003 Southwark TeiTace Hyatlsville MD 20782 
Draw, Kandis E 7311 S. Langley Ave. ChicagopL 60619 J>«^^^^^^2406 12ih St SW Apt C Huntsville AL 35805 ^%n- 
can, Dessica C. 2421 E 5th Avenue Knoxville TN 37917 Duncanson, Noiissa G. 21641 Oakland Meadows Dr Athens AL 35613 
Dupree, Danielle N. 224 Wildwood Drive Si^K^SC 29154 Bnpree,^^^ A. 95 El »ntio Drive Sparks l'^ii^6 
Duvra, Ngina C. 4600 29th St. #5 Mt. Rainier MD 20712 Dykes, Nina C. 117 Pme Cliff Circle Birmingham AL 35226 

Eakins, Justin 12502 Huntington Field Houston TX 77099 Eakins, Sheldon L 12502 Huntington Field Houston TX 77099 Eb- 
ere, Joyce N. 3333 Knollcrest Lane Mesquite TX 75181 Eddings, Aryn L. 3808 Crouch Drive Nashville TN 37207 Eddings, 
Erica L. 1037 Centerpoint Rd. #1202 Hendersonville TN 37075 Edmond, Robert J. 3313 Timbertrail Nashville TN 37013 Ed- 
wards, Brittany 5005 Sierra Vista, Apt-4 Riverside CA 92505 Edwards, Desiree D. 275 Manse Rd Unit 4 Scarborough MIE 
4X8 Edwards, Heylon H. 11810 Randy Lane Laurel MD 20708 Edwards, Shakir C. 594 Blue Hill Avenue Boston MA 02121 
Ekah, Inyene A. 495 125st Lane Blaine MN 55434 Eliacin, Jessica A. 5007 Lori Circle Huntsville AL 35810 Ellis, Belinda Y. 1007 

240 EB The MdmenP 

Alexandria Dr. Pensacola FL 32505 Ellis, Daniel J. 2003 Walnut Ridge Est. Sanatoga PA 19464 Ellis, Eric E. 3116 East 55th St 
Kansas City MO 64130 Eloi, Nathalie K. 21 Brookside Park Angwin CA 94508 Eloi, Reginald L. 8343 NE 3rd Ct Miami FL 35138 
Embry, Charles J. 1941 Stone Abbey Blvd. Orlando FL 32825 Emile, Renald 4116 Newson Rd Apt 217 Huntsville AL 35805 Em- 
mons, Ronie L. 14-18 Oakland Terrace Newark NJ 07106 English, Matthew J. 1555 Smithson Drive Lithonia GA 30058 Engram, 
Kareem E. 203 Wild Berry Ln. Harvest AL 35749 Ephraim, Carla B. 133 E. Clarke Place Apt-5G Bronx NY 10452 Esdaile, Earl 
C. P.O. Box 1162 Frederiksted, St. Croix 00841 Estwick, Donna-Lee 30 Piedmont Park Long Gap, Spooners Hill St. Michael Eti- 
enne, Angle 14919 Comus Road Boyds MD 20841 Etienne, Sabrina 21 Hamilton Street Brockton MA 02301 Etienne, Stepha- 
nie H. 1243 Melrose Forest Ln Lawrenceville GA 30045 Evans, Rayshawn P. 16612 Walden Ave Cleveland OH 44128 Evans, 
Shellian V. 207 Queensbury Dr Apt A3 Huntsville AL 35802 Evans, Whitney S. 147 Ballentrae Drive Hendersonville TN 37075 

Fagan, Jasmine N. 1090 Fremont Street Pomona CA 91766 Fanfan, Fresnel, Jr. 214 Eleventh St Brooklyn NY 11215 Fannon, Ler- 

rien 2492 Queencity Cincinnati OH 45238 Faria, Sherwin E. 3710 McEwen Drive Huntsville AL 35810 Farrell, Candace J* ©04 

Vista Serena Cypress CA 90630 Fassett, Joseph J. 720 West 9th Street Wilmington Di: 19805 Felix, Keline \,«riAKaiiiic!' Cir »ta- 

luma CA 94954 Felix, Kenol 1966 Rainier Cir Petaluma CA 94954 

Fentress, Courtney 304 Newbrooklyn Rd Apt 219 Sicklerville 

Orlando FL 32828 Ferguson, Nedra S. 2324 Hood Street Hollyw^ 

Fielder, Kelly K. P.O. Box 351 Pine Forge PA 19548 Fields, , 

Apt 2 Denver CO 80216 Fields, Kenda E. 4500 Massachi 

San Bernardino CA 92407 Fitzgerald, Jamie A. 4911 Ml 

Brentwood TN 37027 Flowers, Christopher 24-14 87th | 

Rio Modesto CA 95356 Footman, Joseph C. 1107 Lewi^ 

Orlando FL 32808 Forbes, Dawn N. 4708 Whitehall Dr 

35816 Ford, Andrew J. 169 Harmony Crescent Oliver Fori 


). iJi'.s .i51 I'liii; I tjiiv. 
lids. JcreeD, 4315 ( 
iniilcn nC>)(tf$.Fr^r. David 212 ' J 


iMfi Fleming; Herlfon E 703 Ikn No 

I W) Kluencc. Andrea K. 1412 \\oi 
I"orbc.s, Miiionique N. 2110 I' Idoru (.h| 
g', MckuK 470^ \ShiiL>h,ili hi. \\\ Huiit^ 
6'odtraii Nash\illc 11 

C40 Oliver, British Columbia VOH ITO Forde, Crystal S. 2110 Westbury Court Apt. 4J Brooklyn NY 11225 Forde, Kimberly A. 2140 
Glenwood Avenue Colton CA 92324 Forde, Sheena J. 3837 Falling Leaf Lane Orlando FL 32810 Forde, Tiffany L. 14215 NW 17th 
Ave. Miami FL 33167 Forde-Sanders, Michal N. 6824 Furman Pkwy Riverdale MD 20737 Fordyce, Orlando D. 3004 Flagcircle Apt 
2717 Madison AL 35758 Forrester, Dionne A. 142 Ward Street Orange NJ 07050 Fortune, Judeth 828 Linden Avenue Pleasantville NJ 
08232 Fortune, Kesha C. 11651 Buckingham St Loma Linda CA 92354 Foster, Brian H. 6068 East 129 Street Grandview MO 64030 
Foster, Lakicia R. 7916 La Salle Blvd Miramar FL 33023 Foster, Ra'Shonda S. 612 Mary Alexander PI Charlotte NC 28262 
Foster, Tadia A. 335 Wildwood Cir Calhoun GA 30701 Foster, Terry S. 217 N. Lexington Pkwy De Forest WI 53532 Fowler, Jona- 
than J. 1463 E. 66th Place Chicago XL 60637 Francis, Carlton G. 1228 E. 105th Street Brooklyn NY 11236 Francis, Deleon X. 1011 
Pine Street Apopka FL 32703 Francis, Duana E. 58 West 4th Street Mount Vernon NY 10550 Francis, Janiece PO Box 830081 Ocala 
FL 34483 Francis, Mishka C. 25 Stonewall Circle White Plains NY 10607 Francis, Shane S. 639 East 59th Street Brooklyn NY 1 1234 
Francis, Sophia L. 12374 79th Ct N West Palm Beach FL 33412 Francis, Theresa L.E. 10 Hillview Rd Warwick WK05 Francois, Rene 
56 Wolkoff Lane Staten Island NY 10303 Frank, Anthony T. P.O. Box 306843 Charlotte Amalie 00803 FrankUn, John Rashad 95 West 
Rich Irvington NJ 071 1 1 Franklin, Karelle P. 1 Clove Road New Rochelle NY 10801 Eraser, Lamont L. 2735 Mastin Lake Rd Huntsville 
AL 35810 Frazer, Trudy-Ann N. 4200 Rue Antoinette Stone Mountain GA 30083 Freeman, Cheri L 142 Mrs. Tates Rd Whiteville NC 
28472 Freeman, Lanora D. 914 East Go wen Avenue Philadelphia PA 19150 Freeman, Sydney A. 914 Cinnaminson Ave #A Palmyra 
NJ 08065 Friday, Jewelle 3115 Able PI Chesterfield VA 23832 Frye, Alexandrea L. 116 Hotts Lane Madison AL 35757 Fuller, An- 
thony D. 170 Robertson Street Battersea London SW8 3TN FuUwood, Cameron D. 685 Providence NW Apt 109 Huntsville AL 35806 
Fuqua, Ingrid L. 1610 Marion Street SW Decatur AL 35601 Futch, Breoni C. 13170 Opal Lane Woodbridge VA 22193 Gabriel, Garth 
Henry-Curtis, II 18840 Goldwin Street Southfield MI 48075 Gaiter, Danae E. 9903 San Miguel Lane Knoxville TN 37922 Gamboa, 
Gelder E 12 Menahan St. Apt 3-b Brooklyn NY 11221 Gardner, Jayna M. 4589 Lisa Lane Berrien Springs MI 49103 Gardner, Keith 
A 4589 Lisa Lane Berrien Springs MI 49103 Gaulteau, Kimberly L 701 Nw 187th Drive Miami FL 33169 Gayle, Alexander L. 1 16 
Cottage Street Rochester NY 14608 Gayle, Fareeda A. 614 Paff Avenue Uniondale NY 11553 Gayle, Melissa OA. 479 East 34 Street 
Brooklyn NY 11203 Gaynair, Gavin G. 2401 Glenridge Avenue Kissimmee FL 34746 Gedeon, Louise N. 1750 NE 144th St Miami FL 
33181 Gentry, Conklin B. P.O. Box 23101 Rochester NY 14692 Germany, Adam N 222 Roundtop Drive Harvest AL 35749 Gibbons, 
Jenelle W. 24 Frothingham Road Worcester MA 01605 Gibbons, Jonathan W. 24 Frothingham Road Worcester MA 01605 Gibson, 
Anthea L. 19126 SW 5th Street Pembroke Pines FL 33029 Gibson, Chauncy M. 121 Shady Grove Rd. Toney AL 35773 Gibson, Lionel 
A. 12352 Hickman Place Denver CO 80239 Gibson-Green, Di-Shon J. 801 Campbell Blvd Amherst NY 14228 Gilbert, Andre P.,II 

The Mdmenf ^ 


17183 St. Mary's Detroit MI 48235 Gilbert, David A 6214 Rime Village Dr. #203 Huntsville AL 35806 Gilmore, Monica O. 1007 Alex- 
andria Dr Pensacola FL 32505 Godley, Jarvis H. 8042 South Morgan Chicago IL 60620 Golson, Erin E. 4806 Coltsfoot Rd. Greensboro 
N^ ^'^^^^SSt"'^^-'' ^' ^^'^^' Ci.U-.r. ■>: r,rccn--hnro NC ^^"-.^.^ Gooden. Delawno S. 137-55 Bedell Street Springfield Gardens 
NY IMlSSfasS^ophcn '■-■;•:■ )^. ■■ U ■ '.' ■ •■ . ' i \ '.'^ •■; (.i.rduii. \m A. 2 Elizabeth Ct Downingtown PA 19335 Gordon, 


Shenicka R.*] 

Avalon Dri' .■ 

Sommers U\< 

Matthew W :} 

Miami FL • < 

Jacksonville ! 

33068 Gra.f 

Gray, Leorinr*; \ - 

Arnold, Jr " ■ ') 

melitaE. 2^ M" t .•!!.■-■■ ^i.\-: i • 

M. 980Cr.iiii..i I'-oiirt liiildv.i.i W 

Blvd Readjo^^i9607 Gr 

M.'- K.I !!.'Ui;:C I '■ ■ • <.iici:i. Uii;in:il«i I 

■rd..iic (.l\ -'•' I (.r:iii;m>. ri<«lil'> K... .Ir n ' 

i\o \i.hv'n- :\\ v'^'i! i (if anilisi.'ii. \\iiii!i<-v I*. 

■ (irani. .ji)ti>-\nn (). f i.n .-. 
i .'"'.''. Giniti. .Moiii(|iie \. 
,.Uir\ M. '\^!5 i'jik \ ;ii. i-i. ■■ '. 

I'i \^. lii.nb^i!' ••' ■ ■ !■ 

' \\\ 'i.: \venue Miami FL 33168 Graham, Alecia D. 8398 
'M. : - l^.: ■ )rive Athens AL 35611 Graham, Kamesha P. 1203 
....:.-. 4 . ■•ve Lane Granger IN 46530 Grant, Danielle L. 1914 

' ■■■<: 'V' . i •'■ v: ■..•:•■ n AL 35758 Grant, Doreen 19725 SW 118th Court 

-■:.■■.. ■■ •• '■■■ ■..'■• M IB1L8 Grant, Jonathan P. 10384 Clayton Mill Rd 
•■. ■ ■.,.(!.:■;■ (;riirit, Saenya M. 6200 SW 9th Place N. Lauderdale FL 
•■ Mi ■ - -I Giiivi'^. Mri-hael.„ Jr 2203 Wedgewood Rd Huntsville AL 35816 
. ■ <.i-:i>. MijIthtM I.. ^"- "5 Wildberry Lane Berrien Springs MI 49103 Green, 
<;rri'ii. Hrllni-) ( . .' > W-.-.lland Hill Drive La Vergne TN 37086 Green, Car- 
i i ! • '■ • " Gii-i-n. I)i-s(i.iijiul:i ^ . ■'■■■' Cramer Court Baldwin NY 11510 Green, Desiree' 

i^ii'<.riTii. Doiiioniiiiii I . ■■■ '■; ■..-.= i ( .-.:;■ Baldwin NY 11510 Green, Elita M. 1340 Pershing 
|iaii K. ' .0 ■ ; - \ ■ . \. i ^{^jJISQlMd^^ ^^"^^^ Greene, Tianny D. #1 Upper #4 Shinbone 

AlleySt. Georges GE05 Gresham, Tiffany M. 374 L l^ace l'crr> Rd Atlanta GA 30327 Griffin, Allison 21 Lakeland Cres Toronto, On- 
tario M1G2L4 Griffiths, Lyle J. Hopeton Mandeville P.O. Manchester Grimes, Kenneth L. 8743 Montery Court Indianapolis IN 46226 
Grissom, Rodney O 5140 Millenium Drive Huntsville AL 35806 Gunn, Latesha A. 2174 Orchard Park Drive Spring Hill FL 34608 

Hall, Demetrius A. 2949 Fenwood Dr Columbus OH 43232 Hall, Duane A 149 Apache Tr. Toronto Ontario M2H2J1 Hall, Eric J. 1401 
Cottage Cove Ct. Seabrook TX 77586 Hall, Joyce E. 7000 Adventist Blvd 219B Wade Hall Huntsville AL 35896 Hall, Lisa M. 440 Silverton 
Dr. McDonough GA 30252 Hall, Rico T. 6565 Emerald Pointe Cir College Park GA 30349 Hall, Tiffany M. 440 Silverton Dr McDonough 
GA 30252 Hall-Brooks, Durel L. 1010 Summit Woods New Windsor NY 12553 Halley, Corey J. 9896 Willow Cove Rd Huntsville AL 
35802 Halsell, Jenna A. 144 Lantern Chase Delaware OH 43015 Halsey, Jason 947 North 4th Street Reading PA 19601 Hamilton, Na- 
thaniel J. 4606 Wellington Point Huntsville AL 35816 Hammond, Robert G.„ II 7841 Heaton Way Nashville TN 3721 1 Hampton, Alfred 
A.„ Jr. P.O. Box 367 Altadena CA 91001 Hampton, Makeda D. 205 Steriing Avenue New Castle DE 19720 Harden, Natasha M. 225 SW 
15 Avenue Delray Beach FL 33444 Hardy, Christen 21874 W. Countyline Road Augusta MI 49012 Hardy, Robert Winston 16 9th Court 
Alley Birmingham AL 35204 Hardy, Walter A. 6231 Robin Hill Road Baltimore MD 21207 Hargrett, Brandon M. 4432 S. Calumet 
Avenue Unit- 2 North Chicago IL 60653 Harper-Fuller, Kristina 279B Cold Harbour Ln Brixton, London SW9 8RP Harrigan, Charissa 
D. 105 Clearbrook Court Madison AL 35758 Harris HI, Charles A. 4730 Towanda Circle College Park GA 30349 Harris, Antoinette K. 
Cunningham Hall Room 136 Huntsville AL 35896 Harris, Ashley K, 276 Cherokee Trail Benton Harbor MI 49022 Harris, Candeis N. 
5402 E. 30th Apt H-7 Tucson AZ 8571 1 Harris, Courtenay R. 495 NW 121st Street Miami FL 33168 Harris, Ingrid P. 438 St. Marks Av- 
enue Brooklyn NY 1 1238 Harris, Janell 3329 Shawnee Drive Modesto CA 95350 Harris, Letriece C. 6205 43rd Avenue Hyattsville MD 
20781 Harris, Michael E. 4292 Windham Court Douglasville GA 30135 Harris, Precyous C. 1 1 MagnoHa Court Douglassville PA 19518 
Harris, Sharea D. 522 Harolds Drive Huntsville AL 35806 Harris, Shawn L. 522 Harolds Dr. NW Huntsville AL 35806 Harris, Tashi- 
anna 1 137 M. L. King Jr. Dr. Atlanta GA 30314 Harrison, Brenton 2340 Spring Branch Drive Madison TN 371 15 Hart, Kellie R. 8655 
Belford Avenue Apt-217 Los Angeles CA 90045 Harvey, Destiny 359 New Street Pottstown PA 19464 Harvey, Evern L. 1 Davis Avenue 
New Rochelle NY 10805 Hassell, George L. 5 Granaway Drive Southampton Hastings, Laurie R 2031 Dutchess Road Lithia Springs GA 
30122 Hatten, Rose E. 143 Ronnie Drive Altamonte Springs FL 32714 Haugabrooks, Esther M, 7754 Lake Andrea Circle Mt. Dora FL 
32757 Hawkins, Claudia P. 1014 St. Andrews Dr Albany GA 31707 Hayes, Deon V. 744 Rosemont Memphis TN 381 16 Hayes, Ian D. 
8805 Village Grove Drive Fort Wayne IN 46804 Hazelwood, Revanna 21 Plane Avenue Brampton, Ontario L6Y4X8 Hazley, Henry,, 
IV 883 East 21st Street Brooklyn NY 1 1210 Hazley, Remisha Y. 1237 Glenwood Dublin GA 31021 Heath-Singletary, NataUe D. 5800 
Hollister Apt-2102 Houston TX 77040 Hendrickson, Derrick A. 42 Riviera Crescent Southampton Henley, Dewitt E.„Jr, P.O. Box 8716 
Dorothea 21-16 St. Thomas VI 00801 Henry, James M. 5014 Oakwood Rd Apt 24 Huntsville AL 35896 Henry, Kelton 23 Moffatt Court 
Rexdale, Ontario M9V4E2 Henry, Lauren R. 8795-159th St Surrey BC V4N1H3 Henry, Mishra M. 10 1/2 Bird Cres Ajax ON L1S5C1 
Henry, Stewart N. 20300 NW 3rd Court Miami FL 33169 Henry, Tiffany A. 584 E. 137th Street Apartment 10-G Bronx NY 10454 Hib- 
bler, Randa J. 1 177 Jefferson Avenue Brooklyn NY 1 1221 Hickman, Shaquila M. 862 Powell Dr Lot 802 Thomasville GA 31757 Hicks, 
Meaghan L. 104 Lost Tree Drive Huntsville AL 35824 Hill, David 12 South Street Beacon NY 12508 Hill, Manasha D. 805 Rose Street 
Greenwood MS 38930 Hill, Myron D. 805 Rose Street Greenwood MS 38930 Hiller, Matthew M. 541 Kelsie Court De Soto TX 75115 


S3 The MdnwH^P 

Hiller, Michael M. 6275 University Dr. NW STE 37 Huntsville AL 35806 Hinds, Richard M. 1 20 Windy Ridge Court Fairbum GA 302 1 3 
Hinds, Tiffany R. 2398 Dakota Trail Lilburn GA 30047 Hobson, Ronnie J. 221 Durham Street Greensboro NC 27401 Hodge, Natelka 
F. Pmb 148, P.O. Box 305498 St. Thomas VI 00803 Hodnett, Richard M. 1444 N. Chestnut Avenue Rialto CA 92376 Hodsoll-Baker, 
LaVonne C. 47 Wellington Back Road St. George's Holder, Gerard E. 1701 Lydia Drive Huntsville AL 35816 Holder, Lee G. 1021 
Grandeview Blvd Apt 21« Huntgville AL 35824 Holdipp, Keevon 19 St. Mary's Road Warwick WK05 Holland, Ashley N. 28892 Silver 
Oak Lane Highland CA 92346 Holland, Brittany C. 1 106 Whitaker Cove Memphis TN 38 1 1 6 Holland, Chya 80 1 4 Patuxent Landing Loop 
Laurel MD 20724 HoUie, Nathan D. P.O. Box 1384 Whiteville NC 28472 HoUie, Norris L P.O. Box 1 384 Whiteville NC 28472 HoUinsid, 
Lashay V. P.O. Box 568 Warwick HoUis, JoeNathan 5829 Saddlemont Court Rex GA 30273 Holloway, Rhonda N. 3243 Woodstock 
Detroit MI 48221 Holman, Chadwick V. 97 Long Meadow Drive Rochester NY 14621 Holmes, Nicole M. 914 Hamilton St San Francisco 
CA 94134 Horton, Geneva Y. 415 Swan Ridge Drive Duncanville TX 75137 Howard, Heather N. 20311 Crown Ridge Court German- 
town MD 20876 Howard, Marcellus B. 1907 Ridgemont Drive Albany GA 31707 Howard, Mark L. 2495 N. Mercedes Avenue Highland 
CA 92346 Howard, Michael L. 2495 N Mercedes Avenue Highland CA 92346 Howard, Paulet K„ II 416 Springwood Lane Bolingbrook 
IL 60440 Howard, Portia J. 5903 Northford Place Chesterfield VA 23832 Hozier, Sheron R. 125 E. 39th Street Brooklyn NY 1 1203 Hub- 
bard, Earl C. 103 Bluff Spring Drive Madison AL 35758 Hubbard, Melody N. 1 03 Bluff Spring Dr Madison AL 35758 Hudson, Ashley D. 
6208 Crofton Ct. Mechanicsburg PA 17050 Hulum, Ariel D. 4217 West Tenth Street Little Rock AR 72204 Hulum, Jared L. 4217 W. 10th 
Street Little Rock AR 72204 Humphrey, Ashley J. 433 Williams Street Cedar Hill TX 75 104 Humphrey, Joshua A. 609 Southwick Drive 
Fayetteville NC 28303 Hunter, Kara N. 123 Carriage Hill Drive Battle Creek MI 49017 Hunter, Lliane K. 123 Carriage Hill Drive Battle 
Creek MI 49017 Hurst, Carolyn Je'Vern 121 Yorkshire Drive Douglasville PA 19548 Hussey, Vanessa E. 12355 Antoine Dr 291 1 Hous- 
ton TX 77067 Hutton, Armand E. 3012 Gatehouse Court. Olney MD 20832 Hutton, Roger W. 2729 Oaktree Lane Huntsville AL 35810 

Innocent, Amanda E. 103 Rockaway Pkwy Brooklyn NY 11212 Innocent, Jovania T. 354 Coutre St Apt #1 Rear Brockton MA 02302 
Irby, Brian J. 2140 S. 17 Street Springfield IL 62703 Irvin, Ashley N. 31 1 Scott Street SW Apt-15 1 Atlanta GA 3031 1 Israel, Naomi 148 
Jewel Drive Altamonte Springs FL 32714 Izquierdo, Luram R. 203 E. Holly Drive Orange City FL 32763 Jack, Devon C. 3217 Lurting 
Bronx NY 10469 Jackson, Brittany T. 1007 Dartford Ln Bowie MD 20721 Jackson, Danyielle D. 12 Loney Circle Greensboro NC 27406 
Jackson, David T. 4619 Blue Iris Way Oakwood GA 30566 Jackson, Erycka 60576 White Temple Road Vandalia MI 49095 Jackson, 


31 1. 

Jonathan W. 1 

Kirsten E. 3804J 

M. 1490 Hyde Pi 

3112 Monterrey 

lage St. Paul's J: 

Jacques, Carmi^a ' I ' > s W 

N. P.O. Box 2091 

Apt 3 A Brookly 

James, Veroni 

Paul J. 1586 Jol 

3 102 East 34th 

FL 33460 Jean 

Culver City CA 

ing, Ontario LI 

H- .:' •i.l.-MD.VlM J;irliMMi. I :ll)oll^.ll^. "'I' 1; l<!!!.M>ij 
II ':"2"Jsu-ksiin. Michiiel-lrnv \. '.:j Km-1: 1 >ni^' 


" ; I i JackvMi. 1 iiimlh^ *». i^" • (' Dji ..■ ( .i!!;'iil: 
I *ihv.'i \' . ii>-' 111.;,. •• ■.li>- \l -"^l•' J;inibs. J:i'*iniin»'3 

Jivenue Yorba Linda CA 92886 Jackson, 

e Huntsville AL 35805 Jackson, Marcia 

lamos NM 87544 Jackson, Rebekah B. 

43228 Jackson, Vancia A. Liberta Vil- 

Mose Gavin Ln Crawfordville FL 32327 

m; I .:i,.l ■■.!..■.- 1 I * ' 
i*" J.lnu■^, \ii(hdl S. 

I ' Jiiincs. Vdiiiiiia J. 

■ ! : 'i .1.- 1 ■jC-' Road Orlando FL 32808 James, Akeisha 
.1 !> II \ 1 ! ■ 236 James, Diana M. 152 N. Elliot Walk 

loohiial'C) {i..\ IV. V,., 111',. (,....,• K> \.-\ i Jaim-s.slKinae'M. 231 Lake Street Newark NJ 07104 

2p S.Mi:li|'ii\ s-iiM H.iii.-\>-t \H '1^"^^ Januv. i-ihiiirdu V. "i. s \ i |,.ry Street Waukegan IL 60085 Jarmond, 

\V;,-. \y ■ 1 II,' I'.-. ,;i.- \l ^•"''If' JiirrclU-. 'Mi'.aii \. i"(i I".-- ■'i6GT Grand Cayman Jasper, Michael E 

1 . : \ W 

' Ji-iin. Mallu-v^ I ^ 
,-l)i'\iii 1). " "' il.i 

( ..i;ii \l' ..■.: 11 > ,' Jean, Woolky 909 Southeast St Lake Worth 

l:'.'i!.ik .: ■^'S ! r. ^' Ji'jMi-l'ici IT. Jennifer A. 3902 Lenawee Avenue Apt 12A 

u:. !■ Sn. S..1. \ I. ■..■I\ ■"- ■ ' JellVr«..Jcrven 1867 Kingston Road Unit 35 Picker- 

Ji-llrns. llillis R.. ill 1 9947 Looney Road Huntsville AL 35810 

UuiiiiLav iw .\».'\\tll \\ .iii.ii»i.. I.\ .-.n 
Jemine, Christina E. 133 East 56th Street Apt 2-R Brooklyn NY 11203 Jerome, Eben L. 415 Sylvia Drive Apt-L4 Forest Park GA 30297 
Jerome, Leonel A. 168 Pat Drive Powder Springs GA 30127 Jessup, Clifton R., Ill 906 Kings Court Duncanville TX 75137 Jessup, Mal- 
colm,, Jr. 3230 Oakmon Blvd Detroit MI 48238 Jobson, Christine M. 2010 NW 86 Street Miami FL 33147 Jobson, Paul L. 21 12 Laguna 
Bay Madison TN 371 15 Johnson, Alexander B. P.O. Box 941 Richton Park IL 60471 Johnson, Angelica B. 2714 Barrows Road Columbus 
OH 43232 Johnson, Ayanna P. 1836 Rushwood Court Orlando FL 32818 Johnson, Brennan L. 1012 Ranch Toledo OH 43607 Johnson, 
Candace P. 2816 Woodview Court Saint Louis MO 63121 Johnson, Charles L.„ III P.O. Box N-3844 Nassau Johnson, Cherelle D. 2412 
S. Robeson Avenue Florence SC 29505 Johnson, Deon M. 3706 McEwen Dr Huntsville AL 35810 Johnson, Dorenda R. 5613 Conlin 
Drive Fort Worth TX 76134 Johnson, Gemycah S. 5510 Jackson Kansas City MO 64130 Johnson, Jon A. 180 Barnstable Court Harvest 
AL 35749 Johnson, Jonathan L. 921 Champions Way Mcdonough GA 30252 Johnson, Jonathan P. 2509 Rolling Pines Ave. Durham 
NC 27703 Johnson, Lorna M 51 16 Laurelwood Lane Huntsville AL 35816 Johnson, Marlon K. 3402 Freda Lane Huntsville AL 35810 
Johnson, Michael L. 1637 Pebblebrook Lane Harrisburg PA 17110 Johnson, Patrice 460 Green Springs Cir Winter Springs FL 32708 

r/if Mdtnent 


Johnson, Rhea C. 10206 Ostend Avenue Cleveland OH 44108 Johnson, Tonika N. 6801 NW Sienna Club PL Fort Lauderdale FL 
33319 Johnson, Veronica R. 7032 Canton Avenue Saint Louis MO 63130 Johnson, Whitnei K. 8336 South Throop Chicago IL 60620 
Jones, Brandon C. 2025 Sunlake Blvd Apt 610 Huntsville AL 35824 Jones, Danielle L. 3503 Lucretia Ave Huntsville AL 35810 
Jones, Erica A. 3707 Hudson Avenue Youngstown OH 44511 Jones, Jadrienne C. 5221 Whispering Oaks Dr. Dallas TX 75236 
Jones, Jessica N. 3503 LuCretia Avenue NW Huntsville AL 35810 Jones, Jewel A. 2822 Ridgewood Trl Berrien Springs MI 
49103 Jones, Kevin P., Jr. 1688 Snowy Owl Court Rochester MI 48307 Jones, Leigh E. 1414 Lykins Lane Niles MI 49120 
Jones, Stephanie M. 24 McKinley Avenue White Plains NY 10606 Joseph, Anne 1800 NW 47th St Fort Lauderhill FL 33313 
Joseph, Ayana C. 1217 Aruba Court Knightdale NC 27545 Joseph, Dave 1316 NW 5th Avenue Fort Lauderdale FL 33311 Jo- 
seph, Hutchinson S. 5964 Boiling Drive Orlando FL 32808 Joseph, Juanita 1316 NW 5th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33311 Jo- 
seph, Naomie 1438 W. Ocean Avenue Lake Worth FL 33462 Joseph, Samantha R. 1062 Grandview Street, N Oshawa, On- 
tario L1K2L3 Joseph, Vernise 525 Enfield Ct. Delray Beach FL 33444 Joyner, Errol D. 836 Heather Knoll Drive De Soto TX 
75115 Julceus, Gina 2911 Greenfield Avenue Orlando FL 32808 Julies, Jonathan D. 4500 Gawain Dr New Orleans LA 70127 

Kabinga, Kayoba G. 2729 Oaktree Lane Huntsville A! .^"wSlO Kanion. l.aiulon I). \?.'m \ \\n\\ Re! Apt 282 R| 
Keepler, Jessica C. 6555 Cedar Hurst Trail Atlanta GA .iO-ii; Koilh, Aslu'cna I . >.!).^ [Viii.iiul \M.;!iue Huntsvii| 
Antonaya J. 131 Berry Street Park Forest IL 60466 Kenni-d}, Ilarxcv \. "^^S^ \\.-.;\io\\ !)i:\l' Oihiruii- PL 32810 
5585 Westview Drive Orlando FL 32810 Kenner, Kryslal \. RK i RrA 1(5 W LMikwin^ Ok ' ^- "■■! Keogh, Chcrief 
Dr. Corona CA 92880 King, Ashley D. 2797 E 127 S0\\.t Ci.-.olaiiJ OH I : ' ::> Kini-. David :-i5() \V\ lg6th Ave 
33029 King, Natalie N. 3052 Boswell Drive Huntsvilfc Ai .v^Si 1 Kiiii;. Nowlon C. 2290 Main Sail t;pve Kissimn' 
RyanA. 3907 Timbercrest Dr. Huntsville AL 35810 KiBj^jShanlfl I., -.'is: rj.wu.-ll l)r nuni-,\if1(' M.^^HLI King,' 
bum Road, SW Atlanta GA 30331 Kirk, Ray C. 650 Wsnu Di \|-i :.^^ Ilunisx ilio \i .v>j<,() Kiik«n(»d, Biirgujidi| 
Rd Port Orchard WA 98367 Knapp, Connor J. 246 R^nbcv. I '■!•.. \l.,di-nn .vi. ^-^ .^S kni«;hl. Kri^tui D. 5136 e| 
LA 70072 Knight, Michael G. 38 Esplanade Mount K-rnon >. i l(i5i;> Kuniura, Ninccnl 1\)l-,; S:.i:-.\;i Post Oflid 

file IL 60446 
^58 10 Kelly, 
iy, Sarah E. 


|)ok Pines FL 

34746 King, 

2853 Fair- 

[6 SE Spruce 

Dr Marrero 
^ng Province 

ing, Steven 

M. 10 Val- 
Bend Drive 
t Miami FL 

La Mar, Tiffany R. 630 The Plain Road Westbury mpt^S^O 1 .aHnrdo. Cara J. \2{U Vliilhronk Dvwc 1 iuntsville A 
Danielle H. 19082 Highstream Drive Germantown MlflUH-? ; ! :ihad\ . .Xdonis 012 1 Kau-icur I m,- ( )i iaiido FL 328' 
K. 248 Latigo Loop Huntsville AL 35806 Lake, Keviii J. I73n W V]a!^i!:ill I ;«!...■ Dr. .\povU M V^'/o^ Landy, Sh; 
ley View Crescent Hamilton Parish CR03 Lane, Makeda N. v'.'H Iiiiivri.ii Dms^' .Vhicon G.\ MZ\ 1 Lang. Ryan 
Madison AL 35757 Langford, D'Andre' R. 3204 Mitlbujok \h i luiiivviii.- M. 35SiO Lapuniartl, Ro.sf D. 120 N 
33169 Larry, Drechelle A. 17819 NE Couch Street Portland OR 97230 Lauture, Edryce 1003 Barrett Ave Dundee FL 33838 Law, 
Brittany E. 5309 Acorn Dr. Temple Hills MD 20748 Lawrence, Jeannae M 12776 Henderson Lane Madison AL 35756 Lawrence, 
Jillian M. 12776 Henderson Lane Madison AL 35756 Lawrence-Bullock, Amber Briannal0103 Green Valley Dr. Saint Louis MO 
63136 Laws, Jeremy H. 4007 Belmont Ridge Drive Lithonia GA 30038 Ledbetter, Monae L. 9230 Livery Ln Apt M Laurel MD 20723 
Lee, Adam J. 5102 Doral Avenue Columbus OH 43213 Lee, Amber N. 2319 West Coil Street Indianapolis IN 46260 Lee, Andrew J. 
5102 Doral Avenue Columbus OH 43213 Lee, April K. 200 Heritage Circle East La Vergne TN 37086 Lee, Bryan R. 3463 N. Water 
Mill Road Montgomery AL 36116 Lee, David 2607 Hoffman Drive Huntsville AL 35810 Lee, Erica R. 3029-D Autumn Wood Dr 
Huntsville AL 35816 Lee, James J. 1905 W. 137th Street Compton CA 90222 Lee, Melissa 127 Whittemore Avenue Cambridge MA 
02140 Lee, Reginald J. 8905 Mayfield Court Saint Louis MO 63136 Legerton, Christina M. #301-15160 108 Ave Surey BC V3R 0V2 
Lemard, Adrian F 132 Gardner St. Arlington MA 2474 Lennear, Darell M. 2366 Noble Road Cleveland OH 44121 LesUe, Anthony 
L. 8541 Mission Drive Rosemead CA 91770 Leslie, Syretta S. 1364 Park Avenue Plainfield NJ 07060 Lespier, Samantha A. 5139 NW 
194th Lane Miami FL 33055 Lespier, Shernell C. 5139 N.W. 194 Lane Miami FL 33055 Letang, Micaela J. 1350 North Drive Mi- 
ami FL 33179 Levy, Troy S. 731 Lower State Road North Wales PA 19454 Lewis, Cyrus K. 67 Townsend Street Roxbury MA 02119 
Lewis, Ebony D. 14328 Kimbark Avenue Dolton IL 60419 Lewis, Michael„Jr. 5070 Deephaven Court Denver CO 80239 Lewis, Tiffany 
D. 820 East 57th Street Brooklyn NY 11234 Limerick, Gerard R. 12008 Benjamin Street Beltsville MD 20705 Lindo, Mareka 4027 
Medlock Woods Dr Snellville GA 30039 Lindsey-Summers, Andria N. 9417 Divot Lane Summerville SC 29485 Lister, Dennis J. 4 
Heathcote Hill Somerset MA06 Little, Kenneth V. 11408 Flora Lane Bowie MD 20721 Livingston, Jeff K. 501 Nimrod Road Edmond 
OK 73003 Lockett, Heather M. 3629 North 58 Boulevard Milwaukee WI 53216 Lockett, Lamont A 3629 North 58th Blvd Milwaukee 
WI 53216 Lockhart, Brandon P. 5949 Callie Furnace Ct. Manassas VA 20112 Logan, Brandi R. P.O. Box 2362 Knoxville TN 37901 
Lokko, Carl 131 Bullit Circle Ardmore AL 35739 London, Lydia V. 4621 3rd Ave S Minneapolis MN 55419 London, Winston H., II 


?E Tk MdmenP 

915 Maydell Court Tampa FL 33619 Looby, Michael 227-27 114th Drive Cambridge Heights NY 1 141 1 Louinis, Nahila 1 18-27 Long 
Street Rochdale NY 1 1434 Louis, Jana-Lynn 6996 NW A^n.'AsttU'Mfii^faf b\*\i^^m^mmM^llmm0'^m'C9m^■■^iJA Mer^ 
Apt-8 Orlando FL 32808 Lovett, Cliarita 3148 Sorrento Cirelo Atiaiiia CiA ?n}.\\ I .owe, Jewn t) 7 Ocean Lane LangKju liul h4 
Lowe, Ryan 1505 Ora Lea Lane Upper Marlboro MD 2077| [.ouerv. Jonathan ( ' '^ 100 Gemnimo Circle Huntsvillc Ai , ''>'■'■'■ 1 
Christianne 140 NW 102nd Street Miami Shores FL 3315(^Lubin, Darnclie 2 Maple Avenue. Apt-5 Moiuclair NJ 7042 Lubir 
E. P.O. Box 681176 Miami FL 33168 Lubin, Ronie G. 2 Hlb Avenue Moiuclair \"f 7042 Lubiil^ Kosny C. 3638 Chascwood" 
Huntsville AL 35805 Lucas, Calvin 107 Chase Park Dr BelflBc- IL 02226 Lucas. J.)\celyn J. 2408 f.amhcrt Drive Macon-GA 31206 
Lucate, Elizabeth N. 1344 43rd St Orlando FL 32839 LucMpJudilh M. 26.'^0 riii.;i>i Rd Louisvitle KY 40242 Luckett, Shantel f. 
5790 Lotus Street Riverside CA 92509 Lumbard, Michael L.II H.if) \\w.m C'nuii Jonesboro GA 30238 Lyles, Nathaniel, Jr. 4|7 
Hopkins Road Kemersville NC 27284 Lynes, Rahel D. lui Aderls L.ine li-.tiikruri K^' 40601 Louis- jfeuiie, Jledn-Clau(^fe24 Merfy 
Drive Apt-8 Orlando FL 32808 Lovett, Charita 3148 Sorrjh6^iMfe||jj^ (i \ .M)>31 Lowe, Jevon I) 7 Oeean L^^fcgton Hill 
Pembroke Lowe, Ryan 1505 Ora Lea Lane Upper Marlhoi^^^S^^iMEmn er\ . Jonathan C 6100 Geronlnio Ci^^pH^ville AL 
35810 Lubin, Christianne 140 NW 102nd Street Miami Sh| j^ ^^3150 Lubin. Ij^irnelle 2 N^plo ^^^c v>Apt-^^fc|airNJ 7042 
Lubin, Jean E. P.O. Box 681176 Miami FL 33168 Lubin, Ronie G. 2 Maple Avenue Mo^lair NJ 7042 Lubin, Rosny (5/3638 
Chasewood Drive Huntsville AL 35805 Lucas, Calvin 107 Chase Park Dr Belleville IL 62226 Lucas, Joycelyn J. 2408 Lambert Drive 
Macon GA 31206 Lucate, Elizabeth N. 1344 43rd St Orlando FL 32839 Luckett, Judith M. 2630 Titleist Rd Louisville KY 40242 
Luckett, Shantel T. 5790 Lotus Street Riverside CA 92509 Lumbard, Michael L.,II 1356 Wrens Court Jonesboro GA 30238 
Lyles, Nathaniel, Jr. 467 Hopkins Road Kemersville NC 27284 Lynes, Rahel D. 1137 Aderly Lane Frankfort KY 40601 

Mabandla, Buhlebenkosi P. 685 Providence Main Apt-381 Huntsville AL 35816 Mabry, Nehemiah J. 11008 Rockcliff Drive NW 
Huntsville AL 35810 MacKenzie, Shanae M. 23246 Calle Nogales Apt-261 Moreno Valley CA 92557 Maddox, James W. 5423 Shef- 
field Court Apartment 113 Alexandria VA 22311 Magistre, Daniel S. 6862 Pomeroy Circle Orlando FL 32810 Mainess, Ry'ana B. 
6202 Rime Village Drive Huntsville AL 35806 Malcolm, Peter 12006 Westridge Dr Huntsville AL 35810 Manders, Andre 1 Sentinell 
Hill Southampton SN02 Mann, Jonathan E. 3507 Mona Lee Houston TX 77080 Markland, Takiyah A. P.O. Box 487 Valley Stream 
NY 11582 Marshall, Lance S. 33 Fountayne Lane Lawrenceville NJ 08648Marshall, Latoya N. 510 NW 24th Ave., Apt-56 Fort Lau- 
derdale FL 33311 Martial, Rose K. 2711 Ashwood Street Fort Myers FL 33901 Martin, Atsar L. 7 Christie Gardens Chadwell Heath 
Romford, Essex RM6-4FA Martin, Chanika N. 3012 Burbank Drive Charlotte NC 28216 Martin, Craig A. P.O. Box 1 1884 St. Thomas 
00801 Martin, Floyd O. 3834 East Avenue Apt-S 12 Palmdale CA 93550 Mason, Katrina N 4110 Triana Blvd. Huntsville AL 35805 
Massiah, Kristena L. 12808 Sutters Lane Bowie MD 20720 Massillon, Gerna 261 NE 13th St. Delray Beach FL 33444 Mathieu, 
Mirlande 30 Seneca Street Staten Island NY 10310 Mathis, Steven B. 17647 Sw 32nd Street Miramar FL 33029 Matthews, Andre R. 
7301 17th Avenue Adelphi MD 20783 Matthews, Cecilia L. 3114 Doner Circle Huntsville AL 35810 Matthews, Deanna 3114 Doner 
Circle Huntsville AL 35810 Maurent, Harry 2828 Golden Club Bend Austell GA 30106 Mayberry, Algerita J. P. O. Box 83 Cleveland 
MS 38732 Maycock, Ashley E. 2613 Trail Ridge Road Huntsville AL 35810 Maycock, Laura A. 20643 Haggerty Rd Belleville MI 
48111 Mayers, Keisha 9336 Coriander Place Dallas TX 75217 Mayes, Domonique D. 6404 Cedar Point Drive Huntsville AL 35810 
McAdams, Amanda R. 5 Fort Sumter Lane Stafford VA 22554 McBean, Jeremy M. 706 Buccaneer Court Silver Spring MD 20904 
McCalla-Floyd, Jazmyne T. 5916 Grosner Place Charlotte NC 28211 McCarthy, Crystal J 60 White Pine Avenue Walterboro SC 
29488 McClean, Kamila S. 22 Countryman Circle Toronto, Ontario M9V 4M9 McClure, Daryl 403 Airway Circle Belton MO 64012 
McClure, Renekquashun W. P.O. Box 76232 Milwaukee WI 53216 McCowan, Brittany 11 Carriage Road Charleston WV 25314 
McCoy, Stephen L. 14509 Rock Creek Road Brandy wine MD 20613 McCoy, Terrell R., Jr. 8516 Chickamauga Court Mabelvale AR 
72103 McCracken, Julian C. 243 Short Leaf Lane Harvest AL 35749 McDaniel, Bethani M. 7079 Rivertown Road Fairbum GA 30213 
McDole, Cheri 1712 W. 131st Street Compton CA 90222 McDonald, Cherie 1216 Mount Logan Dr. Apopka FL 32712 McDonald, 
Louia A. 16781 Torrence Ave Lansing IL 60438 McDuffy, Jessica 4300 Lakeview Dr Huntsville AL 35810 McFarlane, Abraham 1329 
Ravenshoe Rd Box 234 Queensville ON LOGIRO McFarlane, Lydia G. 1329 Ravenshoe Road Box 234 Queensville, Ontario LOG IRO 
McGauley, Sabrina 3705 Grizzard Road Huntsville AL 35810 McGhee, Martina P. 151 Oak View Lane Helena AL 35080 McGinnis, 
Frank E.,Jr. 300 N. F Street Pensacola FL 32501 McGriff, James T 500 Ripple Lane Hampton Cove AL 35763 Mcintosh, Juwanza 
12345 Gee Golly Lane Wowzers MD =) =) =) Mcintosh, Nachelle A. 1525 Nelson Ave Apt-D Bronx NY 10452 Mclntyre, Raphael-To- 
bias 3012 Scottsdale Dr Killeen TX 76543 Mclver, Micheil E. 16706 Wardlow Road Upper Marlboro MD 20772 McKinney, Quinshikka 
S. P.O. Box AB20184 Abaco McKinney, Tyrone 18254 Meadowood Avenue Lathrup Village MI 48076 McKinnie, Jessica 13608 Vin- 
cent Way Bowie MD 20715 McKinson, Errol W. Jr. 6403 Park Hall Dr Laurel MD 20707 McLarty, Olnee C. 78 Wellstone Drive Palm 
Coast FL 32164 McLaughlin, Lisa D. 25 Cobden St Boston MA 021 19 McLean, D'Jenneth S. 56 Hughes Street Maplewood NJ 07040 

The Memenf S 245 

McLean, Keri M. 12527 Millbanks Drive Houston TX 77031 McLeod, Nikka M 7740 Wyndam Road Pennsauken NJ 8109 McMillan, 
Clifton J., Jr. P.O. Box 1185 Antioch TN 37011-1185 McNeil, Chasity 136 Roesler Road San Antonio TX 78220 McNorton, Kathryn 
C. 2356 Woodvine Court Grand Prairie TX 75052 McSwain, Jasmine N. 1706 Tabb Avenue Hopewell VA 23860 McWilliams, Nathan 
26340 235th Avenue SE Maple Valley WA 98038 McWilliams, Steven M. 26340 235th Avenue, SE Maple Valley WA 98038 McWil- 
liams, Toni L. 2412 Brookline Court SW Decatur AL 35603 Mckinney, Shalondra D. 708 Arbor Crossings Dr. Lithonia GA 30058 
Mclaughlin, Richard H 25 Cobden Street Boston MA 02121 Medford, Krissan A. 226 Putnam Avenue Brooklyn NY 11216 Medley, 
Ernest R. 305 Northside Drive Nashville TN 371 15 Medley, LaToya S. 305 Northside Dr Madison TN 371 15 Medlock, Morgan M 1631 
Nob Hill Circle Duncanville TX 75137 Menefee, Dashawn E. 144 Beileview Drive. 4 Sa{^S§r^\ ') l-.S"." <i^i^^^evin S. 2222 
Jordan Lane Apt A Huntsville AL 35805 Metansingh, Monique L, 141 2 SW 75lh Ave Pompano B.- \•\^ 1 1 > ^'.u.s Mick't^^Justin C. P.O. 
Box 46143 1 Aurora CO 80046 Mickens, Michael C. 10 E Crestwood Ave Somerdalc NJ 08083 Milli-r. Vusha M. 1 ; ( miimonwealth Ave 
Newark NJ 07106 Miller, Alfred D.„ HI ?'\^?) W.cnoiiah Dr SW Birmingham AL 35211 Miller, CiH'ric W i') 'd W-v, .Uimestown Road 
Saint Louis MO 63138 Miller, Damari-sj..^ r. ■ ■ ■! Cougar Lane Charlotte NC 28269 Miller, Eric H.. Jr. ')>'■■ '-^W ' lih Terrace Delray 
Beach PL 33444 Miller, Genee D. 17(i ' =' . ; ■ ■■ 'rest Rockford !!. 6! i07 Miller-Whytc, Jerome I'. U' :i :: ' ■•■ M J.nnaica NY 1 1413 
Mills, Aaron T. 216 Consitution Dr Ns. • '.'■' • . ". Ai. 35759 Mills. Smith J. ill P.O. Box 2224 •>^ '-v.- I!L- \( ;s. i ■.? Mims, Sheryl D. 
2022 Golf Road Apt 109 Huntsville Al. ■• -■ s" Nhiig, Dion J, 4 Hill Crcsccnl Pembroke HM02 Miii-n. \\hU\' A <0'- \{: 145th Dr. Spring- 
field Garden NY 1 1434 Mingo, Courf.r* . • • '-.v iii-.; u'l ^ ood Way I hintsv illc AL 35806 Mtngit. i rMiui \I, i ^ i I \\ hisperwood Way 
Huntsville AL 35806 Minisee, Alyssa^\Ji.^\-^ U?/,.>pivss we Palmdale Cf^93551 Minott, Jenlta I.. "'1 .'> M;! Diive El Paso TX 
79924 Mitchell, Alina M. 5890 Rivei^fe^o;i^'t?i' P- 1 : College Park (^ 30349 Mitchell, Da.MM "M. -J .s.h^;-..-.; iUvd Farmingdale 
NY 1 1735 Mitchell, Derrick L 2701 (^^a\c '1 . : . i :■ .it^ville AL 35810 Mitchell, Dillon tIA'-- ^.d,-. -a. ■-..:..! - \- .-. -M Brooklyn NY 
11203 Mitchell, Keira T. 859 Shadow i :■'■•- ' ■■ ■• ■.■ ■■ ■'■■ .- .■ GA 30058 ftitchell, Kenya 859 Sl.-.d^.--.. i i' cs !.>ii->.- i.i'h.mia GA 30058 
Mitchell, Nicole 555 Sandridge Loop ^ ■■• ■■ - -•■■. ■•>^.- . \|,u:in;ll, Jt^jonda 17 Spectrum Dr Nevv.i^i- Dl. ]')"'. ^ Mhrht-ll. Sasha N 3619 
Hester Lane Huntsville AL 35810 Moi.Nf. K:ir! L. ...-• i ...iiklin A#Apt-4A i^«'0^^3^J^^^^23^ Mom-lU-. Mchinie (i. 1614 Fox Hall 
Road Savannah GA 31406 Monette, IN^ehcie G. :o'l4 1-oxhall Road Savannah GA 3-l^^fctgomcr) , Powell H. D. 3822 Timbercrest 
Dr. Huntsville AL 35810 Montgomery, Taurus L. 699 Carter Gin Rd. Toxey AL 36921 Montgomery, Tyrone V. 5140 Millenium Dr 
Apt D-5 Huntsville AL 35806 Moore, Alyssa 406 N La Sena Ave West Covina CA 91790 Moore, Brian A. 350 Broken Arrow Dr Gah- 
anna OH 43230 Moore, Jared G. 406 North La Sena Ave West Covina CA 91790 Moore, Kamilah A. 916 Quail Valley Dr Brentwood 
TN 37027 Moore, Latrice D. 3732 Avondale St. Louis MO 63121 Moore, Maurvel J. 4820 Shawmont Dr Huntsville AL 35810 Moore, 
Ryiesha A. 1400 Lemon Ave Apt C Long Beach CA 90813 Morel, Hubert J.,III 3617 Haddington Ct Apopka FL 32712 Moreland, 
Adrian T. 3602 LoiTain Rd Indianapolis IN 46220 Morgan, Angela 2003 Drake Avenue Panama City FL 32405 Morgan, James L., Ill 
1113 East Shoreview Rd. McDonough GA 30253 Morgan, Perri C. 301-D W. Carriage Drive Santa Ana CA 92707 Morgan, Robert 
L. 1 1 13 East Shoreview Rd Mc Donough GA 30253 Moricin, Michaelle 2406 Esther Ave Huntsville AL 35810 Morris, Jessica A. 101 
Jones Valley Drive Huntsville AL 35802 Morris, John A. 4354 Ceylon Street Denver CO 80249 Morris, Lorraine A. 20424 NW 29 Place 
Miami FL 33056 Morris, Renee K. 101 Jones Valley Dr. SW Huntsville AL 35802 Morris, Sarah R. 101 Jones Valley Dr SW Hunts- 
ville AL 35802 Morris, Sonia M 20424 Northwest 29th Place Opa-locka FL 33056 Morris, Sterling X. 329 N. Arseneau Rd Kankakee 
IL 60901 Morrow, Erica S 475 Amett Boulevard Rochester NY 14619 Morrow, Lauren D. 1634 Nestling Drive Columbus OH 43229 
Mose, Survival D. K. 2735 Rice Street, #122 Saint Paul MN 551 13 Moses, Quamille 100 Heatherwood Dr Madison AL 35758 Mosley, 
Courtney J. 2008 Lloyd Street Bellevue NE 68005 Mosley, Monica D. 4611 Edwardian Cir Apt 4611 Indianapolis IN 46254 Moss, 
Jacquece L. 2600 Camelback Lane Apartment-7 Silver Spring MD 20906 Moss, Marcus A. 8816 East 61st Raytown MO 64133 Moss, 
Michael A., II 8816 E. 61 Street Raytown MO 64133 Moten, Marvin, II 1336 Draper Road Talladega AL 35160 Mugerwa, David N. 
2101 Hampshire Drive Adelphi MD 20783 Murphy, Anthony L.„ II 195 Green Valley Road Fairbum GA 30213 Murphy, Jessica L. 
1756 Dailey Ter Huntsville AL 35816 Murrell, Michael A. 16 Gatehouse Court Madison AL 35758 Mushonga, Alfred, T. 1 Indanda 
Close Mt. Pleasant Harare Mutema, Israel 5 Jodphur Avenue Toronto ON M9M2J3 Myers, Lashawn R. 275 N.E. 173 Street North 
Miami Beach FL 33162 Myles, Heather 707 Staghom Dr New Castle DE 19720 Myles, Shari R. 707 Staghom Drive New Castle DE 
19720 Myrick, Courtney L. 3773 Williams Road Montgomery AL 36110 Myrie, Calvin W. 58 Pamela Lane New Rochelle NY 10804 

Neale, Andie M. 4526 Clam Shell Dr. Jacksonville FL 32218 Nelson, DiAndre' 1661 Swedesboro Ave Paulsboro NJ 08066 Nelson, 
Joshua C. Velocity Computer Suppl 2524 Payne Ave Modesto CA 95351 Nelson, Liana C 20700 Edgewood Circle Castro Valley CA 
94552 Nelson, Louis D. Jr. 650 Wynn Drive Apt 263 Huntsville AL 35816 Nelson, Michele Velocity Computer Suppl 2524 Payne Ave 
Modesto CA 95351 Newman, Seth M. 43 Orchard Drive Gaithersburg MD 20878 Newton, Kedene K. 125 Wintergardens Trail Toronto, 
Ontario ON M1C-3M9 Newton, Kedon A. 125 Winter Gardens Trail Toronto, Ontario M1C3M9 Nicholas, India C. 368 Anna Maria 

246 ^ The Mdmenf 

Drive Altadena CA 91001 Nicholas, Noel 368 Anna Maria Drive Altadena CA 91001 Nicholson, Matthew A. 2346 Bowwood Court 
Villa Rica GA 30180 Nicholson, Rashon L 1261 Tuxedo Square Teaneck NJ 7666 Nisbeth, Keamesha C. 1514 Heather Hill Cresce 
nt Flossmoor IL 60422 Nixon, Clarise J. 2629 Gawain Road Huntsville AL 35803 Nixon, Marc K. 4012 Juniper Drive Huntsville AL 

601 8th ^^p^^^^^rbor MI 4'J{)22'Norman, MarvenK^TsSWStiiiMa'Dr Colton CA 92324 Nurse, Haycin C. 21 1 Grassland 
Rd Hunji^^^. 3581 1 Nwankfpa, Carolyn C. ')53 1 S. Doh.. hi ( hica-ji) 1! . f.()()28 Nwosu, John C. 25506 Portola Loop Loma Linda CA 
92354 TjHHI^^iiaj^^ 255()6 PortoLi Loop I .inn.i I .iiul.i C A *)2 <5 ^ Nuu.ju. Chidozie 6325 Brightlea Dr Lanham Seabrook MD 20706 

\KL 85308 O'NeiU I^i-Ama S. 5614 Mountain View Pass Stone Moun- 
*?Boi464 Wilbejford OH 45384 Ogunrinu, Temidayo O. 11487 Whit- 
, Wnotfty (^/588 %, Sterling tmm Vail AZ 85641 Olaye, Toyin 202 Old Mill Court 
11504 Jan^fewn Ct: L*4Upl I^P;J«3 Oliver, Ruthlyn 1791 Cartersville Rd Goochland 
NW^^^ Street ^ggli FL 3^6^ -'Om^fr^Pierre 111 Center Bridge Rd Lancaster MA 01523 
Ongwela, Timothy O". 1741 Greenbriar Drive Portage MI 49024 Osi, Kristi'e C. 310 Audubon Drive Mandeville LA 74071 Os- 
ton, Lakeshia P. 7174 Horsehoe Circle Conway SC 29527 Osuji, Johnwilly E. 6046 Crestmont Dr Chino Hills CA 91709 Ot- 
tley, Nathalie K. 120-33 Inwood Street Jamaica NY 11436 Outerbridge, Schinel B. 8 Claytown, Bailey's Bay Hamilton Par- 
rish Owusu-Frimpong, Dorcas 490 Claremont Parkway Bronx NY 10457 Oyekanmi, Abiola E. MP 767 Mount Pleasant Harare 

Packwood, Yelena K. 513 Northbridge Drive Altamonte Springs FL 32714 Paige, Ricardo D. 107 Brooksedge Dr Pataskala OH 43062 
Palmer, Shaun C. 81 1 Trebisky Road Cleveland OH 44143 Palmer, Shelton D. 2503 Dysart Road Cleveland OH 441 18 Palmer, Sher- 
elle 2442 Amber Drive Canton MI 48188 Parham, Damion T. 344 Still Forest Terrace Sanford FL 32771 Parham, Jaalah R. 3726 Gold 
Ridge Trail Pollock Pines CA 95726 Paris, Reuel S. 926 S Rifle Ct Aurora CO 80017 Parker, Jerrond 24450 St. Thomas Moreno Val- 
ley CA 92551 Parks, Melissa L 29 W. Fairview Dayton OH 45406 Parraway, Brandon S. 4800 Panola Avenue Fort Worth TX 76103 
Paschal, Anthony Jr. 1360 Palm Avenue Beaumont CA 92223 Paschal, Antonio D. 12910 Quartz Cir Madison AL 35756 Paschal, 
Bryan L 12910 Quartz Circle Madison AL 35756 Paschal, Jennifer D. 1360 Palm Avenue Beaumont CA 92223 Paschal, Samuel M 
3912 Neptune Dr. Huntsville AL 35810 Pate, Jonathan 4901 Sunset Ln Country Club Hills IL 60478 Patillo, Alex T. 4008 Donnebrook 
Ct Ooltewah TN 37363 Patrickson, Elise N 170 Victoria Drive Fayetteville GA 30214 Patterson, Kia A. 916 Poplar St Coatesville PA 
19320 Patterson, Tasheria N. 243 Montgomery St Troy AL 36081 Paul, Karlyne 911 South 'D' Street Lake Worth FL 33460 Paul, 
Levin 1409 Ascent Trrail Apt D Huntsville AL 35816 Payne, Latoya E. 3091 Cobb Pkwy NW Apt-1638 Kennesaw GA 30152 Peabody, 
Mayatu E. 235 W. Delaware Ave. Benton Harbor MI 49022 Pedersen-Buck, Lauren M. 720 Central Park Blvd. Port Orange FL 32127 
Pedersen-Buck, Shayla 720 Central Park Blvd Port Orange Beach FL 32127 Pelote, Leslie G. 2314 Spring Branch Dr Madison TN 371 15 
Penick, Charles W. 9854 Smoky Court Stockton CA 95209 Penick, Shepard R. P.O. Box 1614 Redmond OR 97756 Penick, William 
E. 9854 Smoky Court Stockton CA 95209 Pennyfeather, Rhonitta B. 6620 Old Madison Pike Apt 1202 Huntsville AL 35806 Perceval, 
Philande 1002 South C. Street Lake Worth FL 33460 Percy, O'Ge F. 1830 West Finland Drive Deltona FL 32725 Perry, Adam W. 327 
Evergreen Avenue Idanha OR 97350 Perry, Ashley K. 7378 Meadowglen St NE Keizer OR 97303 Perry, Bettina E. 3441 Hunters Pace 
Dr Lithonia GA 30038 Peters, Jhanelle C. 73 Quarry Edge Drive Brampton, Ontario L4V4L4 Peters, Kanetha F. 102 White Gap 
Road Berkeley Springs WV 25411 Peters, Leroy 13902 Alfeld Ave Los Angeles CA 900610000 Peterson, Albert B., Jr 1607 Dundalk 
Ave Baltimore MD 21222 Peterson, Candace L. 4833 North 57th St Milwaukee WI 53218 Peterson, Janna E. 761 1 North 60th Street 
Milwaukee WI 53223 Pettigrew, Princess V 4480 Briton Ct. Fayetteville NC 28314 Pettigrew, Vonda T. 5025 Blue Springs Rd NWApt 
#16 Huntsville AL 35810 Phanor, Gabrielle 15 A Rhobella Drive Poughkeepsie NY 12603 Phillips, Gerald D. 1652 E. 51st Street 
Los Angeles CA 90011 Phillips, Jonathan T 2603 Hoffman Drive Huntsville AL 35810 Phillips, Kevin D. 203 Salvia Ct. Harvest AL 
35749 PhiUips, L'Tasha N. 9 Sherborne Road Savannah GA 31419 Phillips, L'Tisha J. 9 Sherborne Road Savannah GA 31419 Phil- 
Hps, Melissa 1652 E 51st. St Los Angeles CA 9001 1 Phillips, Shanika I. 735 East 43 Street Brooklyn NY 1 1203 Phipps, Winston A. 50 
Southampton Terrace Vero Beach FL 32963 Phipps, Wintley A. 50 Southampton Terrace Vero Beach FL 32963 Pibien, Juliette 1500 
Sparkman Drive #38-C Huntsville AL 35816 Pierce, Veronika E. 5510 Jackson Avenue Kansas City MO 64130 Pierre, Geston 5213 
Holland Street Naples FL 34113 Pierre, Islande 7317 Woodridge Park Dr. Apt-3301 Oriando FL 32818 Pierre, Sybille V. 2816 Shelley 
Road Philadelphia PA 19152 Pinder, JacqueUne M. 1311 Fox Run Drive Chariotte NC 28212 Pinder, Natalie L. 1311 Fox Run Drive 
Charlotte NC 28212 Pinnock, Monique-Renee 36-132 Brighton Street Waterioo, Ontario N21-4S6 Piper, Ewarla English Harbour Anti 

Tk Moment 


gua. West Indies Pitcher, Elliott M. 4075 Rosenda Ct #274 San Diego CA 92122 Pitman, Alvin B. 3400 Venona Ave Apt B-3 Huntsville 
AL 35810 Plante, Chantel N. 181 1 1 NW, 2nd Court Miami FL 33169 Pointdujour, George 2371 NW 87 Ln Fort Lauderdale FL 33322 
Polite, Jonathan M. 77 Rosewell Street Springfield MA 01 109 Pollock, Leslie 7560 South Arbory Lane Laurel MD 20707 Pondexter, 
Tammy 8266 Creek Street Jonesboro GA 30236 Poole, Victoria N. 1511 W. 186 Place Homewood IL 60430 Porter, John J. 3887 
Wisteria Lane, SW Atlanta GA 30331 Porter, Marcus D. 950 Coe Dairy Road Dothan AL 36301 Potter, Delicia M. 2605 Skyline Dr. 
Huntsville AL 35810 Pottinger, Devin J. 3125 N. 58th St Milwaukee WI 53216 Poulis, Geneira S. 813 Starlight Cove Rd #105 Orlando 
FL 32828 Pounal, Caroline E. 1 150 Tarpley Shop Rd Pulaski TN 38478 Pouncey, Ollie E. 71 19 South Constance Chicago IL 60649 Pow- 
ell, Briana 7 North Woodcrest Dr. Belleville IL 62223 Powell, Deanna C. 354 Wyona Street Brooklyn NY 1 1207 Powell, Naomi E 354 
Wyona Street Brooklyn NY 1 1207 Powell, Nevasca N. 354 Wyona Street Brooklyn NY 1 1207 Pressley, Carolyn M 4516 23rd Avenue 
South St. Petersburg FL 3371 1 Pressley, Joyce L. 1081 Sandy Springs Road Huntsville AL 35806 Preston, DeNeil W. 135 Crown Park 
Drive Mc Donough GA 30253 Preston, Traci D 6215 Cedar Point Drive Huntsville AL 35810 Prince, Meghan E 2396 Westgate Court 
Canton Ml 48188-3233 Pritchett, Sara E. 6010 Academy Lane Harrah OK 73045 Profitt, Terrell O. 196 Stone Valley Drive Huntsville 
AL 35806 Prosper, George W. 806 Lenox Road Brooklyn NY 11203 Prosper, Natalie J 8816 Pioneer Road Berrien Springs MI 49103 
Provost, Angel H 5025 Blue Springs Road Apt. 51 Huntsville AL 35810 Pruitt, Kristen D. 71 17 Cedar Hill Drive Gainesville GA 30507 
Pruitt, Kristen D. 71 17 Cedar Hill Drive Gainesville GA 30507 Pullman, Sheena M. 1 101 Old Saybrook Court Stone Mountain GA 30083 

Quaccoo, Lania K. Pole 61# Market St St. Joseph's 

Rachel, Christopher G. 1142 NW 18th Street Fort Lauderdale FL 33311 Raphael, Patric J. 13432 W. Nolina Dr Hesperia CA 92344 
Ravenell, Pierre D. 1164 Unity Rd Saint Stephen SC 29479 Ray, Carlos M. 1156 Bennington Drive Lansing MI 48917 Reed, Austin 
D. 2821 Hamilton St Omaha NE 68131 Reed, Markel D. 6315 Montieth Drive Charlotte NC 28213 Reevers, Jolita R. 1244 Stonehedge 
Drive Birmingham AL 35235 Reeves, Sheria Y. 208 Windy Hill Road Coatesville PA 19320 Reid, Andrew M. 2361 67th Avenue, 
South Saint Petersburg FL 33712 Reid, Evette A. 1676 Imperial Palm Drive Apopka FL 32712 Reid, Jessica L 4611 Governors House 
DrApt. 215 Huntsville AL 35805 Reid, Kanika J. 7000 Adventist Blvd P.O. Box 30091 Huntsville AL 35896 Reid, Shanna R. 23 Long- 
fellow Avenue Newark NJ 07106 Remy, Sonide 350 NE 27th Court Boynton Beach FL 33435 Reynolds, Kimberley K. 16 Victoria 
Street Toronto, Ontario M8V 1E3 Reynolds, Stevie L. 13608 Vincent Way Bowie MD 20715 Reynolds, Tiffany J. 344 Dekay Avenue 
Riverside CA 92518 Rhoades, Renee D. 1915 Featherwood Street Silver Spring MD 20904 Rice, Shasmine J. 4043 Crest Drive Dayton 
OH 45416 Richards, Claudia R. 2 Melissa Lane Washington ville NY 10992 Richards, Reyniak A. 2 Melissa Lane Washingtonville 
NY 10992 Richardson, Andrea L. 2309 Huntsman Way Antioch CA 94531 Richardson, Arielle T. 11305 SE Kent Kangley RdApt 
2-4 Kent WA 98030 Richardson, David C. 5805 Chase Commons CtApt 305 Burke VA 22015 Richardson, Indra R #10 Benevides 
Ln. Southampton SB03 Richardson, Joy M. 8081 Battin Howell Road South Charleston OH 45368 Richardson, Kara M. 5 Hillsdale 
Avenue Pembroke HM20 Richardson, Krystle N. 2310 Lynn Drive Huntsville AL 35810 Richardson, Nina C. 173 Baker Rd Apt 
C-1 Huntsville AL 35806 Richardson, Rodney W. 4515 Bonnel Dr Apt 24G Huntsville AL 35816 Richardson, Rupert L., Ill 1075 
Dockside Drive Apt-908 Huntsville AL 35824 Rigacci, Luis F. 4316 Bardin Road Grand Prairie TX 75052 Rivers, Angela M. 125 
N. Euclid Ave #202 Oak Park IL 60301 Roach, Alcott L. P.O. Box N-1849 Nassau Roberson, Kirk A. 4426 Harbor View Avenue 
Oam^^ ').UnO RuhcHs. Idri^ I). .W-^ 1 jifr.^v.ootl li; 'tMiixVf^'.^^SlS Roberts, Ivan I 145-28 158th St. Jamaica NY 11434 
Robinson, (crisv D. ]i) ]\r>hm (.'iicic Mapk-, OiiUiric i-^"' '---"^-.^iSJiiMHJhristine L 5 Oak Hill Drive Rock Tavern NY 12575 Rob- 
inson, Cxnlhiij M 71)00 \tJM;iiiisi HivJ., \p t. 25 Hum.s\illi; :\tf^^9Smmson, David L. 11440 Little Patuxent Apt-701 Columbia 
ML> ^1(1 ! 1 Rohin.M»n, kiishii I- H't ('hcuMiio jrail Huntsville- W .i-SS()Sftbinson, Kevin J. 1027 Edgewood Dr Anniston AL 36207 
RoHfen. Kinihi'rl\ I), jc.-^ ( iK-y.-n.iK- liv.i! ilunts\ille Al. .v^xod Robiiflfo, Kofi B. 3741 Longfellow Ave Minneapolis MN 55407 
Ro^Kn. Marcia iM.^o: ! ,.\i i.|;:.- C-<ua MiicheliviUc .VID 'IW'l 1 Robins MMarquis D 1010 Henderson Rd 10-B Huntsville AL 35816 
Rofffi^on. Marcjiiila I). i!i5n.": ! .i-iiduo (.'uun MiicIk-IImIIc Ml) 2n72jjffl|nson, Myesha L 8 Twin Lane Drive Pembroke Robinson, 
RejMiM|di:. 5( > M ();■! vo.hI kiuti ■■• •''O HunisviiK- \L 35n'J6 RobinsotiJHRah D. 6971 Pleasant View Lane Highland CA 92346 RoUe, 
IsaHMB-Hth \\.jiiK' \i.-\^ ^i.ik NY IdO'Mi Koint-o. Kcah .\. ''-^^vHBH St. Johns Romilus, Elsie 105 Bridlewood Dr. Brandon MS 
39(HBfef, V eroiiica \ . 7 1S4 Oaklaii.l 1 lili> I )i ^ pMl.niii MI 48 1 yT^SBrandon K. 13402 Blackbird Drive Cypress TX 77429 Rose- 
boi'lfBflfe^niandii S. ^~5 ^^ Selt-m 1 1 ai 1 1 .iilioui.t ( I \ :-' " )}>■ KoseborouglijJH-ett L. 3753 Salem Trail Lithonia GA 30038 Ross, Carolina 
M. 7319 bUth Street West Aparini«<fel4-]U2ynivor!,iiy Place WA ^4«fT'iBli, Dontrice B. 2424 W. 63rd Avenue Apt. 4 Merrillville IN 
46410 Ross, Joyce K. 7319 60th Street Court Apartment- 1 4- 102University Place WA 98467 Ross, Ladonna A. 2424 W. 63rd Ave Apt 4 
Gary IN 46410 Ross, Tessa E. 79 Ravine Edge Drive Toronto, Ontario L4E-4J3 Roston, Donnette L, 4873 Durham Court Denver CO 80239 
Rouser, April Y. 2143 Clark St. Anchorage AK 99504 Rowe, William C. 30527 Independence Ave. Redlands CA 92374 Rucker, Audrey 
C 309 Beulah Lane Sparta GA 31087 Rugless, Fedoria E. 24884 Deer Ridge Lane Athens AL 35613 Rugless, Jennifer N. 3301 Bannon 

248 ^ The MdmenP 

St. Savannah GA 31404 Rugless, Jesse 3301 Bannon Dr Savannah GA 31404 Rugless, Lauren D. 685 Providence Main St. Apt #220 
Huntsville AL 35806 Ruhumuliza, Janelle L. 12121 N. Redbud Trl. Buchanan MI 49107 Rumph, Eric S. 1174 Broadway Benton Harbor 
MI 49022 Russell, Fredrick A. 8243 Spring Branch Court Laurel MD 20723 Russell, Khrystal J. 1512 Foxhall Lane Atlanta GA 30316 

Sabater, Derrick A. 8039 Donet Terrace Dr. Charlotte NC 28205 Saint-Fleur, Elmany 322 Hurt Drive Smyrna GA 30082 Saint-Fleur, 

Shearande 322 Hurt Drive Smyrna GA 30082 Saintange, Trighose 1500 John Wesle\ 

Ludny 1805 W Blue Heron Blvd Apt C-103 West Palm Beach| 

Sampson, Arika D. 3164 Hillside Court Kelseyville CA 93 

Kimberly R. 450 Highland Avenue Mount Vernon NY ICE 

Michael D., II 12351 Marshall Avenue Apt- 17 Kelseyville 

Samson, Fernand D. 6015 Rickwood Drive Huntsville AL35I 

Kishana A. Almond Grove Road, #12 Cole Bay St. Maar 

ers, Dominique L. P.O. Box 342 Naples NC 28760 Sandy, Jei 

Midway Drive, Apt-2 Berrien Springs MI 49103 Sartin, 

Kimberly C. 522 Pine Valley Run Chesapeake VA 2332C 

die 28417 15th Place S. Federal Way WA 98003 Scarlett! 

7000 Adventist Blvd. P.O. Box 30098 Huntsville AL 358| 

Schimming, Elaine M. 10492 Buchanan St, NE Blaine Ml 

Wav ADt-#180 Hu ntsville AL 35816 Saintil, 
voad Hephzibah GAB815 
»yvillc C;A 95451 SaMi^on, 
Angeles CA 9(M)47 SMion, 
1 575 North Main. Street Lakepoil CA f?453 
}4 Ave Miami FL 33156 Samuel, 
:Blvd. Apopka FL 32703 Sand- 
^O 80123 Swtana, Naomee 9051 
ja^h It 60073 Satterfield, 
rA'KS 66048 Saylor, Ed- 
?t 33023 Scarlett, Shanna M 
rrreentree T|l^J^unlsvjIle AL 35,803 

Erica M. 2320 SW 7th Street Ocala FL 34474 Scott, Marcel 3068 Mallbridge Crest Mississauga, Ontario L4T-2L6 Sealey, Lenworth 
A. 677 East 77th St Brooklyn NY 11236 Sealy, Adrian E. 2502 Ave D Apt F6 Brooklyn NY 11226 Seay, April L. 2913 Nocturne For- 
est Dr. Nashville TN 37207 Seay, George R., Ill 2913 Nocturne Forest Dr Nashville TN 37207 Sharperson, Chaunte J. 5708 San Juan 
Drive Clinton MD 20735 Shaw, Herone J 7180 Hilmar Drive Westerville OH 43082 Shaw, Romane W. 836 SW 159th Way Pembroke 
Pines FL 33027 Shay, Emily A. 3181 Three Cedars Drive Vancouver BC V584K5 Shelton, Ralph E. Jr. 18950 Hampshire Lathrup 
Village MI 48076 Sheppard, Ashley N. 8304 Cotton Valley Ln Arlington TX 76002 Shields, Roscoe, Jr. 130 Willow Valley Dr Har- 
vest AL 35749 Silvera, Tiffany S. 16514 SW 103rd Court Miami FL 33157 Simeon, Jessica A 2904 Doreen Lane Marrero LA 70072 
Simmons, Benjamin A., II P.O. Box 2857 Sulphur LA 70664 Simmons, Bethany A 7304 Lea Place Fortworth TX 76140 Simmons, 
Edward L., Jr. 2455 Cape Road Johns Island SC 29455 Simmons, Lorna D. 6807 Mayfair Road Laurel MD 20707 Simmons, Marilyn 
R. 273 Sterling Road Lancaster MA 01523 Simmons, Rhonda N. 4830 Margaretta Avenue St. Louis MO 63115 Simms, Teiko S. 1328 
Daventry Drive De Soto TX 75115 Simons, Serena C. 191 Middle Road Southampton SN04 Simpson, Dale O, 306 Manchester Dr 
South Bend IN 46615 Sims, Sarah R. 19670 Rosyln Road Detroit MI 48221 Sims, Shawn R. 8522 Bollier Ave Niagara Falls NY 14304 
Sims, Shonqyat S. 901 Bolton Road, Apt-I3 Atlanta GA 30331 Sinanan, Victor R. 5219 Sansom Philadelphia PA 19139 Sineus, Wile- 
nise L 100 East Viola St. Avon Park FL 33825 Singleton, Carrie L. 4208 Foxborough Trail Arlington TX 76001 Slocumb, Melanie 
L. 6318 Lake Paddock Drive Florissant MO 63033 Small, Sean C. 4201 Elmwood Avenue Lynwood CA 90262 Smart, Stephanie E 
7408-lOth Avenue Kenosha WI 53143 Smith, Ashley C. 3834 Crouch Dr. Nashville TN 37207 Smith, Brandon J. 121 Laredo Circle 
Huntsville AL 35811 Smith, Brittany O. 4006 Camary Drive Conyers GA 30094 Smith, Daron W. 340 Gillespie Rd Apt 122 Madi- 
son AL 35758 Smith, Demerious K. 35 Horseshoe Lane Mullica Hill NJ 8062 Smith, Domonique E. 6586 Meadowlark Drive River- 
dale GA 30296 Smith, Duhmad E. 249 E. Jackson, Apt-A Rialto CA 92376 Smith, Edward C. 501 Milan Rd Chariotte NC 28216 
Smith, Eric D. 2470 Milton St SE Warren OH 44484 Smith, Jacinta 575 Trillum Court Marietta GA 30008 Smith, Jarvis F. 8450 
Glenwoods Drive Riverdale GA 30274 Smith, Jonathan A. 5014 Oakwood Rd #22 Huntsville AL 35896 Smith, Joshua C. 101 Golden 
Oak Drive Huntsville AL 35806 Smith, Kahari Y 153 Oakcrest Road Huntsville AL 3581 1 Smith, Kristen D. 10818 Waco Drive Upper 
Marlboro MD 20772 Smith, Laticia M. 1733 Pondella Dr. Charlotte NC 28213 Smith, LilUan 168 Briargate Lane Madison AL 35758 
Smith, Lynda M. 3245 Mason Wood Drive Nashville TN 37207 Smith, Raquel S. 18 Anna Street Nyack NY 10960 Smith, Renee A. 
340 Gillespie Road Apt-188 Madison AL 35758 Smith, Rishee S. #1 Palm Valley Southampton WKOl Smith, Ronald C. II 18318 Lyles 
Drive Hagerstown MD 21740 Smith, Troy A. 340 Gillespie Road, Apt- 188 Madison AL 35758 Smith, Vuarnet M. 1750 West Edgar 
Rd Six Lakes MI 48886 Smith, William S., II 1 13 Bridgeway Ln Madison AL 35758 Smith, Winsome S. 924 N. 9th Street Atchison KS 
66002 Solomon, Jurelder J. 11741 N.W. 35th Street Sunrise FL 33323 Solomon, Kevin R. 1022 West Front Street Plainfield NJ 07063 
Solomon, Nadege T. 5267 Miranda Way Powder Springs GA 30127 Spann, Nakia D. 8364 Papillon Ave Reynoldsburg OH 43068 
Spates, Debo'rah L. 11123 Evergreen Drive Berrien Springs MI 49103 Spates, Stephen A. 11123 Evergreen Drive Berrien Springs MI 
49103 Spellen, Leah C. 4295 Harvest Hillcourt Decatur GA 30034 Spence, Veronee J. 931 Lyons Rd Apt 4104 Coconut Creek FL 33063 
Spencer, Michelle Y. 3 Sunrise Drive Hamilton Parish CR04 Spooner, Angela N. P.O. Box 571 Sierra Vista AZ 85636 Ssemanda, Diana 

The MGtnent kJ 


L. 203 Rockledge Place Apt 22 Huntsville AL 35806 Stanislaus, Delavern 44 Hazeltown St Boston MA 02126 Staple, Alton H. 4420 
N.w. 23rd Court Lauderhill FL 33313 Staple, Maurice A. 4420 NW 23 Ct Lauderhill FL 33313 Stapleton, Brittany 228 NE Hidden 
Ridge Ct Lees Summit MO 64064 Statham, Aquarius A, 122 Bluebird Drive Dallas GA 30157Stennis, Jeremy K. 7804 Regent Place 
#2 Huntsville AL 35802 Sterling, Natoya A. 16 Dominy Drive Ajax, Ontario L1T3H6 Stevens, Sakina 46 Ballest Point Road St. Davids 
DDOl Stevens, Teremah 6521 Medwick Dr. Hyattsville MD 20783 Sylvester, Whitney D. 6100 Eastover Drive New Orleans LA 70128 

Taliaferro, Adia A. 712 Meadowbrook Dr Coatesville PA 19320 Tankard, Jonathan M. 4 Swanville Road Warwick WK07 Tatum, 
David B., Jr. 165 N. Canal St Apt 1409 Chicago IL 60606 Taylor, Aynisha L. 1397 Foxforest Circle Apopka FL 32712 Taylor, Brit- 
ney 100 N Electric Ave. #17 Alhambra CA 91801 Taylor, Brittany N. 19112 East Wyoming Place Apartment 108 Aurora CO 80017 
Taylor, Doretha J. 9512 Weybum Drive St. Louis MO 63136 Taylor, Jonathan D. 5210 Audubon Road Detroit MI 48224 Taylor, 
Timothy 5940 Camelia Dr Douglasville GA 30135 Telesford, Akil 2317 13th Street, Apt-D Fort Eustis VA 23604 Terry, Brandon D. 
210 Julia Court Fayetteville GA 30214 Thelusma, Linda 50 Colette Court Douglasville GA 30134 Thelwell, Natalie R. 1388 Leicster 
Court Hampton GA 30228 Thomas, Derrick S, 3006 Woodway Dr. Huntsville AL 35805 Thomas, Jonathan L 2940 47 Avenue South 
Saint Petersburg FL 33712 Thomas, Nancy J. 5 Lee Rd Richmond Hill GA 31324 Thomas, Shari M. 305 Scoville Street NW Orange- 
burg SC 291 15 Thomas, Sir John D. 6029 S. Michigan Chicago IL 60637 Thomas, Tamara A. 81 Countisbury Avenue Valley Stream 
NY 11580 Thomas, Tamille M 6107 Rickwood Drive Huntsville AL 35810 Thomas, Theron L., II 2143-C Hickory Bend Conyers GA 
30013 Thompkins, Caleisha J. 672 Quaker Hill Road Magnolia DE 19962 Thompson, Arlette Z. 4925 12th Street NE Washington DC 
20017 Thompson, JuUe C. 9211 Lakeshore Drive Pleasant Prairie WI 53158 Thompson, Robert G. 9211 Lakeshore Drive Pleasant 
Prairie WI 53158 Thompson, Shannon O. 3217 Gayhart Drive Huntsville AL 35810 Thompson, Stephanie D. 5845 Hayden Cove Olive 
Branch MS 38654 Thorpe, Michael A. 10214 Ridgemore Dr Charlotte NC Thorpe, Theodore, III 1584 Microwave Tower Rd Council 
NC 28434 Thurman, Jared F. 21 Ivy Hall Lane Sicklerville NJ 8081 Timmons, Julius 22600 Parkview Drive Richton Park IL 60471 
Todd, Cynthia L. 488 Kokomo Loop Altamonte Springs FL 32714 Tom, Laverne J. P.O. Box 7270 Boroko NCD Port Moresby Tomlin, 
Steven D. 107 Stadia Cir. Harvest AL 35749 Toney, David L. 55 Outlook Ave., Apt-402 Atlanta GA M6N-4Y3 Torrain, Danielle 1056 
William Camphor Port Gibson MS 39150 Torrence, Kenneth A. 3800 Timwood Dr., NW Huntsville AL 35810 Toussaint, Keldon K. 
1 14-24 145th Street Jamaica NY 1 1436 Townsend, Tanisha 20 Palm Street Central Islip NY 1 1722 Tramel, Brandon S. C. 1 1603 Wae- 
sche Drive Mitchelville MD 20721 Trammell, Teresa 14388 Abington Detroit MI 48227 Trott, Alante' #14 Channel View Lane Crawl 
Hill Hamilton CR02 Trott, Gilbert L. 4004 Cedargate Road Huntsville AL 35801 Trott, Keitha C. 16 Barracks Close St. George GE04 
Troupe, Latoya C. 51 1 Welch Drive Athens AL 3561 1 Tucker, Elsie R. 2204 Linden Avenue Waukegan IL 60087 Tucker, Samone 83 
South Road Southampton SN02 Tunis, Demia L. 284 Green Mountain Drive Bolingbrook IL 60440 Turner, Albert C. 507 Upland Street 
Pottstown PA 19464 Turner, Alesis F. 312 5th Place Pleasant Grove AL 35127 Turner, Andree L. 1454 S Highland Memphis TN 38111 
Turner, Brittani L, 4815 Simpson Drive Louisville KY 40218 Turner, Haven S 1752 South Grandby St. Aurora CO 80012 Turner, 
Jasmine J. 5310 32nd St, SE Auburn WA 98092 Turner, Lynae M. 2986 Captiva Drive Sarasota FL 34231 Turner, Tiffany F. 800 loka 
«&• M.-,.-.:-"ti - TX --- ' -'■ TUtT. Miciili n. ■• ■■■ '. . ::..•!)■; ,. l. i\ ;7715 Tyson, Joshua A. 14 Brian Drive Glendale IL 60139 


Uaim-. SHii M. -.'-v^ Cm-.- ■'•■.!■ i^! \". •' rl,i,....:. M v '- I niiv. Nkiru 13531 LaConcha Lane Houston TX 77083 Usher, An- 
thon.i \. ■•■'.'■ l3i.- •.;-\-!^- S:, .1 ' ..-. .-, M !:■'■■■- I shiT. Jn^-huj I'. : ' ^6 Brownsville Rd Cassopolis MI 4903 1 Usher, Sheree N. 

1260! \.i.. \ .; . ''.;■.: \i'i . :- 1'.-.. ... f ^■■i •: 

Valciii, Ki-ijiiK' \. ' ■.-'■■ \<,-\-- \ , • I )■ \ - '. i-. .;i...ii.. \: :--'ii) Valentin, Josie M. 15 Sandalwood Dr. Warren NJ 

0705-- \:ihnir, \\rvli-\ ■-'■' n;-: : I' \-' ■■ . !',i-!i. ....• \' :•--.<, Vance, Michael 4717 Wheaton Lane Huntsville AL 

3581' \:nKT. .Sinmiu- \I. ••• W ,•^l I'm.- v,. .,,;;, \.,.. ( \ "■ -i \ .irire, Taushanika L, 1433 West Pine Street Santa Ana CA 
9270||^\ iiiuU-rpuiji-. Mildnd B. "i.^ ( ,,■ i n...,-, j.,.. ( i;, .;!,.■ x( ;'.i229 Vasquez, Roxana A. 12901 New Cut Rd Athens 
AL &«''' \f;ili'. Doiniiru' \. •"■■• V..iili I lill -Ki-..:.: H .'i -.■.. MP 'i^, Veras, Esther S. 146 West Allegheny Ave. Philadel- 
phiay\ 1- \iTuuii, .Nii-hohis ^. 41- s.-mll/Jui .\^v.■i■,u^ .\k"ii,.i V...i.-.ii NY 10550 Vernon, Stephen G. 18308 Bellefont Drive 

Azusa UA yi/uz victor, Yonnett v ysyo willow Cove Koad Hunlsville AL 35802 Victorin, MarUne 211 East 5th Ave Roselle 
NJ 07203 Vines, Monika 2001 Muiri^ield Village Raleigh NC 27604 Vixie, Lorna A. 25760 Argyle Ct San Bernardino CA 92404 

Waddell, Julian B. 4406 Baumhauer Dr Mobile AL 36613 Wadley, Tiffany E, 1342 Roan Drive Lancaster TX 75134 Wakefield, Keri 
R. 7079 Horseshoe Circle Conway SC 29527 Walker, Celeste L. 4420 W 185th Street Country Club Hills IL 60478 Walker, Jescia R 
4821 NW 175th Terrace Miami FL 33055 Walker, Nathan D. 12274 Woodmont St Detroit MI 48227 Walker, Rayner A. 4821 NW 175 

250 l_d The M&menf 

Terrace Miami FL 33055 Walker, Ronald K. Jr. 4420 West 185th Street Country Club Hills IL 60478 Walls, Billy D. 3404 Elm wood 
Avenue Kansas City MO 64128 Walwyn-Tross, Loren E. 1705 Millbrook SE Grand Rapids MI 49508 Ward, Monica M. 7394 Gold- 
enstar Avenue Riverside CA 92506 Warren, Jerrick W. 508 North Bluff Street Berrien Springs MI 49103 Warren, Kerri-Ann M. 40 
Lawrence Avenue New Windsor NY 12553 Washington, Kaisha J. 1525 S. California Ave. Compton CA 90221 Watford, Nacara K. 
203 Jones Street Huntsville AL 35806 Watkins, Cheri N. 6958 Olympus Drive Garden Valley CA 95633 Watkins, Harry D., Jr. 656 
Swamp Creek Drive Jonesboro GA 30238 Watkins, Jared L. 3617 Hardwick Court Douglasville GA 30135 Watkins, Julian L. 3617 
Hardwick Court Douglasville GA 30135 Weatherly, Monique E. 27 Madison Street Mount Vernon NY 10550 Weaver, Byron J. 95- 
100 Kauamea Mililani HI 96789 Webb, Alecia E. 11652 Chester Station Dr Chester VA 23831 Webb, Norton H. 6102 Rickwood Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 Wedlow, Angelica M. 1643 Star Tulip St Manteca CA 95337 Weech, Cyprian A. 7734 Oakhill Park Drive San 
Antonio TX 78249 Weech, Hardden M. 7314 Oakhill Park Drive San Antonio TX 78249 Weekes, Jeremiah A., II 4955 Trailview West 
Bloomfield MI 48322 Weekes, Jerren M. 4955 Trailview West Bloomfield MI 48322 Weems, Lequicha 1 12 Clubhouse Lane Madison 
AL 35757 Whaley, Brandy K. 1040 North Dupont Avenue Madison TN 371 15 White, Maurice N. 19459 Red Hawk Road Walnut CA 
91789 White, Staci L. 1901 Sparkman Dr Apt 1004 Huntsville AL 35816 Whiteside, Christopher R 1500 Sparkman Dr. NW Apt 135 
Huntsville AL 35816 Whitmore, Robin A 2225 Cunard Ave Baton Rouge LA 70807 Whittier, Melissa, N. 6831 NW 25th Court Sunrise 
FL 33313 Wiley, Annette O. 1085 Saratoga Ave #1 San Jose CA 95129 Wilhite, Dwayne J., II 4827 Corian Springs Dr. San Antonio TX 
78247 Williams , Sean L. 2710 Garvin Road Huntsville AL 35810 Williams, Ariel S. 5100 Linden Street Lincoln NE 68516 Williams, 
Carrie 921 S. Aprilia Compton CA 90220 Williams, Cornelius A... Jr. 51 27 We sLAdams Street Chicago IL 60644 Williams. Danielle 
E. 843 Baldwin Drive Westbury NY 11590 WilUams, Da|B|n^^^H^^^W^f^^!>i^°flH|^^|H^H^^^nH-ove 
Ann Arbor MI 48105 WilUams, Dwayne 1908 Pawnee Di | | |||||^ B^ 

Williams, Gabrielle C. 12067 Ballardvale Lane Houstor[M BlHBH^^^^^ ^^^ ^"^^^ '^^^^H^™^' 

Isbelia 6202 Beaver Brook Cr Birmingham AL 3331 1 \l||BB^B GA 3(|te VWHHpmie 

5821 Omega Drive Hope Mills NC 28348 Williams, JareHH|H^^^E 
ingside Ave Apt 66 New York NY 10026 Williams, Jen|^^^^^W^ptBert:;Flint N4I 48mWpams, Joseph P. 393 Haxelwood 
Terrace Rochester NY 14609 Williams, Kyla A. 3234 Uv WBB BB 3581 W'ii^^^^ h(^^^ 1 Mctzgmtt Drive Apt 
A5 Hyattsville MD 70783 Williams, Nathania Q. 2012 BBM^^ MKlestOfl vSf; '^94^^^^i^^^felas X. 481 1 Bridge\ ille 
Ln Spring TX 77388 Williams, Okemus S. P.O. Box nH^BHH^ksS Wiliiains, Oni^^^^l/2 ^^^^^^^M NY 
10466 Williams, Robin D. 921 South Aprilia Avenue Co|P^R^^lSi^^^lkams,'Shaminah'0. lYi FriNV\cll\>jhpeiriliHMM15 
Williams, Stephen L. 3412 Main Street Bridgeport CT 06|o6 W illi amg. Sl;.'v e 3f29 Arapahoe Drive Harv^\\ 1 \ "(K)58 William^Hnika 
L. 2094 Carmel Circle Corona CA 92882 Williams, Trisfen L. 4-HiiMlf St., #357 Irving TX-75062 Williams, WeridnRT^louth 
Aprilia Compton CA 90220 Williams- Alexander, Nichole D. 6746 Calvine Road Sacramento CA 95823 Williams-Moore, Ravi K. 4250 
Horton St Apt 4 Oakland CA 94608 Williamson, Antweyne L. 13812 Melzer Avenue Cleveland OH 44120 Williamson, Shantelle M. 
1040 East 226 Street Bronx NY 10466 Willis, John W.„ Jr. 501 Dartmouth Ave Silver Spring MD 20910 WilUs, Randall E. 16000 Ar- 
rowood Drive Ralph AL 35480 Wilson, Adana M. 2400 1st Street Apt-D3 Huntsville AL 35805 Wilson, Dominique A. P.O. Box 509 
Pinole CA 94564 Wilson, Felicia J. 6124 Fleetwood Lane Chino Hills CA 91709 Wilson, Jared 8572 Lodgepole Lane Riverside CA 92508 
Wilson, Justin M. 8572 Lodgepole Lane Riverside CA 92508 Wilson, Olivia V. 910 Ash Court Ridgeland MS 39157 Wimberly, Brit- 
tany E. 9257 Somerset Road Apt-1101 San Antonio TX 78211 Wimbish, Kyle J. 3438 Cherry Hill Court Beltsville MD 20705 Wingo, 
Kevin B. 1876 Greenway Avenue, S Columbus OH 43219 Winkfield, Marcus A. 6254 Grisham Street Westerville OH 43082 Winston, 
Christopher D. 12738 W Calavar El Mirage AZ 85335 Winston, Juliette 3203 Rita Lane Huntsville AL 35810 Winston, Whitney L. 
6323 Southland Forest Dr Stone Mountain GA 30087 Wisdom, Haroon H. 1 Sagamore Circle Pomona NY 10970 Wise, Janet L 2412 
11th Street, Apt-C Huntsville AL 35805 Wise, Juliet L. 3302 Charleston Ave Apt 16-D Huntsville AL 35816 Wogu, Johnathan W. 
135 E. Lago Lindo Rd Palmdale CA 93550 Wol, Wol B. 1370 Xenia Street Apartment 104 Denver CO 80220 Wood, Summer D. 9305 
Snowhill Estates Ln Laurel MD 20708 Woods, JePaul C. 1212 E. Jackson Springfield IL 62703 Woodson, Marcia R. 9243 8th Avenue 
Hesperia CA 92345 Wright, Brandon T. 461 Chapelwood Dr Apopka FL 32712 Wright, Carmen M. 3314 Cherrybrook Drive James- 
town NC 27282 Wright, Donniece M. 1485 N. Roosevelt Avenue Pasadena CA 91104 Wright, Frederick S. 3958 Blue Heather Ct 
Florissant MO 63034 Wright, Jerel K. 1 144 Bartram Trace Road Rayle GA 30660 Wright, Lauren A. B. 298 Flint Ridge Dr Columbus 
OH 43230 Wright, Reginald C. 461 Chapelwood Dr Apopka FL 32712 Wright, Toni-Ann 1601 North Martha Court Brentwood TN 
37027 Wright, Whitney M. 164 London Deery Lane Getzville NY 14068 Wright-Boyd, William J. 5036 Seven Pine Circle Huntsville 
AL 35816 Yarbrough, Kandy M. 23026 Nick Davis Road Athens AL 35613 Young, Anthony B. 178-15 Leslie Road Springfield Gar- 
dens NY 11434 Young, Brandon J. 4266 Round Stone Drive Snellville GA 30039 Young, EHsa T. 71 10 Cumberland Place Tampa FL 
33617 Young, Teresa T. 7110 Cumberland Place Tampa FL 33617 Yountz, Vernitra K. 601 Summerwalk Road Greensboro NC 27455 

r/k Mdmenf 


The 2006 Acorn Yearbook, The Moment, volume 53 was published by the United Stu- 
dent Movement of Oakwood College and printed by Walsworth Publishing Company. The 
Acorn staff would like to once again thank the Walsworth Publishing representative Mrs* 
Thorun Zitner-Crawf ord for her unbelievable willingness to aid us in any way that she could 
and the honest opinions she gave to help form this book into what it is. The staff would also 
like to thank Ms. Ramona Hyman whose editing abilities and advice were equally invaluable. 

Publication: 8 1/2X11 size 
252 pages 
1700 copies 


Hot Foil 

Applications: customer designed 
Cover material: Forest Green Linen, 120 PT Board, 

Ik screen, Gold 

Design: Juwanza Mcintosh 
Endsheets: Black ink on brown parchment paper 

Typography- Fonts used: AWPC Handwriting, AWPC Kent, AWPC Palatino 

Photography: Individual student portrait were taken by Phillips Studio, Hunts ville, AL 

The 2006 Acorn was produced using InDesign 2.0.2 , Microsoft Word, Adobe Photo- 
shop 6.0 on a Apple Macintosh computer - 

The Acorn is a student publication that has been the official yearbook of Oakwood 
College for 57 years and 53 volumes. The editorial content of this book does not necessarily 
reflect the views and/or stance of Oakwood College or their affiliates. Copyright 2006, the 
Acorn staff, USM and Oakwood College. All rights reserved. 

ACORN YEARBOOK Oakwood College 7000 Adventist Boulevard Ford Hall Room 204 
Hunts ville, AL. 

a.' '%' 





•^" "-". J-nj Kt, ^ij:i,..